• Do You Really Need An RV? (Yes You Do)

    Most drivers have fantasized about owning a luxury RV at one stage or another. However, they are a pretty big investment, which is why many resist the urge. In truth, though, it’s an investment that is well worth making.

    A great RV will change your life for the better in several ways. Of course, it will be used primarily to boost your family vacations. But these are some of the most important and magical times in your life. As such, any opportunity to improve them should be taken gladly.

    Here’s why you should finally get that recreational vehicle you’ve always dreamed about.



    It Will Encourage More Holidays

    Vacations are integral moments in our lives. They produce lifelong memories that bring us closer together with friends and family. Of course, it’s great to visit other countries and cultures. Generally speaking, though, it’s about spending time with loved ones. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy those benefits.

    With an RV, individual trips become far easier to organize. You can simply get up and go with minimal planning. This encourages spontaneous adventures that will allow you to enjoy some of the best road trips ever.

    Apart from anything else, those increased short breaks will install a far greater work-life balance. As they say, all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy. Invest an RV, and that’ll never be the case again.

    It’s Cheaper

    Aside from the hassle of arranging holidays, you also need to consider the cost. The idea of buying an RV might feel like a major investment. Over an extended period, though, it will actively save you money.

    Shasta RVs offer a very affordable solution that will pay for themselves in years. All the money saved on accommodation, travel, and other facilities will soon add up. This is especially noticeable when you do decide to make good use by taking more frequent trips.

    Taking a family of four on holiday isn’t cheap, but it will be once you’ve bought an RV. Besides, the vehicles tend to hold their value quite well while they can also be claimed as a second home for tax purposes too.

    It’s More Comfortable

    Vacations are a chance to enjoy life to the fullest. But you’ll never do this if you don’t feel comfortable. Unclean, unfriendly accommodation can quickly ruin a holiday. But that won’t be a problem in the RV. In fact, it’ll feel like you’ve got all the comforts of home. Only with the local attractions of the place you’re visiting.

    Tailoring the interior to suit the preferences of your family will ensure that you never have an unenjoyable holiday again.  Ensuring that you’ve thought about the right trailer for your vehicle will encourage even greater comfort.

    Apart from anything else, using the RV gives you far greater versatility. If you need to come home, you won’t be relying on pre-booked public transport. Likewise, if you’re driving and need to stop off, you can. The journey can often lay the foundations for the entire vacation ahead. Do not underestimate its importance.

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  • What You Should Look For In A Holiday Pad

    All the celebrities have their very own holiday homes. So how about treating yourself to a deluxe holiday pad? It’s possible to buy a special retreat even if you have a limited budget. But what makes a killer holiday home? We’ve summed up all the things you need to look for in this blog post.



    The location is probably the most important factor when it comes to your holiday home. Buy Homes in quiet spots that can offer you a great getaway from all the stresses of city life. But be careful not to buy somewhere that is a big tourist hotspot. You could experience crowds of visitors during the busy summer months! Location can also have an impact on the house’s value. If it is situated in a popular area, or somewhere picturesque with amazing views, expect it to have a large price tag. If you don’t have a big budget, try and find a property slightly set away from notable landmarks and attractions.


    Slightly tied into location, your holiday home should be situated close to local amenities. Things like supermarkets, bars and restaurants are important. But, of course, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a rural location, you may just want to get away from everyday life! Another thing to consider – especially if you are purchasing a holiday home abroad – is the proximity to train stations or airports. If you aren’t travelling by car, your holiday home needs to be easily accessible with public transport.


    One of the best things about holiday homes is having an awesome pad that you can use to host friends and families. Travelling together in a big group can be so much fun – there’s no wonder why VIPs travel with all their entourage all the time! So you should look for a holiday home that will provide you with plenty of space. Otherwise, you may all be squashed into bedrooms like sardines! If you can’t afford a huge home, try and find somewhere with a garden. Then all your extra guests have somewhere to camp in the summer!


    When you are viewing potential holiday homes, check to see where your nearest neighbours are. You may not get as much privacy as you would have liked if you have neighbours on each side of you. But then again, having neighbours closeby can be very advantageous. They will be able to keep an eye on your property and watch out for intruders while you are not there. You will also be able to help each other out if an emergency were ever to occur! But this is something you need to carefully consider. Would you prefer a private, secluded home, or one that gives you neighbours and a sense of community?


    Holiday homes can be so much fun. And they will save you a lot of money on accommodation during your holidays. So why not visit your local estate agents and see what they can offer you right now!


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  • Travel Like a VIP With These Secrets

    Travelling to your holiday destination, or anywhere for that matter, can be just as exciting as the holiday itself. Honestly, the traveling part can be so much fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to flex the VIP lifestyle and live it up. Gone are the days where you travel in your sweats and scrape your hair off your face. It’s all about how you travel that will get everyone talking. So I thought I would share with you some trade secrets for traveling in style. To travel like a VIP is very simple to achieve. Here are all the secrets you need to know.

    Who say’s anything about traveling light

    Traveling light is a thing of the past. Yes, I appreciate, that some airlines have allowances but come on? If you want to pack that extra outfit, I say go for it. You will only regret it when you get there. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about packing logically. Packing plenty of the wrong things is only going to give you a hefty bill when you arrive at the airport. My best advice would be to plan your holiday outfits as best you can. Then take a few alternatives to give yourself a choice. It all adds to the buildup and excitement of going away. You will love how organised you feel when you get there; that is for sure.


    Think about what you are wearing to travel in

    Your holiday begins the moment you wake up on the day you travel. There is no better feeling. Gone are the days that you travel in sweatpants and trainers. Don’t even get me started on the messy bun in your hair. Your traveling outfit and the way you look is just as important. You are beginning your holiday at that precise moment. So you may as well do it in the same style you plan to grace your holiday with. Of course, you still need to be practical. You may have a long plane journey ahead. So again thinking about what you wear is important. Skinny jeans, a flowing shirt, and a smart jacket will always be a winning combination in my eyes. If you can pop on a pair of killer heels, then you will rock the airport look.


    Your luggage can be stylish too

    Of course, you are thinking about what you are going to wear but what about your luggage? Not many of us invest in decent suitcases. Or when we do we keep hold of them for years until they rip and fall apart. If your luggage is looking a little tired or outdated then why not use it as the opportunity to change it? You can even get matching hand luggage making your whole appearance look like you are a VIP.

    Accessories are everything

    When traveling like a VIP, you will notice that accessories are everything. So get those shades out and rock them from the word go. You will be thankful to have them to hand when you land, and the sun is shining. I know some of you may not have the confidence to rock those sunnies indoors, but that doesn’t stop a VIP. Embrace your individuality and be different.


    Think about the way you travel

    How you travel is important. Traveling like a VIP doesn’t mean you can’t go all budget airlines on me, but you can travel the best you can at the most affordable to you. So if you are traveling budget-friendly then make sure you enjoy a glass of champers on your flight. If you are traveling with an airline that allows upgrades or in-flight perks then research these out and take advantage. Websites like Upgraded Points offer you the chance to maximise your travel. It’s worth looking into and considering all your options. After all, looking good is just part of it.

    Hats, really?

    Do you suit hats? If so then rock one straight away. Most of us won’t be able to pack our hats in fear of them squashing or being damaged in our cases. So wear it with style as part of your airport outfit. A hat can get you noticed from afar, and give off the impression of a VIP. Rock the hat with your shades and you will be oozing celebrity status. Even on lemonade budgets.

    Don’t be concerned with what others think

    At the end of the day, only you matter to yourself. To your friends, family and loved ones. So don’t concern yourself with what others think. Some would say that people that stare or have distasteful things to say have nothing better in their lives. It can be down to jealousy, unfortunately. Do what’s right for you. Travel how you want to travel. A holiday for some of us is a well-earned break. You may have saved all year for these two weeks. It may even be a holiday of a lifetime. So you have every right to do and act how you want to. It’s your holiday.

    Make sure you rest up during your travel

    Travelling can take a lot out of us. So use the time wisely and rest up. It may have something to do with the air conditioning on a plane but your skin can look tired, and you can look exhausted. But when you travel, this is possibly the one time you have just to sit and do nothing for a period of time. We don’t get this kind of opportunity in our daily routines of life. So be sensible and use the time. Relax, enjoy a drink, read a magazine. Rest up for the amazing holiday you have planned.

    7644748274_ceece0ce10_zr conditioning on a plane but your skin can look tired, and you can look exhausted. But when you travel, this is possibly the one time you have just to sit and do nothing for a period of time. We don’t get this kind of opportunity in our daily routines of life. So be sensible and use the time. Relax, enjoy a drink, read a magazine. Rest up for the amazing holiday you have planned.

    Smiling will get you everywhere

    Don’t forget to smile. You may think that would be an easy thing to do, but you will be surprised. Travelling can be stressful. Especially if you have a few different flights to catch or connections to make. The best thing to do is to be as organised as possible before you are due to travel. This means keeping documents and passports in a safe area of your bag. Easily accessible for those moments you need them. It means packing ahead and making sure you have everything you need. Not giving yourself any reason to feel nervous or stressed. If you prepare, then you have no reason but to enjoy your traveling experience. You are off on an adventure, why wouldn’t you be smiling about it? Of course, you are looking fabulous doing it.


    Enjoy the moment

    Finally, make sure you enjoy the traveling experience. Like previously mentioned there aren’t many opportunities in life where we get the chance just to sit still and enjoy the quiet. When does that ever happen? So savor the moment. Enjoy the experience. If you want to get to the airport early to enjoy the shopping, so you don’t feel rushed, then do it. If you want to sit in the airport lounge and people watch, then go ahead. The traveling part is still very much part of your overall holiday experience. It is there to be enjoyed. So enjoy it.

    I hope my stylish secrets help you to travel like a VIP in the future. Remember, being organised is the key to looking and feeling fabulous. That, and just enjoying yourself. It’s all about being happy and having fun. Enjoy your holiday.

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  • How To Tow A Caravan VIP Style

    Some people like to go on skiing holidays, others like to go for beach holidays, and some like to go on caravan holidays. If you are a caravan holiday enthusiast, or you are trying it for the first time, you should be excited. There are lots of activities, plus it is a great way to travel the world and save money. The only issue that you need to consider before you set off is the safety aspect. Towing a trailer is a dangerous prospect if you don’t do it properly.

    (1) Buy A Trailer That Fits Your Car

    What type of car do you drive? It is important to ask this question before you buy or rent a caravan because it affects your safety. If you drive a small sedan, you shouldn’t tow a huge fifth wheel trailer as it is too big. You should only tow a big trailer if you have a big car that can take the strain. The alternative is to buy or hire a new car, but that is an extreme alternative. Instead, find the perfect caravan that fits your vehicle.


    (2) Attach It Securely

    Lots of cars have car hitches where you can attach the trailer to your car and safely tow it without any issues. However, you need to make sure that it is securely fastened before you start driving. Otherwise, the trailer could come off on the highway and cause a serious accident. Firstly, you need to raise the trailer so that it is higher than the car hitch. Then, you need to line up the trailer and the car so that they are in line with one another. Also, turn off the engine and put on the handbrake so that the car doesn’t move during the attachment. Lower the trailer onto the hitch so that the full weight of the trailer is on the car. Finally, secure the clamp and put in the safety pin and run the chains (if applicable) under the back of the trailer.

    (3) Change Your Driving Style

    Driving a vehicle with a trailer on the back isn’t the same as driving a car. You can’t go as fast, and you can’t turn as sharply. It is important that you remember this because it will make the experience much smoother. If you don’t slow down and take your time, you will bump the car or crash. Even if it seems like you are slowing down too much, you are better off being safe than sorry.


    (4) Add Car Accessories

    The problem with towing a trailer is that you can’t see through the trailer while you drive. After all, it isn’t transparent! Because you can’t see, you need to add extra mirrors that extend past the trailer. Then, you can see what is behind you and can drive accordingly. If you don’t add this accessory, you are more likely to crash because you can only guess what is behind you before turning or switching lanes. There are plenty of accessories, but these are some of the best.

    Your safety is paramount, so treat it with respect!




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  • Why You Should Take A Trip To Finland This Winter

    Are you in need of a little time out – why not plan a winter getaway? While a lot less of us choose to travel in the winter than we do in the summer, winter travel can be just as enjoyable. There are so many fantastic locations just waiting to be explored, such as Finland, for example. If you’re in need of a winter getaway, this could just be the perfect location.

    A country that never gets dark in the summer and never properly light in the winter, Finland is one place that should be on every bucket list. Home to vast forests and beautifully large lakes, vibrant cities, and, of course, part of Lapland, Finland is a beautiful country.

    Still not convinced that a trip to Finland is for you? Here we’ve put together a guide to all the most compelling reasons to visit this amazing country.


    If you visit Finland during the colder months, you’ll have lots of opportunities to ski. Whether you opt to stay in a resort and ski there or choose to ski across country, it’s up to you. With beautiful powdery snow and marked cross country ski tracks, if you’re a keen skier this could be the perfect destination for you.

    For a fantastic range of slopes, the best place to visit is Lapland. Here there is a range of slopes that are suitable for all skiing abilities, from beginners to experts. Snowboarders are also welcome, so if you’re a keen boarder, make sure to hit the slopes here.

    Dog sledding


    Have you always dreamt about dog sledding across the Arctic? Well, now’s your chance, Finland is famous for it’s fantastic sledding adventures. You’ll find that across the country, there are various companies running dog sledding excursions. So wherever you choose to go, you should be able to enjoy an awesome sledding experience.

    Before you travel, do a little research to see where your nearest sledding company operates. It’s a good idea to check their website to see if booking is recommended, if so, make sure to book your dog sledding adventure well in advance.

    See the Northern Lights


    One thing that is on most traveler’s bucket lists is seeing the Northern Lights. If you’ve always dreamt of seeing these magical dancing lights, Finland winter trips are perfect for you. During the colder months, the Northern Lights are often present in the Finish skies. If you’ve always wanted to see the Arctic’s amazing natural light show, a trip here is a must.

    Ice fishing

    In Finland, ice fishing is a popular winter sport. If you’re a keen fisherman, you might like to try your hand at it while you’re there. If you like the idea of giving the sport a try, don’t make the mistake of going alone, always go via a reputable company.

    Ice fishing might be fun, but it can also be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. To ice fish, you need to drill a small hole in the ice, if you don’t know how to safely do it, you can cause the ice to crack and the lake to become dangerous.
    Now that you know how much Finland has to offer, all you need to do is book your trip. The sooner you book, the sooner you will arrive, in this fantastic country.

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  • Flag In The Sand Experiences

    Are you stuck for gift ideas for the person who has everything? Or simply want to treat yourself to something fabulous because you’ve been working hard and need to kick back? For the ultimate VIP gifts for those who want to have an experience that money can’t usually buy, you need to know about Flag in The Sand.


    They can do what Top Gear can’t. Top Gear tried to get the holy trinity of hyper cars – a McLaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari and a Porsche 918 Spyder- together in one day and failed. But Flag In The Sand can manage it and are putting the experience up for sale. For £7,000 you can drive these at speeds of up to 200mph on a deserted runway, while video footage is being taken so you can remember and show off about the day forever. And you’ll get to do warm-up laps on supercars like a Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12C and a Porsche 991 Turbo S.  Beat that, Jeremy Clarkson!

    Other amazing things they can pull off for you include a kickabout with Ronaldo, a round of golf at the Augusta, access to the Oscars AND the afterparties or a private concert with a tenor in a Tuscan chateau. How VIP is that? If you have the imagination to think of something you want to do, it’s almost 100% likely Flag in The Sand can make it a reality.


    In terms of holidays, perks of being a member include getting tables at exclusive restaurants at short notice, having them not just book your travel itinerary but ensure you have small change for tipping in whatever country you’re going to, a mobile phone with all the numbers you need, plus takeaway arranged for when you arrive home and your laundry done.

    We all work hard and time off is precious so delegating to Flag in the Sand to make your dreams come true is what the VIPs do. Check out their website at FlagInTheSand.com to see what they can do for you.

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  • Five Star Holiday Destinations You Can’t Miss

    The key to travelling like a VIP is to visit the most glamorous destinations possible. Without the correct destination, there is no way that you can consider yourself a VIP. Let’s face it, important people would never imagine rocking up in a shanty town in the middle of nowhere! Getting the location right is the first thing that should be on your list, which is why we have created a list of our own. Our list is a list of the best holiday destinations in the world that scream glamor and demand luxury. There are unmissable if you get the opportunity.

    Paris, France


    The odds are that when you think of glamor and luxury, you think of Paris. To start with, Paris is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in the world. So, there is a huge amount of affluence and prosperity throughout the capital of France. Then, there are the five-star restaurants and hotels that house some of the most important and famous people on the planet. And to finish it all off, there is the five-star attractions, such as the Louvre, that are unique and that are steeped in culture and the arts.

    Provence, France


    Sticking with the France theme for a moment, let’s move onto Provence. Provence is the southwest area of France that is home to Cannes, Nice and the best weather in Europe. When you visit the region, it seems as if the area was made to provide luxurious experiences to anyone who has the good fortune to visit. The small, retro towns are surrounded by hills that make you feel as if you are going back in time to a France of the past. Plus the beaches are the epitome of golden brown and sandy while the attractions are varied and provide an amazing experience. It doesn’t whereabouts in Provence you stay because all over South West France is beautiful and worth a visit.



    Fiji is in the South Pacific, and that is what gives the islands their five-star rating.  As they are so remote, they are almost untouched by mankind. The islands are incredibly beautiful as a result because there is no skyscrapers or pollution to ruin the scenery. In simple terms, the islands are pristine, something that is hard to find in the twenty-first century. Although there isn’t a whole lot to do, you can scuba dive and go for hikes. Or, you can just lie back and experience the true meaning of peace and quiet.

    New York City, USA


    The city that never sleeps is always one place that appears on everyone’s bucket list. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit, make sure you take in all the sights. Yes, that might wear you down, but it is well worth the hassle! From Broadway to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, there is a wide range of luxurious and lavish attractions to sample.
    The above are just a sample of some of our favorites and the most popular five-star holiday destinations. There are plenty more out there to experience, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Make Money From Your Home With A Luxury B&B Business

    Setting up a bed and breakfast is a great way to marry home and work under the same roof. High-end properties are becoming big business as more people choose to stay in quaint little cottages over hotels when they go away.

    It’s now easier than ever to market your new business, you only have to put it on a site like housetrip.com, and the customers will start finding you. You just have to see if your home is suitable for guests, or if it could be with a little work. If so, you could be giving up your daily commute and turning your home into a successful B&B.

    How Many Bedrooms Can you Offer?

    A B&B can be one room or multiples. The more rooms you rent, the more money you make. Guests expect a roomy en suite. Can you modify what is already there? Or will you need to consider an extension? Can you use a loft, garage or outhouse to create extra rooms?  Stand out from the crowd with high-end decor. Luxury fittings and fixtures will command more attention. And money. A roll top bath. A rainwater power shower. Furnish each room with quality pieces. Decorate each room differently. Luxury isn’t formulaic. It’s individual.

    Is your Kitchen Fully Equipped?


    Guests will expect a full English breakfast. The number of guests will determine how much cooking is required. A large B&B will cater for upwards of 10+ guests every day. Monday-Sunday. Is your kitchen currently equipped to provide mass catering? Additional toasters, kettles, microwaves may be necessary. Double ovens and grills will enable you to prepare lots of breakfasts concurrently. Do you need more pantry or fridge space? Is a chest freezer a useful addition to have? Offer fine food. Organic, homegrown produce is desired by the discerning guest.

    How Suitable is your Dining Room?

    A conservatory or sunroom make for a peaceful dining space for your guests. Maximise picture windows and garden views. Bring the outdoors in without blocking windows with furniture. Keep the room ventilated. Consider installing an air conditioning unit to enhance guests’ comfort. Or a charming wood burner for cold winter mornings. Vases filled with flowers on the table. A bone china tea service. Elegant touches in this room make a good impression.

    Do you Have a Suitable Relaxation Area?


    When guests return from a day out they often like to relax before heading to their room. Do you have a ‘relaxing’ area for your guests? Again, a sunroom or conservatory are ideal. You don’t want guests encroaching on your private living quarters. Can you accommodate a sofa or chair in guests’ bedrooms? An elegant chaise longue speaks of luxury and finesse. Ensure your guests have somewhere to sit other than on their beds! Create a luxurious outdoor space. Water features. Secret gardens. Neat box hedges. Create a stately garden to give the feeling of grandeur.  

    Is Your Decor Fit For a Discerning Guest?

    Interior styling is key to attracting discerning clientele. Delicate finishing touches add precision and care to a property. Consider furnishing with quality pieces. A French-inspired style. Or an Art Deco feel. Choose a period that signifies glamour and luxury.

    Consider hiring a professional interior designer. The outlay will be worth it once your guests see the finished result. Take pictures of all the rooms to showcase in your marketing materials. Guests come on holiday to be pampered. And as such, seek surroundings that are more glamorous than their homes. Standard B&Bs are ten a penny. Stand out from the crowd with a luxury pad guests will flock to year on year.

    Start your business today and welcome guests to your fine home with panache.

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  • Travel Review: VIP Malta

    If you’re looking for an early summer holiday offering sunshine, great food and wine and some fascinating sightseeing, Malta could be just for you.

    We’ve just come back from a four-day trip to the Mediterranean Island with gorgeous suntans and some happy memories after living the VIP lifestyle at the sumptuously five star Corinthia Hotel, St George’s Bay. This hotel has great facilities, really friendly staff and a very cool vibe. It is also ideally situated to explore everything Malta has to offer and we reckon there are lots of cultural and culinary treasures which definitely warrant a visit.

    So, where to start? We absolutely loved the Drappier Carte D’or champagne in the Corinthia’s stylish Pearl Lounge cocktail bar.

    Pearl Lounge

    At 12 Euros per glass, this refined Champagne didn’t break the bank and we’ll be ordering a case now we’re back in London. Sipping some bubbles proved the perfect way to unwind in the evening after a hard day spent reclining in our bikinis beside the hotel’s cascading outdoor pool complex which flows all the way down to a private beach lido. Check out these pics we took of the three outdoor pools:

    photo 4 (4)




    Pool Area 2



    There’s also a really cute indoor pool which is part of the hotel’s cosy  Apollo day spa and leisure complex.

    Apollo Day Spa Indoor Pool


    Making the most of the spa, we treated ourselves to treatments including a soothing chocolate wrap which left our skin silky smooth. The hour-long treatments were reasonably priced too at 50 Euros and the spa is of a standard you’d expect from a five star hotel. The treatment rooms had bamboo on the walls, soft music and soft massage beds with thick warm towels – if our rooms weren’t so comfortable we’d have happily slept there at night!



    The 249-room hotel also has great restaurants, in particular the stylish Caviar and Bull where we washed down scallops, black squid ink calamari and salt-encrusted sea bass with mojitos and Maltese red wine (surprisingly tasty!) This restaurant is set in front of the hotel complex and benefits from breath-taking sea views – the perfect backdrop for a girlie dinner or a romantic meal with your partner. 

    Caviar & Bull Restaurant


    Weather-wise we were lucky as the sun was shining for most of the time, hence Zoe came home as brown as a berry. But when it was cloudy we took a taxi into Malta’s capital city, Valletta. If you’re looking to tick the culture box when you’re on holiday, the sixteenth century St John’s Co-Cathedral is a must visit. This church is beautifully ornate while its paintings and decorations tell the dramatic story of Malta’s amazing history including the island’s role in the Crusades and the advance of the Ottoman Empire.

    photo 2 (3)

    The hotel concierge can suggest extra things during the trip and we found all the staff at The Corinthia went the extra mile to ensure we got what we wanted. Every day, there’s a special activity for hotel guests – a chance to learn how to make Maltese jewellery, a complimentary massage lesson or a walk into the capital city. There’s a shuttle bus from the hotel in St George’s bay to Valletta, which takes around 15 mins, and they’ll take you and collect you for free. Valletta’s the European Capital of Culture in 2018 so if you don’t have a look around, you’ll regret it.

    All this sun and sea and sightseeing caused us to work up an appetite, but we’re not the sort of people that can eat anywhere. Nothing disappoints us more than tourist rip-off restaurants and so we did some pre-holiday research. I’m happy to report that we chose some great places as we found a little gem in Rampila, an intimate, charming little eaterie set inside 500-year-old castle ramparts which were built by the Knights of St John. You can see the fortress walls if you dine al fresco on the terrace.


    Going down the original stone stairs from the street we descended, a little warily, into a tunnel which led to the most atmospheric dining area.


    The waiters were absolutely charming and spoke perfect English while the menu was truly international in flavour, combining Italian, French and North African influences. A little guiltily the VIP team found the rabbit dishes simply too tasty to pass up. Sorry Thumper! Even on a slightly chilly March evening Rampila proved a delightful venue. Be sure to book a table if you visit Valletta as you won’t be disappointed.

    Michael’s at the Civil Service Sports Club is another restaurant you could consider. The entrance took our breath away!


    The setting is a wonderful stone building while just inside the front door is a really tempting table of freshly caught fish including delicious-looking red snapper. Presentation in this place is out of this world with a mzckerel and salmon starter a particular highlight.


    Michael turned out to be the restaurant’s head chef and master of ceremonies, going from table to table ensuring we were enjoying our mains of curried monkfish and salmon pasta. He gave us stories and anecdotes about Maltese life and history, fuelling us up in more ways than one for another day of adventure in Malta.

    All said we loved Malta and think you will too. The Corinthia – which is part of a hotel group which includes the luxurious Corinthia hotel on London’s Embankment – would be a wonderful setting for your holiday whatever the time of year. Visit The Corinthia Website now to get the best available rate and to see What’s On at the hotel in terms of activities.


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  • The Ultimate Guide To Travelling Like A VIP

    If you are lucky enough to have a great itinerary for travel this year, you may be thinking ahead to how you are going to be travelling in style. With so many chic places to visit and so many great outfits to wear when you get there, you need to be arriving in something that screams VIP. Whether you’re in heels in St. Petersburg or sandals in Dubai, you need to make sure you get there in tip top condition. We give you the ultimate guide to classy travel, to ensure you get the VIP treatment.

     Limousine – Without a doubt, turning up to an event or party in the back of a stretch limousine will turn heads. If you have to hire a car anyway, why not hire something with all the glitz and glam of a celebrity lifestyle. Take some lessons on how to slide in and out while retaining your dignity in a cocktail dress and heels. And just for good measure, have a friend run ahead with a flash camera to help you make a great entry! OK, maybe that is a little overkill, and limo is likely to be enough to see you on FaceBook pages for weeks.

    Train – We’re not talking about the grotty little subway carriages here. No, we’re talking high-class Orient Express. If you are making a journey in this region, you must travel this historic beauty and dine in style aboard this incredible train. Most of us have only slept slouched in a drunken stupor on trains before. Sleep in your own carriage with the gentle rocking of the train to send you off to dream heaven. The ultimate in luxury travel on rails.


    Private jet – Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and make your journey across country and beyond on your own private charter. You can find jet charters online, and choose from some of the most amazing private planes. With limited passenger numbers and luxurious fittings on board, you really can live the high life, with just a modicum of money. So you may not ever own your own jet, but you can certainly fly in one (if only once in your lifetime!). The shorter the distance, the cheaper the fare, but sometimes an excuse is all you need for luxury flight in a private jet.

    Yacht – Charter a yacht for a long weekend off the coast of Caribbean island, or maybe just grab a two-hour tour around the harbour. Whatever your budget, you shouldn’t leave a luxury yacht ride off your list of travel to-dos this year. If you can afford it, take the opportunity to sleep onboard in your own luxury cabin, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze through your hair. Take a bikini and top up your tan on the deck. Sip champagne and enjoy some caviar as you speed along the coast of somewhere exotic. Hire one for a party and spread the cost among your most fabulous friends.


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