• Get The Look: Bun And Plait Up-Do Like Beyonce


    If you want an elegant up-do then why not look at Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for inspiration? A large plait wrapped around a bun adds a new twist on the bun style and keeps everything neat. This is ideal for girls with hair sensitive to frizz like JLo and Beyonce (and me). This hairstyle will last all night!

    Tatiana Karelina from Tatiana Hair Extensions has shown me exactly how to do it, step by step.



    Here’s a quick overview

    bun-stepsThis is what you need to do:


    Stage 1: Put the hair in a ponytail


    Stage 2: Roll on a bun ‘donut’IMG_7145

    Stage 3: Attach a thin elastic band over the bun to keep it neat. Pin loose strands underneath


    Stage 4: Attach the Tatiana Hair extensions clip-in, which you have pre-plaited.


    Stage 5: Fasten with grips

    If you’d like to see how the expert does it (eg Tatiana) then we have a video to demonstrate the process:

    This is what the clip-in looks like mid-plait. It’s made from human hair so it looks really natural around the bun!


    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

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    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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  • Get The Look: Festival Style Side Plait



    A side plait is the hair style of choice for celebrities when they want toget their hair away from their face without scraping it up. It’s neat, it’s feminine and Tatiana Karelina, CEO of Tatiana Hair Extensions, showed me that it’s easy for anyone to recreate the look.


    In just four key stages, with the help from a clip-in extension, I followed in the footsteps of celebs like Rihanna and Pixie Lott and it took less than five minutes.


    Let’s talk through each stage…


    Stage 1: Start by sectioning the hair. Make it 2-3 cm to the side of the centre parting.


    Stage 2: Use a clip to secure the sectioned hair. Backcomb the top of the section (as it will mean the clip-in has something to attach to)


    Stage 3: Attach the clip-in to the top of the section. (Each of the Tatiana Hair Extensions clip-ins are hand-sewn using human hair of the highest quality. You do not have to braid them as they come straight but they are super-easy to plait)

    Stage 4: Start to braid the clip-in, mixing it with your own hair


    Step 5: Continue braiding and secure with an elastic band.

    This is what the clip-in looks like when it’s plaited before going in the hair. However, it’s best to braid it once it’s in the hair as it means it will be more4 secure. Notice this is a shade lighter than my natural hair so that it stands out from the front and side.



    Just in case you didn’t get all that, here’s a video to explain the process:

    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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    Inside GUILD Salon Chelsea’s Launch Party

    This week a trendy new Parisian-style salon and beauty parlour opened its doors on London’s exclusive King’s Road, in the heart of Chelsea. GUILD’s flagship UK salon held its launch party in style with celebs such as Katy B, Martin Kemp’s model/DJ/photographer daughter Harleymoon Kemp and Made in Chelsea stars attending the party, and the Live Like a VIP team were there too.


    First up, I had a chat to the GUILD salon team, and some top hairdressers in the beauty world, to see what they were excited about and what they were looking forward to with the salon – the buzz seems to be about bringing Parisian chic to London. Respected hairdressers Phillipe Hostalery and Phillpe Gentner  own a GUILD in France and this is their first in the UK.


    Although the launch party started early (6pm) it was soon in full swing, thanks to Harleymoon Kemp; who unsurprisingly has a good understanding of music, with parents like Spandau Ballet ’s Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman from Wham! and Pepsi and Shirlie. It was pretty cool to see the salon’s reception turned into a DJ booth.


    The most glamorous VIP guest of the night was Katy B, who has ditched her red locks in favour of a brunette look, dip-dyed to dark blonde; a look which went down well.


    Also joining the party was Chelsea’s own Hugo Taylor. I have a feeling that this salon is going to be a big hit with the Made In Chelsea stars. It’s on their doorstep and the ethos is to make every girl look coiffed and fabulous – a perfect prep for a social event that evening!


    During the earlier part of the evening, the team were giving demos and guests were taking up the opportunity to be the salon’s first cilents. I noticed the theme of the evening was big, bouncy and beautiful hair naturally. I really want to come back and do it properly myself – look at how stylish the hair area is:


    What I like about GUILD is the fact that it’s a one-stop shop for a night out – upstairs is the hair styling and cutting facilities, whilst downstairs there is a hair colouring centre and a gorgeous white beauty room, which reminds me of a spa. The colouring centre has a glamorous feel, a bit like a photography studio.


    Among the many guests – enough to see the upstairs and the downstairs of the salon completely full – were representatives from in-house brands such as Shu Umera and Redken. I was given a goodie bag of items to test when I left, and I can recommend Davine’s Natural Tech range, which the salon stocks a big range of.


    If you want to visit GUILD yourself, and see what makes the salon a VIP experience (I can tell you now that the team have been flown in from France, giving it an authentic Parisian feel, and they even offer you champagne while tending to your locks) check them out online here.


    Telephone: 020 7352 9002

    Tweet us if you spot a celebrity inside (@zoegriffin)

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