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    Beauty Essentials: Top Five Dermalogica Products

    As an A-Lister, having great skin is almost as important as having fabulous clothes. We love experimenting with beauty products, but none has caught our eye as much as Dermalogica. Many a celeb has told us that their secret weapon is a Dermalogica product, so we though we would road test them all, and give you a insight into the best.

    1.) Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Mask.

    This power face mask, which Victoria Beckham calls, ‘my little ambulance in a tube,’ is the ultimate luxe product. The masque is full of antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration. In other words, a facelift in a tube!!

    2.) Dermalogica Active Moist.

    Moisturising is key to having fabulous skin, as it keeps it supple and less dehydrated. The gorgeous Kelly Brook, ‘swears by Active Moist,’ as it gives her skin a silky smooth finish. The lightweight, oil-free lotion combats dehydration and smooths the skin. We love Kelly Brooks’ perfect complexion, so if it’s good enough for our Kel, it’s good enough for us!

    3.) Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.

    This bestselling cleansing gel is a favourite to stars such as the Minogue sisters, Dannii in particular loves it. “It’s my fail-safe, all in one way to remove make-up and get my skin feeling smooth and soft .” The gel is soap-free, so it’s kind to your skin, and removes all impurities without rocking the skins PH balance.

    4.) Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist.

    Legendary radio DJ Zoe Ball, swears by this Dermalogica toner for calming down her sensitive skin. “I have very sensitive skin so I use Dermalogica. It makes such a difference.” The toner has an antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties to improve texture, environmental damages and dehydrated skin. If Zoe used this after all those early morning breakfast shows and she still looks this good, then we are buying the bottles in bulk!

    5.) Multi-Vitamin Power Power Firm Eye Cream.

    Our favourite Essex girl, Denise Van Outen does not look her years, which she puts down to Dermalogica eye cream. The Legally Blonde star says she’s ‘a massive fan,’ and wouldn’t look this good without the multi-vitamin eye cream. The wonder product combats lines around the eye area with its protective Silicones, Red Seaweed Extract and antioxidant vitamins. That’s it, we’re heading to Dermalogica!

    To see the entire Dermalogica collection visit the website here!

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    Budget BeautyTreatment: Iyashi Dome

    Iyashi Dome Treatment at MyDetoxDiet.co.uk

    Used By: Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow

    Where: 58-60 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AB. 0208 858 5877. It’s so exclusive, it’s hidden in the basement of the Alara Wholefoods shop

    What Happens: First developed in Japan, the Iyashi Dôme, in which clients are baked in a blisteringly hot cubicle, comes from the ancient technique of being buried in warm sand to detoxify via perspiration. Thankfully technology has come on a long way since then…The modern Iyashi Dome allows the user to lie back and relax on a comfortable wooden bed, whilst listening to soothing Japanese influenced music. The technology of the unique black carbon dome gradually heats up the body by emitting vibrations of far-infrared rays that are in line with the far-infrared rays which are naturally produced within the body.

    A friendly therapist gives me a class of water to drink, hands me some paper knickers and leaves me to lie down on my front. After 15 mins, she returns and helps me turn onto my back. It was tough at times – you started to panic about how much water you are losing but 30 mins passed really quickly. The therapist comes back, hands me another glass of water and tells me the 30 mins I have just spent lying down are the equivalent of a 20km run, except better for the knees, and I should see the results in terms of weightloss and body fat reduction very soon.

    It takes a while to get up as the treatment leaves you feeling lightheaded, but as soon as you go back onto the street outside you cool down and feel lots more energetic. It feels like your whole body has been cleansed. No wonder Gwyneth and Paltrow are fans!

    And did it work? Immediately after the treatment I weighed exactly the same due to the water drunk but one day later I was down 1ib. And skin felt lots clearer – smoother and more healthy. With a continued course of treatments, there would probably be even more results. The testimonals on the MyDetoxDiet.co.uk website are certainly impressive

    Cost: SPECIAL OFFER of £49 for a course of two treatments or £38 for one treatment.

    Visit the MyDetoxDiet.co.uk website


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    Beauty Essential: Daniel Galvin Jr Hangover Hair

    Used By: Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden, Tess Daly and Keira Knightley have all been treated by Daniel Galvin Jr

    Where? In your own bathroom – bliss! This is one of the quickest beauty treats we’ve tested as there’s no need to travel to a spa, wait around, have the treatment then pay. All you need to do is grab a bottle from Waitrose when you do your weekly shop or shop online at the Daniel Galvin Jr website and get it delivered to your house.

    What Happens? As soon as you take the top off the Hangover Hair shampoo bottle, a fragrant smell of lavender envelopes your senses. As your apply a palm size amount to your hair, it feels lighter and smoother than a lot of other shampoos so we felt it wasn’t leaving a build-up. Once we finished with the conditioner our hair felt silky smooth to the touch and we were amazed by how it seemed to shine after we blow dried it. The lavender smell lasted at least 12 hours putting us in a really good mood for the day.

    Daniel Galvin Jr also does a range of Organic Juice shampoos and conditioners with flavours like Honeydew and Watermelon. We want to try that next!

    Cost? £4.99 for 250ml shampoo and £4.99 for 250ml conditioner

    Visit the Daniel Galvin Jr website to buy

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    Beauty Treatment: Soprano Pain Free Laser

    Soprano XL Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

    Used By: All the Hollywood actresses use laser hair removal to get preened before film shoots. You can get different types of lasers but the Soprano XL technique is pain-free, so you can lie back and read (a script or a book) or just relax while it’s being done.

    Where? Smooth Extensions, 78 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 8LT. 020 7704 1955

    What Happens? You’re met by a therapist, who takes your medical details and explains what the treatment will be like.

    Having had VPL hair treatment before, I have to admit I was sceptical it could be pain free. IPL and VPL heat up the skin to 100 degrees so the hair follicle pops out at the root, which is not entirely pleasant. The nozzle is shaped like a bar code scanner and the therapist has one chance of pointing it on an area.

    However, the Soprano XL laser heats up to 50 degrees and it works by providing a continous source of heat to an area. This means there is no chance of missed patches as the therapist can work the nozzle repeatedly on an area. The area feels nicely warm – like you’re on a sunbed – rather than being painful. Seriously, if I closed my eyes and had to guess what treatment I was having, I would not have said hair removal as it was actually quite therapeutic.

    But did it work? I’ve had one session so far on my bikini line so I’ll let you know when I’ve done the next one. You’re advised to leave 4-6 weeks between appointments to fit in with your hair’s growth cycle.

    Cost? Treatment to give you a smooth Brazilian  is £150 per session or £750 for a course of 5. A small price to pay for no more waxing down there EVER! See the treatment menu online for prices of other areas like lip, chin and legs

    Visit the Smooth Extensions website

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    Beauty Treatment: Pearly’s Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening by Pearlys

    Used By: All male and female celebrities need to dazzle the cameras wherever they go, so practically all of them have tried out some form of teeth whitening. Alexandra Burke and JLS are big fans of Pearlys Teeth Whitening.



    Where: Pearlys has a range of clinics across London and the South East including the Urban Retreat at Harrods.

    What Happens: After a consultation to check that your not-so-pearly whites are suitable for the process, the whitening begins. A device is placed into your mouth which feels really strange but means your lip and tongue will be held away from your teeth. Also a desensitizing liquid is applied to the top of your teeth to stop them hurting. The fact there is no pain is quite a relief as the whole experience is pretty alien!

    Finally, the whitening begins as soon as the whitening gel has been applied to the teeth and is lit with a special light for 8 to 10 minutes.

    At the end of the treatment, you’ll be able to compare the before and after pictures of your teeth and see a huge improvement after just one treatment.

    You’ll have super-white fangs to make any Twilight vampire jealous!

    Cost: One whitening treatment costs £299 by Pearlys.

    Visit the Pearlys website.

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    Budget Beauty Treat: Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

    Used by: A new fixation in the celebrity world, with stars including Jessica Simpson swearing by it.

    Where: Salons all over London are introducing this new treatment, with the Aqua Sheko Fish Spa in Kensington a firm favourite. This is what it looks like inside Aqua Sheko – so stylish!

    What happens: The idea of dipping your feet in a tank of fish for them to remove your dead skin is certainly not everyone’s idea of a luxuryspa treatment, myself included, so it is safe to say I was a little reluctant to try. However, after hearing the rave reviews and claims of baby soft feet as a result, I felt I owed my toes a break from the high heels and a trip to the tank.

    After your feet are cleaned and any excess nail varnish removed (apparently this can kill the fish, so it is good idea to ensure your toes are varnish free), you are placed on a stool and instructed to place your feet slowly into the adjacent tank. You are told to keep your toes curled to avoid grabbing the fish in between them if you jump.

    Instantly, the tiny black garra ruffa fish flock. Your dry skin to them is the chocolate to us – each to their own! The sensation is completely pain-free, more like a light tickling. It is best to think of it as just a pedicure, rather than nibbling, as this allows you to relax. Once I relaxed, I began to really enjoy the feeling.

    Treatments are available for different time periods. I had a 20-minute session, and once the time was up my feet were rinsed and massaged with moisturiser. As bizzare as the whole experience is, the difference in my newly exfoliated feet was clear to see, from everything to soft heels and smooth cuticles around my toenails. The more sessions you have, the softer your feet become!

    Cost: At Aqua Sheko a fish pedicure costs £45 or £30 for a 25 minute express fish pedicure and feet wash. However, keep an eye out for special offers.

    Visit the Aqua Sheko website

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    Celebrity Beauty Look: Minx Nails

    Minx Nails

    Used by: Celebrities everywhere are getting Minxed. From Rhianna to Agyness Dean. Lady Gaga wore them for her Just Dance video and the Poker Face Album Cover.

    Where: There are many Minx Certified salons around London. Visit www.minxnails.com/findastylist for your nearest salon. There is also a mobile stylist, Holly Belm, who works in London and surrounding areas.

    What happens:The first step is to choose your favourite design from the vast, ever-expanding range. These range from solid metallics, various animal prints, floral patterns and many more.

    Once you have made the difficult selection of your chosen design, they are sized to your nails to ensure the best possible fit for a perfect finish. Minx nails are a solid film with heat activated adhesive backing, which allows the film to mould to the curve of the nail and seal it onto the nail bed. There are absolutely no chemicals involved in the application of Minx, only heat and pressure. Any excess is removed using a specifically designed Minx glass nail file.

    The extensive list of different patterns and designs means you may want to frequently change your nails. This is easy enough; just as it takes heat to apply, it takes only heat to remove. This can be as simple as a hairdryer in your own bedroom. Once the seal is broken, the film easily peels away, leaving your nails bare and free to experiment with more designs, with absolutely no damage or chipping to your nails.

    They last up to six weeks on toenails, and around 10 days on fingernails, as the nail grows out leaving a gap between the pattern and the cuticle.

    Cost: The average cost is between £25 and £35 for a full manicure set, and a little extra for the pedicure set in London salons.

    Visit www.minxnails.com/findastylist

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    Beauty Indulgence: Montcalm Hotel’s Li’tya Mala Mayi Massage

    Li’tya Mala Mayi Massage At The Montcalm Hotel Nikko

    The Montcalm Hotel Nikko is visited by: TV stars Zoe Salmon and Brendan Cole and Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh

    Where: The Montcalm Hotel Nikko, 34-40 Great Cumberland Place, London W1. Nearest Tube: Marble Arch

    What Happens: The massage price includes full use of the hotel’s spa facilities which are gorgeous. There is a decent sized pool, a sauna that you could spend all day in and then comfortable chairs to relax and let your stresses melt away.

    But then there’s the treatment itself, which is exactly how it is described on the Montcalm’s spa menu:

    ‚ÄúUnwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete body rejuvenation experience. After an invigorating exfoliation your body will be cocooned in a layer of your chosen silky warm mineral rich Mapi Body Mud. A Li’tya Paudi scalp massage allows you to drift away to another realm and calms the soul. You will then surrender to the healing, grounding and spiritually uplifting rhythmic Li’tya Kodo full body massage to complete this truly holistic experience‚Äù

    After this, your body feels soft and mostly importantly majorly relaxed. I met friends in the bar afterwards for a drink and they told me I was glowing (and in a good way). That night I slept better than I have done all year.

    This is the massage to get if you’re in urgent need of winding down, and in London that is most of us, right?!

    Cost: £130 for 90 Minutes (inc. 35 Minutes Kodo massage and full use of facilities)

    Visit the Montcalm Hotel Website

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    Beauty Treatment: Dr Uchenna Okoye’s High Wattage Jet Hygiene

    Dental Hygiene by Dr Okoye.

    Used by: Every celebrity worth their million dollar smile gets their perfect derrieré to Dr Okoye’s to get their mouth MOT. Myleene Klass and Daisy Lowe are both fans of the UK’s best known cosmetic dental expert and celebrity teeth prodder.

    Where: Dr Okoye travels to some of London Smiling’s surgeries, but the best one to catch her (and a celeb) at is the Gloucester Road clinic.

    What happens: After an initial consultation, Dr Okoye or Dr Smile Fantastic, will give you a dental MOT to ensure your toothy pegs are all healthy. This will then be followed by a jet wash to blast off stains and take teeth two shades lighter (not like Ross from Friends) and then finish off with a polish. Voila! You have healthy, clean and brighter teeth without looking like a TOWIE extra.

    Cost: £145

    Visit londonsmiling.com

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