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    Health Lessons We Can Learn From Celebs


    When you think of celebrity health tips, all sorts of crazy things probably come to mind. A lot of the ones you read about or hear on the news are those that are weird enough to be noteworthy. They usually involve a strange diet or doing odd things to various body parts. But you can learn more from celebs about how to look after your health than the odd things they sometimes come out with. Many people in the public eye are excellent at looking after themselves. Although, a lot of them have plenty of help to do it. You may not be on a VIP budget, but you could still pick up some valuable tips from the stars.



    Be Empowered About Your Health

    Some of the lessons we can learn from celebrities about health are pretty big ones. Taking control of your health and empowering yourself has to be one of the best ones you can learn. For an amazing example of this, we can look at the journey that Angelina Jolie has been on in the last few years. She underwent some serious procedures after discovering she carried the BRCA1 gene. It’s a gene that greatly increases the chance of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She had to make a series of tough decisions but ultimately did what she thought was best for her and her family. We could all learn to empower ourselves more when it comes to our health. And there are several ways you can do that.

    One way to feel more empowered is to do your own research. If you’re unwell, or even when you’re healthy, you can find out about the best ways to look after yourself. You can ensure that you’re aware of treatment options you have and how you can be as healthy as possible. However, you have to be careful about the sources you use. You can also feel more empowered by working actively with your doctor if you have to see them. Plus, if you don’t like them, you can always ask to see someone else.

    Have a Fitness Routine

    There are probably few celebrities that don’t have some kind of fitness routine. Of course, many of them have personal trainers. That means they have someone to motivate them all the time, which is necessary if you have a busy schedule. You have a busy life too, though, even if you don’t spend your time touring or filming. It can be a struggle to fit regular exercise into your lifestyle. But having someone to motivate you is a great idea. If you think hiring a personal trainer is out of the question, it could be much more realistic than you imagine. You might not be able to hire a trainer to the stars, but there are other options. Look into personal trainers at your gym, or see if you can join a local boot camp.

    If a trainer isn’t an option, there are other people who can keep you motivated. Working out with friends can be a great way to keep up your fitness routine. However, you have to pick friends you know you can rely on. It won’t work if you just talk each other into being lazy!

    smile-1034157_640 (1)

    Look After Your Teeth

    Teeth are a contentious issue when it comes to celebrities. For many people, the teeth of Hollywood are just too unnatural. They’re too white, straight and even. However, we can still learn a lesson from celebs who take care of their teeth. You don’t have to have an artificial smile to have healthy gnashers. You might not want veneers, but you definitely don’t want fillings either. It’s a good idea to consider getting dental insurance. If you live in the UK, it can be hard to rely on NHS dentists. Guardian Life has some great info about dental insurance and looking after your teeth. Your teeth need to last you a lifetime, so caring for them is worth it. And maybe you can make them look prettier too if you want to.

    Managing Your Mental Health

    Having a therapist is another thing that we can be dismissive of when it comes to celebrities. It can sometimes seem like everyone in the US has a therapist, regardless of whether they have any serious problems in their life. The notion of having a therapist to discuss your day to day emotions can seem pretty strange. It’s even weirder in the UK, where it can be hard to access mental health services. However, if you think about it, it’s not such a bad idea. Having a disinterested party who can listen to you and perhaps offer advice can be useful. Most of us probably aren’t going to start seeing a therapist regularly. But we can learn to take charge of our mental health, as well as our physical health. It’s important to find things that help to keep you mentally healthy. It could be anything from meditating to just having open talks with friends and family.



    Be More Open About Your Health

    Some might say that a lot of celebrities are too open about their health and that they should keep it private. But often when celebs talk about their health, they act as great advocates for others. It can be tough to open up about any health problems you’re having. It’s particularly hard when it’s a mental health issue. Many celebrities have spoken candidly about their health problems. They range from drug addiction to cancer, lupus, and depression. Some of them might have preferred to stay quiet. However, their openness is often very helpful to people going through the same thing. It’s for you to decide how open you want to be about your health. But don’t let stigma hold you back from talking about it if you want to share.

    Ask for Help When You Need It

    Another mental health lesson we can learn from celebrities is the importance of seeking help. Unfortunately, we often learn this one from watching celebs who aren’t asking for help. We’ve all seen reports of a celebrity who’s struggling. Seeing what they’re going through can feel pretty invasive. Fortunately, most of us don’t have the added pressure of public scrutiny. Although, sometimes it can feel like you do. Asking for help can be hard, but it’s important to do it before it gets even harder.

    Give Your Body the Fuel It Needs

    We hear a lot of stuff about crazy celebrity diets. But if you want to learn some lessons about healthy eating, don’t look to the celebs who drink hot sauce or live on organic almonds. There are many celebrities who take great care of their bodies and still eat a healthy diet. It’s a good idea to consider those celebs who stay fit all the time, whether it’s for a role or for themselves. Most of them are very sensible about ensuring they get the fuel they need to keep their body going. They might be strict about what they eat, by avoiding too much fat and sugar. But they make sure their diet has the right nutrients to help them stay fit.


    Stay Fit for a Good Cause

    Finding the motivation to stay fit can be difficult. If you find it hard to find a reason to work out, consider what a lot of celebrities do. Signing yourself up for a charity event or even creating your own goal can give you something to aim for. By raising money for charity, you can feel great about yourself. You’ll be keeping fit and doing something for a good cause. Celebrities often do impressive feats, like running hundreds of miles or completing a triathlon. But you don’t have to set yourself a huge challenge. Running a 5k could be just as challenging when you’re trying to get fit.

    Be Selective About Health Tips

    If there’s one thing we should all learn from celebrities, it’s not to believe everything we hear. You’ve no doubt heard some pretty dubious health tips from various celebs. Some of them sound crazy and ridiculous right away, and those are the ones you’re unlikely to try. But others can sound convincing, and you might be curious to try them. However, even advice that seems like it could work could be complete rubbish. Before you try anything recommended by a celebrity, do some research on whether it works. And don’t just rely on celebrity news sites, either! Try to find legitimate, trustworthy sources that can back up their claims with evidence. Celebs can be guilty of spreading a lot of misinformation. At best, it could lead to you spending money on something that doesn’t work. And at worst, it could have the opposite effect to what you were hoping for. Following the wrong diet or exercise routine could make you less healthy than you are now.
    Celebrities can teach us a lot about looking after our health, even when they don’t intend to. Just make sure you’re learning the right lessons and not falling for the make believe ones.


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    How To Look Like A Celeb For Less

    With access to fitness instructors, personal stylists and all of the clothes and makeup imaginable, it’s no wonder the celebs look so great and become style icons for so many of us. But while us mere mortals may never have an attentive entourage, adoring fans and paparazzi trailing behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t emulate the same sophistication as our favourite model, celebrity or general VIP. Follow these simple hacks to achieve that celebrity pizazz without breaking the bank!



    Hair and Makeup

    If you learn how to do hair and makeup like a pro then you’ll always have access to your own personal stylist- yourself! You could either take a short course or learn at home, there are so many tutorials on Youtube there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Search for ultra glam red carpet looks including things like shimmering smokey eyes, stunning red lips and sophisticated curled hair. Practice using the tools and techniques to create each look, you’ll nail the skills in no time.



    There’s one thing most celebrities have in common, and that’s a fantastic smile. Visiting a cosmetic dentist is one of the first things most celebs do when their career takes off, and for good reason. A beautiful white smile makes you look expensive and more attractive, and it’s less invasive than most other kinds of cosmetic surgery. If you want to get that celebrity look, then addressing your teeth is an important step. You can buy over the counter whitening kits and whitening toothpastes for a less expensive alternative. One handy tip to bear in mind is that certain lipstick colours will also make your teeth look brighter, so it’s worth experimenting.



    Celebrities can often be found wearing the most high end designer brands, although this isn’t always the case. As we’ve already shown here on Live Like a VIP, you can often get their exact look for less than you’d probably think. High street shops will often have items which are inspired by designers, and so keep an eye out for a less expensive alternatives to snag the celebrity look for less. Know which pieces are worth investing in, and learn to mix designer with lower end in a chic way. This will stop you from blowing the budget. For example, high end shoes, bags and coats will always make an outfit look expensive. You can then choose fashionable, affordable pieces from the high street to finish the look.



    Chances are, the reason you idolise your favourite celebrity isn’t just down to their looks but because you like their personality too. Being in the public eye means that most celebrities are great speakers, are self assured and ooze confidence. Learning to become more confident is a skill that will help you in all areas of your life. Begin by taking small steps out of your comfort zone, speak to people you wouldn’t normally speak to and learn to accept yourself for who you are. Before long you will begin develop the kind of confidence that you admire in your favourite VIP.

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  • Wear Sunglasses Like A Celeb

    When is the right time to buy sunglasses? The answer is that it’s always the right time! Since we don’t really have distinguished seasons in the UK – ie summer isn’t always that hot and there are random sunny days throughout the year – sunglasses can be used all year round.

    Also, how often do you have the perfect night’s sleep? Sunglasses are better than plastic surgery for hiding bags under the eyes! Since becoming a mum, I appreciate the value of sheltering behind sunglasses even when there’s only a tiny bit of sun. And it’s rare you’ll see a celebrity walking through an airport sans shades – they hide a lot of sins!

    There’s a secret to buying sunglasses. Don’t follow fashion, but follow your face shape. Forget about articles that say all the celebs are wearing mirrored shapes or catseye shapes because these can look terrible if your face doesn’t have the same proportions as the celebrities that are wearing them.

    But just as each one of us has a different face shape, so too do all the celebs. So it is possible to look like a celeb in sunglasses whatever your face shape. We’ve analysed this in detail (as we don’t like to take chances of looking anything less than fabulous) and this is our sunglass guide:


    Mirrored shades are the exception to the rule about following face shape rather than fashion as mirrored sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see below, you can have mirrored styles on the classic Ray Ban shape or mirrors on aviator styles. Mirrors even come on catseye and round sunglasses.

    Try on as many mirrored sunglasses as you can and you’d find one that suits you but to save time, we advise going for raybans or aviator styles if you have an oval shaped face, catseye shades that extend beyond the width of your face if you have a heart shaped face and geometric shapes (like rectangular shades that will elongate your face) if you have a round face.




    Jessica Alba (above) has mirrored Rayban wayfarer shades. If you don’t want to pay £153, try Polaroid polarized glasses for £36.95.

    Beyonce (below) has mirrored Rayban aviators, which are also £153 on the official Rayban website. You can get them for £10 at River Island.




    If you have an oval shaped face you can afford to experiment with lots of sunglass shapes, but aviators look particularly good as they give other people something to focus on when they look at your face.

    Angelina Jolie has a classic pair of Rayban aviators (below), which you can get for £130 at Very.co.uk. Alternatively, V by Very metal frame aviators are a steal at £7!



    Selena Gomez also looks as cool as a cucumber in some aviators with brown lenses. They remind me of the Abbie ombre lense classic aviators that are just £6 at Boohoo.


    Selena Gomez out and about on the beach in Miami Beach



    If you have a broad brow and narrow chin similar to Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner, try a style with bottom-heavy frames. Shapes that are parallel and extend past the width of your face complement your strong jawline.

    Olivia (below) channels a retro vibe in her catseye shades with a tortoiseshell trim. They’re almost identical to a £7 pair at Boohoo.




    Meanwhile, the Queen of Instagram, Kylie Jenner, looks stunning in a pair of white catseye sunglasses. The Pieces round catseye sunglasses are similar and a bargain at £12 from Asos.



    What do you think would suit you best?

    Tweet us / tag us in your Instagram pics – we’re livelikeavip on both!

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  • VIP Health: Lizzie Armitstead’s Tips

    Have you heard of Wattbike? These indoor bicycles are so similar to road bikes that they’re an important part of the training of professional cyclists, professional athletes and footballers.

    Now boutique fitness studios and gyms across the UK are buying Wattbikes so that we can all train like the pros. I visited Ethos, a Wattbike,TRX and Yoga Studio in London, to test the bikes and meet Wattbike ambassadors and Olympic champions Lizzie Armistead and Joanna Rowsell-Shand.

    Lizzie Armitstead (4)


    Jo Rowsell 317

    I could immediately tell that there’s a reason why pros like Lizzie and Joanna endorse these bikes as they provide users with so much technical data. Exercise bikes in gyms that I’ve visited usually just have time, calories burned and different levels of activity (and maybe a TV screen so you can watch TV as you cycle). In contrast, a Wattbike has statistics like maximum minute power, functional threshold power (FTP) and heart rate training zones.If you pay attention to these statistics, you’ll get fitter a lot faster than you would do if you slogged away on a regular bike in the gym. And that’s the point of exercise, isn’t it? We do it to progress and to improve our bodies rather than to stay the same.


    The Ethos fitness studio is very fancy but if you’re not near the city of London, you can find which gyms near you have Wattbikes using the search locator tool on the Wattbike Website. You can also download training plans to train like the pros!

    At the press launch, Lizzie took part in a Q&A to explain how she’s training now that the Rio Olympics are less than 100 days away. Even though we may not be training for a huge event like this, we all have individual goals when it comes to exercise and so I think her tips can be applied to any situation. Personally, I have two goals in mind – I want to improve my time in this year’s London Triathlon and I want to be at a weight of 10 stone by the time of my wedding in July. They’re big tasks, so I was inspired to hear Lizzie’s focus.

    Lizzie Armitstead (1)

    She said:

    1. I stay motivated because cycling is my job. If I don’t train, I won’t get the results I want. You should try to think of it this way too – think of the long-term results. Nine times out of 10 you feel fine as soon as you get on the bike. It’s just the thought of doing it!
    2. Find a cycling buddy or group. You can save energy if you ride behind someone of a similar ability going up a hill in their slipstream. Also, it makes it more social and more fun.
    3. Short rides count. Long rides are important to improve fitness but if you only have a short amount of time then it’s better than nothing. Use a spare hour to do sprints and standing starts. When you’re not riding, make sure you get up and walk around in the day and use the stairs.
    4. Record your ride. If you note down some figures about your ride, even if it’s just distance and time, it will motivate you to improve the following time.
    5. Warm up properly otherwise you’ll injure yourself. Cycle on the flat before building up to a hill.

    Here’s a video where Lizzie explains why she chose Wattbike.

    What are your fitness goals this summer?

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    Bulgari And Save The Children Collaborate

    Bulgari has always been one of my favourite jewellery brands and the celebrities love it too. You only have to look at social media to see celebs posting about wearing Bulgari jewels to premieres during the Cannes film festival or at the launch of the renovated Bond Street shop.

    Looking at photos of stars like Naomi Watts (below) decked in the finest Bulgari jewellery makes me wish I was a multi-millionairess so I could afford to copy her. That is, until I found out there is a way we can own a piece of Bulgari jewellery and give to charity at the same time. How is that possible? Read on….


    In 2012, Bulgari started a partnership with Save The Children UK, which has raised more than £1 million for charity. The concept was simple – Bulgari designed a unisex ring and necklace and £60 from every sale of that item went to the children’s charity. Four years later, the range has expanded and now there’s also a gorgeous bracelet available as well.








    I went down to the five-star Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge to check out the new collection. I wanted to find out whether it was something I actually wanted to wear, how much it cost and if any celebs had already worn it. The answer to the celeb question was solved immediately as Bulgari proudly displayed a book featuring more than 500 photos of celebrities wearing the ring in between the cabinets containing the jewellery.




    Celebs in the book include Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Adrian Brody, Meg Ryan, Selma Blair, Eric Bana and the gorgeous Welsh actor Luke Evans (above)

    Seeing all the celebs wearing the ring made me want it – I don’t like feeling that I’m missing out. But could I afford it? I almost choked on my Champagne when I found out the price because it was a lot less than I expected. The necklace, bracelet and ring are £360 each. It’s amazing value when you look at the quality of each item.


    I tried on the bracelet and found it really delicate. The little bead twisted round and it’s the sort of piece that you can’t help but play with throughout the day. It’s also something you could wear with any outfit as it will enhance it in a feminine way. Yes, this is something that I would actually wear, even if I didn’t know the price or know that money from the sale went to charity.

    And the money that goes to Save the Children really does get spent on children. At least 88p from every £1 goes directly to one of Save The Children’s projects to help children in poverty. In the UK, one in five children are born into poverty, which is a higher figure than I expected. Since having my son five weeks ago, it hits me harder to hear that babies are being born into families that can’t afford to feed themselves, let alone another new arrival. I can’t bear to think of a baby like my innocent son going hungry or going without clean clothes because the parents can’t afford a washing machine.

    Save The Children support families that can’t afford kitchen goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines as well as providing kids with opportunities to learn and play. Now we all have the chance to support their work and look like a celebrity at the same time by buying this Bulgari jewellery. What do you think?

    You can find out more details and buy online at the Bulgari website. For details of where your money will go, visit the Save The Children website.

    Normally buying a piece of jewellery makes me feel guilty about the amount of money I spent on it. But there’s no guilt associated with this collection- I love it!


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  • 5 Ways To Live Like a VIP Yummy Mummy

    You may have noticed that there were fewer blog posts last month and I want to explain why. On 9 April at 345am in the morning, my son Rory James made a dramatic entrance into the World. It was an emergency C-Section, and I’m going to do another blog post about that as I feel like it will give me some closure if I share what I went through. I was completely unprepared to have this kind of birth and I think it would have made it easier if I’d read up on the procedure and heard from other mums who’d been through it.

    However, I’m totally and utterly in love with little Rory. I mean, look at his adorable face:




    I was terrified when I took him home from the hospital as he seemed so small and fragile, but I’m picking up new things every day. At first, everything seemed like a huge task – from his first bath to the first time I took him out in his pram – but now I’m finding a new routine and we’re both having a lot more fun.

    It’s so easy to neglect your own needs when you become a mother, but you only need to take a while to look through the magazines / gossip websites and you’ll see there are plenty of stylish, smart and successful celebrity mums. If they can combine motherhood with a fabulous lifestyle, then why can’t we?

    Taking inspiration from the celebrity mums, here are five things that I’ve started to do now that I’m a mum and I feel better as a result.

    (1) Walking

    Celebs seem to get their figures back quickly and one reason for this is because they make an effort to exercise. I’ve seen a lot of photos of celebs out pushing their babies in prams and involving their babies in their exercise routine and I think that’s a great plan.

    Because of the C-section, I’m not allowed to do too much exercise yet but I can go for walks. I’m making an effort to go for at least one long walk a day and one thing that makes it easier is having a stroller that both me and the baby love. We have the new iCandy Peach in Butterscotch. Rory loves it as it’s sturdy and comfortable and I love it because I feel stylish pushing it. A ton of celebrities including  Andy Murray, the Bransons and the Beckhams have iCandys and so I really feel like I’m living like a VIP when I push it:




    (2)  Going out for coffee

    It’s hard to make a decent cup of coffee with a newborn baby. Even if you get time to go into the kitchen, the baby will wake up before you get a chance to drink it. No wonder, I always see photo of celeb mums like Reese Witherspoon with takeout coffee.


    If I take Rory to the coffee shop, he’ll fall asleep in his pram on the journey and someone else makes me a cup of strong coffee that I can drink on the walk home. How amazing is that? This photo was taken on my first trip to the cafe, which is why I look washed out. Since then I’ve been back for more caffeine fixes so I’m looking more alert.


    (3) Making time to wash my hair and put on make-up

    I’m not proud when I look at photos in which I look drained (like the pic above). Even when I was heavily pregnant, I made an effort to look the best I could because I felt better when I looked in the mirror. If you look good, you really do feel good and you have so much more confidence.

    When I first gave birth, I spent  few days in my dressing gown / baggy sports clothes. Because I looked terrible, I felt terrible and cried a lot at how ugly I looked. After I’d taken a shower and put on a bit of make-up, my confidence started to return. It’s not always easy to find time to shower let alone blow dry my hair, but I’ve started to get up earlier so that I can feed and change the baby and give him to my fiance while I get dressed up. If I don’t do it while he’s at home, I may not get a chance to do it all day.

    (4) Asking my family for help

    There’s a reason that mum-of-two Kate Middleton is barely seen without her mother Carole. When you’re feeling low, your mum (and your mother-in-law if you’re lucky like me) can offer you some brilliant pieces of advice.


    My mother didn’t call me much at the start as she didn’t want to interfere, but when I told her I needed her, she stepped up to the mark. I wish I asked earlier! Knowing she’s been there and done that and know what I’m going through just makes life that little bit easier.

    (5) Clothes shopping for me (as well as the baby)

    After spending what seems like an eternity in ugly maternity fashion, it’s weird to go back to normal clothes. Also, seasons change and all my clothes feel out of date as they’re a year old at least.

    I caught sight of myself leaving the house one day in a baggy shirt dress teamed with leggings and it was not pretty. My fiance thought the same! He drove me to the Westfield shopping mall and we took Rory on his first clothes shopping trip. Mums deserve treats too! Mum of three Holly Willoughby treated herself to Dior recently….


    My shopping trip mostly consisted of Rory and his daddy waiting for me to try things on in All Saints and Zara. As a compromise, I didn’t take as long as I normally do when deciding over what to buy but I did spend a lot of money (almost £1000). I think it was money well spent as it gave me something to work with when it comes to fashion and it helped me to find my fashion mojo again.


    Do you have children? What do you to make yourself and your kids happy? Comment below or Tweet me @livelikeavip

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  • VIP Body: Shape Up Like The Stars

    Summer is coming and with that, there’s the pressure to strip off and get into our swimwear – eeek! Having just had a baby (in April), I’m really feeling the pressure to fight the flab more than ever. I put on almost three stone whilst pregnant and I’m currently more than a stone over my ideal weight.

    As I’m looking after a baby and breastfeeding, I can’t do any fad diets that leave me exhausted (as the sleepless nights tire me out enough) and a drastic drop in calories would affect my milk supply. Therefore, I’ve realised I need to eat right and train right to lose my baby belly and I was excited to hear about a new London gym that mixes these two concepts.


    The stars love it too! Mel Sykes, Duncan James, Michelle Heaton (above) were amongst the celebrity VIPs attending the official launch of Culture Gym and Kitchen in Wandsworth over the May bank holiday weekend. The famous faces joined fitness and body building elites, including six times Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates. It looked like they were all having fun, judging by the pics of them with the equipment!




    Culture Gym and Kitchen is an innovative new gym concept, which blends the best of British and world culture with fitness, including live DJs and rock bands playing whilst members work out, and Strictly Come Dancing star Robin Windsor running dance fitness classes.


    Gym owner Petr Pavelec, himself a champion body building competitor, said: “We are launching something never before seen in fitness. We are all inspired by art and culture, and now we bring these elements together with getting into great shape.”

    To find out more details, check out the Culture Gym and Kitchen website. See you there?

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  • 3 Health Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

    Many people don’t find the idea of a plant-based diet to be that appealing. They think it involves eating nothing but salads and vegetables all day every day. But they couldn’t be more further from the truth. There is a whole host of exciting plant-based foods that are not only delicious but good for you too. People who start eating more plants and plant protein find their overall health quickly improves. They feel less sluggish and more energetic each day, due to the removal of meat from their diets. Here are some fabulous healthy benefits that a plant-based diet can give to you.


    (1) It can lower the risk of cancer

    Cancer is a complicated health issue that is experienced throughout the world. It can strike at any time whether you are young or old and varies from case to case. Avoiding smoking and alcohol is commonly recommended. But many experts are now encouraging plant-based diets. Food that is created by animals has close links with cancer in humans. So if you cut meat and dairy out of your diet, you are reducing this risk no end. Therefore meaning you will live longer and keep your body healthy. Start looking at plant-based food from Hampton Creek and Freja foods to help you get started.

    (2) It can help you lose weight

    While there are a number of weight-loss diets you could try, a plant-based diet can give you quick and long lasting results. You might need to lose weight to improve your fitness levels or to reduce the symptoms of a medical issue. Whatever the reason, following a plant based diet can help. It gives you more fibre, minerals, and nutrients which will give you more energy and less bloating. This is ideal for when you go to the gym or workout at home. It has also been proven to give you a better quality of sleep which is also associated with weight loss. Look online for plant based recipes that you can create to help you reach your goals.


    (3) It reduces your blood pressure

    Plant-based diets include lots of potassium rich foods such as nuts, whole-grains, and vegetables. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure. A high blood pressure can be a serious condition that can lead to a number of health issues. This, in turn, can also help you feel calmer and less stressed and anxious. Stress can have many adverse effects on your body from respiratory concerns to head and stomach aches. Meat and dairy products have been linked to causing feelings of stress as they contain very little potassium. To get an idea of what potassium plant foods you should be eating, visit the Vegan R.D website.


    With these potentially life-altering health benefits, there is no denying how amazing this diet could be. If you are thinking about starting a plant based diet, always talk to your doctor or to a nutritionist before you begin. They can help you create a meal plan to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

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  • VIP Films: British Movie Hard Tide

    We don’t often focus too much on film at Live Like a VIP as we’re all about how to live like the stars off-screen in terms of fashion, beauty and fun rather than watch them in character in a movie. But we couldn’t help but be inspired by new British film Hard  Tide due to it’s true tale that’s both dramatic and inspiring and we wanted to do this blog post to say that if you watch one film in the cinema this month then make it Hard Tide.

    Why? The film is a sociological drama and crime thriller based on the incredible true story of Jake (Nathanael Wiseman) a small time criminal from the British coastal town of Margate. A product of ‘broken Britain’ and a struggling care system, the story follows Jake on the eve of a turf war against a local gangster (Mem Ferda). His world is thrown into complete chaos when he befriends a neglected 9-year-old girl, Jade (Alexandra Newick) after a tragic accident. Here’s a trailer:


    Throughout the making of the film the young producers worked with the local residents to ensure the content remained authentic. It results in delivering a unique and honest perspective into difficult social issues, whilst also highlighting true personal accounts of courage that can be found in the most difficult of circumstances.


    The actors help to make it all seem real as they’re a talented up and coming bunch. The cast includes Nathanael Wiseman (Hackney’s Finest) who delivers a breakthrough lead performance and has already been long-listed for ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Actor’ by BIFA (British Independent Film Awards). Also tipped as ones to watch are Oliver Stark, following his recent stint in hit American TV drama ‘Into the Badlands’, and new talent 9-year-old Alexandra Newick.

    Then there are standout performances from Ralph Brown (Withnail and I), Andy Lucas (Sexy Beast), Mem Ferda (Ill Manors), Beverly Hills and Katarina Gellin (The Inbetweeners).

    Hard Tide was released in cinemas on 29 April and is currently showing at the Hackney Picturehouse and the Stratford Picturehouse in London and the Canterbury Curzon. Miss it, miss out!

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    5 Things To Research Before A ‘Boob Job’

    Today, feminism is not merely about the desire for gender equality, or surviving independently as an individual, but a lifestyle choice. it would be justifiable to assert that women have gone overboard in pursuit of ‘Sex Appeal’.

    Many women get a breast implant or lift done in order to escape their insecurities that arose following a surgery, pregnancy or thoughts of not being sexy enough for men. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, surgical modification of breasts has become the most popular cosmetic surgery over the past decade.


    Why do you think so many women these days are opting for breast implants? Has it become more of a vice or a genuine necessity? Whatever the reason behind its rise in popularity, there should be a certain level of insight into the matter before one decides to go under the knife.

    Remember, the advertising tagline ‘Dream Big’ does not provide real insight into breast augmentation. As knowledge is power, I’ve listed a few important things you need to keep in mind before getting a boob job.

    1. There’s No Guarantee on Long-Term Results

    Implants don’t last forever. There are chances that implants may begin to leak and lose their shape over time. There is another phenomenon called ”Scar shell” that forms around the inserted implant; causing the shape of your breasts to become distorted. These cases will require another surgery to get them replaced. Other factors like pregnancy, weight loss, additional surgery or breast feeding can also contribute towards needing follow-up surgeries.

    1. It is a Serious Surgery:

    You will have to undergo all the steps of any major surgery, and there are definitely risks involved. Though risks of major complications are rare, one should be aware of them beforehand. Recovery is going to involve pain, soreness, numbness and can take longer than anticipated. Some women can take weeks, months and (very rarely) years to completely recover and start feeling comfortable with the enhancements. If your job doesn’t allow you flexibility for taking time off, or it involves manual labor, then you might reconsider your decision before undergoing breast augmentation.


    1. They Really are “Fake”:

    “Fake” isn’t really the word you’ll want to hear after going through a painful process, but let’s face it, they are going to be recognized as “manmade” and“artificial”. Not only will they feel different, but people will see you differently afterwards. Your image can change from an intellectual woman to a sexy woman. This judgmental attitude from both genders can make you feel frustrated. Therefore, it is better to be prepared in advance for situations you will likely encounter after coming out of the operating room.

    1. Total Customization:

    One of the blessings about this surgery is that you can enjoy choosing the size you think suits you. Implants can be smaller, more natural or bigger.

    All you have to do is stuff your bra with bead-filled neoprene sacks and see how much you can comfortably carry. You need to take notice of your skin’s elasticity and body type. Keep your goals realistic. Don’t expect to jump from size A to D.

    1. Do You Have Existing Medical Conditions?

    It is of great benefit to know your genetic history before you opt for a boob job. A family history of any significant health conditions (i.e. breast cancer, obesity, smoke related medical issues or autoimmune disorders) will require notifying your surgeon prior to the surgery. Studies have shown that all of these factors can increase risk of complications during and after the surgery.

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