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    How To Look Like A Celeb For Less

    With access to fitness instructors, personal stylists and all of the clothes and makeup imaginable, it’s no wonder the celebs look so great and become style icons for so many of us. But while us mere mortals may never have an attentive entourage, adoring fans and paparazzi trailing behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t emulate the same sophistication as our favourite model, celebrity or general VIP. Follow these simple hacks to achieve that celebrity pizazz without breaking the bank!



    Hair and Makeup

    If you learn how to do hair and makeup like a pro then you’ll always have access to your own personal stylist- yourself! You could either take a short course or learn at home, there are so many tutorials on Youtube there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Search for ultra glam red carpet looks including things like shimmering smokey eyes, stunning red lips and sophisticated curled hair. Practice using the tools and techniques to create each look, you’ll nail the skills in no time.



    There’s one thing most celebrities have in common, and that’s a fantastic smile. Visiting a cosmetic dentist is one of the first things most celebs do when their career takes off, and for good reason. A beautiful white smile makes you look expensive and more attractive, and it’s less invasive than most other kinds of cosmetic surgery. If you want to get that celebrity look, then addressing your teeth is an important step. You can buy over the counter whitening kits and whitening toothpastes for a less expensive alternative. One handy tip to bear in mind is that certain lipstick colours will also make your teeth look brighter, so it’s worth experimenting.



    Celebrities can often be found wearing the most high end designer brands, although this isn’t always the case. As we’ve already shown here on Live Like a VIP, you can often get their exact look for less than you’d probably think. High street shops will often have items which are inspired by designers, and so keep an eye out for a less expensive alternatives to snag the celebrity look for less. Know which pieces are worth investing in, and learn to mix designer with lower end in a chic way. This will stop you from blowing the budget. For example, high end shoes, bags and coats will always make an outfit look expensive. You can then choose fashionable, affordable pieces from the high street to finish the look.



    Chances are, the reason you idolise your favourite celebrity isn’t just down to their looks but because you like their personality too. Being in the public eye means that most celebrities are great speakers, are self assured and ooze confidence. Learning to become more confident is a skill that will help you in all areas of your life. Begin by taking small steps out of your comfort zone, speak to people you wouldn’t normally speak to and learn to accept yourself for who you are. Before long you will begin develop the kind of confidence that you admire in your favourite VIP.

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    VIP Freebies: Yelp’s Secret Brixton

    Hands up if you like getting things for free? I think both my hands shot up in the air and I’m meant to be writing this blog post (doh!)

    The only thing better than free stuff is getting your hands on things that you genuinely wouldn’t mind paying for. I mean free tasty food and drink rather than something like a key ring or a USB stick.

    So if you want to get fed and watered and experience a night (or nights) of crazy, random fun for free then you need to know what the lovely folks at Yelp are organising. What they’ve told me so far is a bit mysterious but that makes it more exclusive, meaning you can tell you’ll be hanging with a good crowd if you get accepted to attend. Not just anyone can walk in off the street. This is what I know:

    Yelp - Secret Brixton Portraits-4

    (1) From 18 – 23 April, Yelp is hosting some secret events in the cool neighbourhood that is Brixton in London. These include secret offers, exclusive menu items and nights out in some of the area’s hidden gems.

    Yelp - Secret Brixton Ptraits-102

    (2) To gain entry and explore what’s going on you need to visit the Secret Brixton website – secretbrixton.co.uk

    Yelp - Secret Brixton Portraits-7

    (3) Events include: Secret event #1 – BOYS vs GIRLS: yelp.co.uk/events/london…

    Secret event #2 – Make it POP, Brixton: yelp.co.uk/events/london…

    Secret event #3 – Brixton Street Party: yelp.co.uk/events/london…

    What are you waiting for? Get registered now! If you miss it, you’ll really be missing out.

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    Top 7 Easy To Pull Off Henna Tattoos & Mehndi Designs

    How do you feel about tattoos? I admire the bravery of celebs that have tattoos. As I’m a bit indecisive, I could never make a decision that permanently affects my appearance.

    Fashions change and I can’t think of anything worse than getting a tattoo and regretting it a few years later. Laser removal is both painful and expensive, so not really an option for most of us.

    However, there is a middle ground – henna tattoos. If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for me!


    This reddish brown dye is easy to apply and you can create beautiful, intricate easy henna mehndi designs that look more feminine than traditional tattoos. The average person gets two weeks out of a henna tattoo, and then you can try a new design. Here are 7 easy to do designs:

    (1) Henna Qustion Mark Stencil


    If you’re just starting out with henna then you probably don’t want to risk going freehand. Henna paste is best fresh so you can either buy the powder or look for a store that sells fresh henna online and ships regularly (I recommend  Hennashop.co.uk).

    Scrub the skin that will get the tattoo to remove any oil from the skin. Pat it dry.

    Practise using the tube on a piece of paper so you know how quickly it comes out and how much pressure to apply. Then it’s time to use the stencil above. All you have to do is apply a thin layer all over and then remove the stencil and you have  beautiful pattern. There are lots of stencils, just like this one, on Amazon.

    (2) Henna Hand And Arm Stencil


    I like this shape as it looks more intricate than a traditional circle design but using the stencil makes it easy. This is great if you’re wearing a feminine dress, but I’d also have it when I’m wearing a leather jacket and show off that I’m feisty but I’m also womanly.

    TOP TIP: As soon as the henna is applied to the skin, it will begin to dry. The paste will crack as it dries, and when it starts to crack, keep it moist for as long as possible. Squeeze a wedge of lemon and mix it with a bit of sugar. When the henna has dried enough to be stable, re-moisten it by dabbing it with a cotton ball soaked in the lemon/sugar mixture. This has a twofold effect: the acid in the lemon helps the skin continue to take in the stain, and the sugar creates a sticky coating that helps hold the henna on the skin. If you can, leave the paste on for 8-10 hours.

    (3) Small Flowers Design



    Start off small and build your confidence! This is easy to apply as you start with a flower in the centre of your hand then add just two more. The lace effect is just made by drawing lines – simple.

    (4) Easy Mehandi design


    If you want something super low risk then a question mark design is a lot easier to draw free-hand than a flower. Do a question mark shape and then fill in with dots. You can elaborate this by adding a design to other fingers.

    (5) Traditional Mehandi stencils



    Create your own designs by mixing and matching several of these sticker stencils that I found on Amazon. It allows you to be creative, but at the same time be safe because all you’re doing is painting over a stencil. Put the small stickers on your fingers and then use the long stencils to flow elegntly down your wrists.

    (6) Semi circular borders chain design


    This looks super complicated but it’s not as hard as it looks as there are no flowers to master. It’s just plain lines and lots of semi circles on the plain lines. Build the lines gradually and go step by step doing each line at a time in a systematic way. It may look advanced, but really how hard is it to do a line and a semi circle then keep going?

    (7) Traditional flower Mehndi design


    Do the palm portion portion first. Create a big flowe building up the petals slowly. Then fingers are filled up with mehandi design which can compliment the palm designs, such as swirls and question marks. This is one huge flower and a lot of swirls. If you take your time, and maybe practise on a piece of paper first you can do it.

    What do you think? Are you ready to give henna a try?

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    Top Five Hacks To Achieve Perfect Eyeliner



    When I look at celebrities’ make-up, I always check to see how they’ve done eyeliner. If there’s one element of the face where you have to get it perfect it’s eyeliner. If it’s smudged or it’s too big or too winged then you just don’t looked groomed.

    I used to be of the mentality that if you can’t do it right then don’t even bother trying, but the benefits of a clear and perfectly angled cats eye flick outweigh the risks. So I practised and I learned some simple tricks to make it more achievable. You’ll find it easier if you follow these five make-up hacks:

    (1) Use a pencil before using a liner

    Black cosmetic pencil. Women eyes closed. Long eyelashes.

    If you don’t have much confidence, a pencil is easier to use than a liquid liner. Draw on a thin line.

    Before you start, I advise checking the state of your kohl pencil. Is the tip sharp enough? I carry a pencil sharpener with me everywhere I go because a blunt pencil means a less accurate line and it only takes two seconds to sharpen.

    Secondly, I find if you heat up the kohl slightly then it’s easier to use. Rub the sides between your fingers or use a lighter or a match to melt it slightly. It glides on smoother that way, and if it’s smooth you’re more likely to get a line the flows rather than stopping and starting.

    (2) Use eyeliner to go over the pencil


    Trace over the pencil line with liquid liner. Go slowly, so you stick to the line as best as possible but don’t panic if you go a bit over because step 3 will help…

    I advise picking your liquid liner carefully – not all brands are great. Look for the size of the tip. The shorter the tip, the more detailed you can be as you have more control over the line. The Tom Ford liquid liner, which I love, has two ends – one with a short tip for detail and one with a wispy tips or creating flicks.

    If you want it to last a long time, make sure it’s waterproof. Also, do some research and see how much pigment the liner contains. Illamasqua liner has a great reputation for having a strong pigment, which will take you from day to night.

    (3) Tidy it up with a cotton swab


    Dip a cotton swab in eye make-up remover so you can remove splotches and make the line sharp.

    Take your time over this as you don’t want to remove any of the actual line. Hold the cotton in your right hand and use the left hand to stretch the skin as stretched skin shows the accuracy of the line better. Remember to keep some cotton swabs in your make-up bag so you can touch up your face during the day / night. Wrap them in a small plastic bag or they’ll soak up dirt from the inside of your make-up bag.

    (4) To create the perfect flick, use a spoon


    Use the handle of a tea spoon to draw the flick and the curve of the spoon to fill it in.

    Obviously, this only works if you’re at home as most people’s make-up bags aren’t big enough for a spoon. But once you’ve created a flick at home, if you fill it in and touch it up during the day then it will last. Again, take your time as it’s important to get a shape you’re proud of that you want to show off all day long.

    (5) Increase the drama by highlighting your brows


    If you have more space in your eye area, people notice your liner more. Give yourself more space by shading a white highlighter above and below your brows.

    Brows frame the face, so do remember to keep your threading / waxing appointments and carry some tweezers. Eyeliner draws attention to your entire eye area, and you don’t want to point out scruffy brows. The effect we’re aiming for is groomed, glamorous and gorgeous and everyone can achieve it!

    Are you feeling braver to try this now? Let us know how you get on – tweet @livelikeavip  or tag us on Instagram, livelikeavip. Good luck getting glamorous!

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    VIP Jobs: Start A Beauty Business At Home

    Do you want to earn some extra money? Do you like to feel beautiful and pamper yourself? Recently I got an insight how we can combine the two thanks to Fake Bake and their Fake Bake Beauty at Home scheme.

    In a suite at the luxurious Soho Hotel in London, we were introduced to all of Fake Bake’s skincare, make-up and body care products. Think Fake Bake only did self-tan? Think again!


    But these products are not available in shops. The only way you can get hold of them is if you buy them from one of your friends or you set up your own business and start supplying these gorgeous pampering treats to them.

    The concept of Fake Bake Beauty at home is simple. You can work the hours you want and there’s no risk as you don’t have to invest in any products up front. There’s a registration fee of just £99 which includes a starter kit of products and there’s plenty of support including business tools, marketing materials, training, insurance, a personalised webshop, promotional campaigns, and host incentives.

    When I set up Live Like a VIP, I spent money on design, campaigns and my website and there is none of those costs with this. At the event we saw and tested the products, including the Elemis style D-Luxe skin care range. The highlight of this range for me is the No-Needles eraser, which promised to be as good as botox!


    As for the body range, it smells divine! There are a whole range of scents from coconut macaroon to lemon meringue so if you don’t like one you can choose another delicious one.

    Dolce-Dreams-Fake-Bake-Body-rangeAnd then there’s the make-up with a key range of basic colours. What I liked is there are not a million shades of brown nor a million shades of grey here, but they’ve worked hard to select the best of each colour that will flatter most people. Pretty luxurious packaging too – I’d be proud to get these out of any make-up bag.


    So if you fancy having a make-up and pampering version of an Ann Summers party or simply selling to your mates and building from there, it seems like a great way to earn extra money. Visit the Fake Bake Beauty at Home website for full details.

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    Achieve The Best Matte Complexion


    Do you have an exciting event to attend or a busy weekend coming up? When you’re running around enjoying yourself, the last thing you want to have to do is check your makeup is still in place and shine free. Many women find that after a few hours, makeup starts to become shiny around the t-zone. If you’re aiming for a matte complexion that can handle a busy schedule, try some of these tips. After you’ve tried out tips, you can match your lovely matte skin to one of our celebrity looks and you’ll be sure to feel like a VIP.



    It’s important that before you start applying your makeup, you already have a good skincare routine. The better you take care of your skin, the more success you’ll have with keeping your makeup in check all day. If you have oily skin, you need to make sure you are using products that will target the problem. Invest in products that can help you control oil and work over time rather than a quick fix. If you’re having trouble with your skin, you may want to consider something like a motorised skin cleanser. They will help you get deep into your pores.



    So many of us when we apply our make-up forget to moisturise. Even if you are going for a matte finish, you should always moisturise your skin first. Makeup artists recommend that you should allow your moisturiser a chance to sink into your skin before you apply primer or foundation. Even if you have oily skin, moisturising first will work wonders for your skin.Try something that is designed to leave a matte finish for combination and oily skin.



     Once your skin is feeling fresh and lovely, it’s key that you prime before applying any makeup! If you don’t prime, you’ll find that your makeup doesn’t sit as well or last as long. Primers can also have qualities that help keep your skin feeling lovely, you can even wear them on their own. An oil free primer  will help to control the dreaded shine all day.



    Choosing the right foundation can be the tricky part. Spend time shopping around and trying samples of different foundation till you find the right one. If you make sure you have the right product, you’ll spend a lot less time re-applying your foundation through the day. If you prefer a full coverage, make sure you pick a product that is buildable and breathable. If you prefer a lighter coverage, you may want to try a BB cream or tinted moisturiser.



    Once you’ve taken all the necessary preparation steps, the best way to keep your makeup matte is to set it with the right powder. Frends Beauty supply Banana Powder by Ben NYE, well-known by makeup artists worldwide as the perfect powder to set your makeup. Banana powder is micro-milled to make sure it has a luxury, silky texture.

    Once you’ve achieved the perfect base, you can begin adding finishing touches such as lipstick. Choose your other products carefully too, if you want an overall matte look, make sure your other makeup products compliment that. Now you’re ready to go!




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    How To ALWAYS Look Like A VIP

    In order to be a VIP, you need to look like a VIP. Even if you’re not classed as a VIP right now, looking like one will get you to where you want to be much sooner. You never know who you might bump into, so looking like a VIP wherever you go is a good idea. Here are some tips you might find useful…

    Carry an Emergency Kit With You

    You never know what might happen while you’re out and about, so carry an emergency kit with you wherever you go. This kit could contain whatever you deem necessary to stay looking fresh. It’ll depend on multiple factors: where you’re going, the weather, and more. Here are a few suggestions:

    • A hair brush.
    • An umbrella.
    • Makeup essentials.
    • A small mirror.
    • Body spray.

    You’ll more than likely need a large bag if you carry an emergency kit with you every day. It can be troublesome, but you’ll be glad you’ve put one together when the time comes!

    Keep Hair and Makeup Neat and Tidy


    Your hair and makeup should always be neat and tidy if you want to look like a VIP. Your hair or makeup style isn’t too important, as long as it looks seamless. Here are some tips you can use:

    • Make sure your makeup is blended seamlessly. You shouldn’t have tide marks or any other telltale signs present.
    • Your hair shouldn’t have knots – if you backcomb, make sure you’ve covered it sufficiently. Checking all over your hair with a mirror before you leave the house will help.
    • Use high quality makeup to make sure it stands the test of time.
    • Always do makeup in natural light.

    Wear Classy Clothes

    Classy clothes are a must for VIPs. Consider putting a capsule wardrobe together so you can mix and match certain items without spending an absolute fortune.

    Hire A Car Service

    A car service can be beneficial if you have a meeting or event to attend. Arriving in style is a sign of a true VIP!

    Be Organized

    VIPs are always organized. Make sure you have everything you need with you, like any important documents or forms of identification. You won’t look like much of a VIP if you’re all over the place and don’t know if you’re coming or going!

    Feel Confident

    Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.56.10

    Feeling confident is an absolute must if you want to look like a VIP. VIPs are always confident, without fail. If you’re not a naturally confident person, it isn’t a problem; it can be worked on! There are classes you can take that will teach you to be more confident, or you can work on it yourself. Simply think confident thoughts. Tell yourself you feel confident until you actually feel it. It really works if you’re consistent!

    These tips will make you look like a VIP almost instantly. Put them into practice ASAP to become the VIP you want to be. Have some useful hints and tips of your own? Then leave a comment.

    See you later!


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    VIP Hair: Best Blowdry

    The bigger my hair looks, the better my mood. When it’s sleek, glossy and under control, I literally feel like I could rule the world. I also think visiting a salon will always leave your hair better than you could do  it yourself. The stylist has two hands on your hair and is coming at it from behind, whereas your arms are twisted before you start. Therefore I’m on a mission to find the best blowdry in London.

    I’m starting with the Cobella hair salon in Kensington, West London for the simple reason that the video the team have done showcasing their creative talents looked incredible:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfUMLzvVHso This list sums up the best bits about the Cobella experience:

    (1) Convenient location It’s just a five minute walk from High Street Kensington station so you can fit it in to a day of shopping. I got my party outfit (at Zara) and then headed opposite to get my party hair!

    (2) Modern but comfortable salon TEAM-NEW-3

    I felt relaxed and looked after from the moment I stepped through the door. It’s modern and fresh, but not at the expense of practicality. There’s a lot of light, the mirrors are big and the seats are suitably far apart. This mean that I felt I had my stylist’s undivided attention when I was in my position and I could look in the mirror and inspect what was going on.

    (3) Regulars There is a really friendly atmosphere in this salon. In fact, the amount of air-kissing that goes on is unbelievable! The stylist that did my hair, Cilla, told me this was because the ladies come in three to four times a week. Some of them don’t even have shampoo at their own homes. I thought that was a good sign – it must be good if people visit so much and keep coming back.

    (4) Speed I asked Cilla if I could be done in 30 minutes as I was due to get in a taxi to take me to Covent Garden in less than that time. There was no messing around nor loss of attention and Cilla and I had a great conversation about blogging in that time. I don’t like it when hair cuts take ages, so I was very happy about this.

    (5) Finish A blowdry can be quick and comfortable but the proof is always in the end result isn’t it. This is how I ended up:


    I loved how shiny and bouncy it was! My hair isn’t my favourite length at the moment but the soft curls made me feel feminine again. There was a good amount of backcombing in there too, which was appreciated. If I can’t have volume with the length, at least I can have it with the top! I needed the power hair for a debate I did at the Hospital Members Club in Covent Garden about blogging (video coming soon). As you can see from the photo below, my hair was way bettter than Katie Hopkins, which set me off in a good mood,



    That 30 minutes getting my hair blow dried made me feel fabulous all night so I’d definitely go back, especially if I needed to do some shopping on the same day.

    OVERALL RATING: 9/10. I’m nervous about rating it so highly as I haven’t tested many places yet, but I couldn’t fault it. My biggest issue is that the Live Like a VIP offices are in Shoreditch, on the opposite side of town so it took a while for me to travel there.

    Cobella, 5 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP. 020 7937 8888. Visit the Cobella wesbite for more details and booking info.

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    Get The Look: Kylie Jenner Full Lips

    There’s been a crazy amount of controversy surrounding Kylie Jenner’s instant plump pout. Everyone wants to know just how she does it, suspecting the secret to having newfound full lips must be fillers.


    Recently Kim Kardashian filled the public in on the secret to her youngest sister’s success. Kim kicked the gossip to the curb when she denied all rumors of Kylie having plastic surgery, and revealed that her sister is just extremely good at applying makeup. Apparently Kylie’s a pro at using makeup, specifically lip liner, to accentuate and enhance her own features. Despite Kim’s claims speculation continues. Nevertheless even if Kylie has had a bit of work done, I’m convinced you can get a similar look by using only makeup.


    Make-up is a glorious thing and now you know you can use it to achieve fuller lips instead of getting fillers in your lips, you can save yourself a whopping amount of money and pain. VIP’s, you can achieve a similarly full pout with lip liner so stock up on your favourite shades and start enhancing your lips.

    Follow the chart below for a fuller kisser


    In order to achieve this look, the key is filling in right up to your lip line as well as the creases of your lips to accentuate your shape. You must use a darker lip liner and a lighter filler. I’d recommend using Rimmel’s 1000 kisses lip liner for a lasting finish. To get a look much like the one in the chart use the shade called Cocoa Mandoria. For the same glossy filler, use Rimmel’s Provocalips Lip Colour and pick the shade called Make Your Move. If you prefer a matte look to go with Cocoa Mandoria lip liner, go for MAC’s Brave.

    Get to pouting and let us know what you think!

    Tweet us @livelikeavip or find us on Instagram LiveLikeAVIP



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    VIP Beauty: Teeth Whitening

    There is one thing that all celebrities make their mission to have. It’s bright, white and a guaranteed head turner. Yes, our celebs just can’t do without a dazzling Hollywood smile.

    sam halle cherylFrom reality star royalty, to Hollywood legends and pop star personalities, this luminous look is simply essential for each and every VIP. That must include us too then!

    Normally, our celebs spend a whopping amount of money trying to buy their perfect smiles – hundreds, sometimes thousands. Nevertheless VIP’s, don’t fret! You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get your sparkling set. You can achieve whiter teeth the affordable way and even do it in the comfort of your own home.

    I’ve been on the hunt for the best home whitening kits on the market and I found two great options.

    Luster Premium White Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System £49.99


    This American bestseller launched in the UK this summer, available for purchase at all boot stores. It comes with a whitening mouth rinse solution, an activator whitening gel and a dual action whitening light which has it’s own timer. This kit’s really simple to use as well. All you do is rinse your mouth with the whitening mouth rinse, paint your teeth with the whitening gel and then use the light to cover it for 2 minutes. Now, this kit is easy to use but a tad bit repetitive because you must repeat these steps 20 times which equates to an hour of whitening. But, the good news is you only have to do it once a week. What also makes this kit so good is that is doesn’t make your teeth sensitive afterwards, so it’s pain free and that’s always a plus.

    Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Kit £24.99


    This kit has been around for a while. It’s definitely an oldie but goodie. It comes with a brush on brightener serum, an activator serum and a pure white tooth polish. After brushing your teeth, apply the brightener serum and wait 30 secs. Then do the same with the activator serum again waiting 30 secs. After rinsing, wait 20 minutes without any consumption to brush on the tooth polish for 2 minutes. The downside with this is there is a lot of waiting involved and you have to repeat the ritual everyday however, you only have to do it for 10 days. Not so bad if it’s the price you pay for smile brightening pearly whites.

    Both of these kits are designed to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, so for those who go weak at the knees for a cigarette or some Starbucks, these kits are ideal for you.

    Let us know which one worked for you!

    Tweet us @livelikeavip or find us on Instagram LiveLikeAVIP



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