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    Bulgari And Save The Children Collaborate

    Bulgari has always been one of my favourite jewellery brands and the celebrities love it too. You only have to look at social media to see celebs posting about wearing Bulgari jewels to premieres during the Cannes film festival or at the launch of the renovated Bond Street shop.

    Looking at photos of stars like Naomi Watts (below) decked in the finest Bulgari jewellery makes me wish I was a multi-millionairess so I could afford to copy her. That is, until I found out there is a way we can own a piece of Bulgari jewellery and give to charity at the same time. How is that possible? Read on….


    In 2012, Bulgari started a partnership with Save The Children UK, which has raised more than £1 million for charity. The concept was simple – Bulgari designed a unisex ring and necklace and £60 from every sale of that item went to the children’s charity. Four years later, the range has expanded and now there’s also a gorgeous bracelet available as well.








    I went down to the five-star Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge to check out the new collection. I wanted to find out whether it was something I actually wanted to wear, how much it cost and if any celebs had already worn it. The answer to the celeb question was solved immediately as Bulgari proudly displayed a book featuring more than 500 photos of celebrities wearing the ring in between the cabinets containing the jewellery.




    Celebs in the book include Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Adrian Brody, Meg Ryan, Selma Blair, Eric Bana and the gorgeous Welsh actor Luke Evans (above)

    Seeing all the celebs wearing the ring made me want it – I don’t like feeling that I’m missing out. But could I afford it? I almost choked on my Champagne when I found out the price because it was a lot less than I expected. The necklace, bracelet and ring are £360 each. It’s amazing value when you look at the quality of each item.


    I tried on the bracelet and found it really delicate. The little bead twisted round and it’s the sort of piece that you can’t help but play with throughout the day. It’s also something you could wear with any outfit as it will enhance it in a feminine way. Yes, this is something that I would actually wear, even if I didn’t know the price or know that money from the sale went to charity.

    And the money that goes to Save the Children really does get spent on children. At least 88p from every £1 goes directly to one of Save The Children’s projects to help children in poverty. In the UK, one in five children are born into poverty, which is a higher figure than I expected. Since having my son five weeks ago, it hits me harder to hear that babies are being born into families that can’t afford to feed themselves, let alone another new arrival. I can’t bear to think of a baby like my innocent son going hungry or going without clean clothes because the parents can’t afford a washing machine.

    Save The Children support families that can’t afford kitchen goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines as well as providing kids with opportunities to learn and play. Now we all have the chance to support their work and look like a celebrity at the same time by buying this Bulgari jewellery. What do you think?

    You can find out more details and buy online at the Bulgari website. For details of where your money will go, visit the Save The Children website.

    Normally buying a piece of jewellery makes me feel guilty about the amount of money I spent on it. But there’s no guilt associated with this collection- I love it!


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    5 Things To Research Before A ‘Boob Job’

    Today, feminism is not merely about the desire for gender equality, or surviving independently as an individual, but a lifestyle choice. it would be justifiable to assert that women have gone overboard in pursuit of ‘Sex Appeal’.

    Many women get a breast implant or lift done in order to escape their insecurities that arose following a surgery, pregnancy or thoughts of not being sexy enough for men. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, surgical modification of breasts has become the most popular cosmetic surgery over the past decade.


    Why do you think so many women these days are opting for breast implants? Has it become more of a vice or a genuine necessity? Whatever the reason behind its rise in popularity, there should be a certain level of insight into the matter before one decides to go under the knife.

    Remember, the advertising tagline ‘Dream Big’ does not provide real insight into breast augmentation. As knowledge is power, I’ve listed a few important things you need to keep in mind before getting a boob job.

    1. There’s No Guarantee on Long-Term Results

    Implants don’t last forever. There are chances that implants may begin to leak and lose their shape over time. There is another phenomenon called ”Scar shell” that forms around the inserted implant; causing the shape of your breasts to become distorted. These cases will require another surgery to get them replaced. Other factors like pregnancy, weight loss, additional surgery or breast feeding can also contribute towards needing follow-up surgeries.

    1. It is a Serious Surgery:

    You will have to undergo all the steps of any major surgery, and there are definitely risks involved. Though risks of major complications are rare, one should be aware of them beforehand. Recovery is going to involve pain, soreness, numbness and can take longer than anticipated. Some women can take weeks, months and (very rarely) years to completely recover and start feeling comfortable with the enhancements. If your job doesn’t allow you flexibility for taking time off, or it involves manual labor, then you might reconsider your decision before undergoing breast augmentation.


    1. They Really are “Fake”:

    “Fake” isn’t really the word you’ll want to hear after going through a painful process, but let’s face it, they are going to be recognized as “manmade” and“artificial”. Not only will they feel different, but people will see you differently afterwards. Your image can change from an intellectual woman to a sexy woman. This judgmental attitude from both genders can make you feel frustrated. Therefore, it is better to be prepared in advance for situations you will likely encounter after coming out of the operating room.

    1. Total Customization:

    One of the blessings about this surgery is that you can enjoy choosing the size you think suits you. Implants can be smaller, more natural or bigger.

    All you have to do is stuff your bra with bead-filled neoprene sacks and see how much you can comfortably carry. You need to take notice of your skin’s elasticity and body type. Keep your goals realistic. Don’t expect to jump from size A to D.

    1. Do You Have Existing Medical Conditions?

    It is of great benefit to know your genetic history before you opt for a boob job. A family history of any significant health conditions (i.e. breast cancer, obesity, smoke related medical issues or autoimmune disorders) will require notifying your surgeon prior to the surgery. Studies have shown that all of these factors can increase risk of complications during and after the surgery.

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    VIP Beauty: Perfect Eyelashes Book Launch

    When your eyes look bright and wide awake, your face looks younger and fresher and you feel more confident. Changing something as simple as your eyelashes can affect your mood and self-confidence and I know this directly as it’s happened to me.

    However, a lot of people are sceptical about lash extensions, mis-trusting then because they don’t know enough about them. And that’s where the new book comes in – Agnes Dos Santos has written the ultimate guide to what happens during lash application, what types of lashes are available and how they’re made, along with tons of endorsements from happy celebrity and journalist customers. 

    And talking of happy customers, although I’m not in the book, I have photos of my own to share. I first discovered Perfect Eyelashes in 2013. and this is my first ever Before and After photo, showing me pre-lashes and post-lashes. What a transformation!


    What sets Perfect Eyelashes apart from other eyelash extension applications is that the product is continually being improved, The lashes I first had were diamond lashes, which were super light and lasted for ages and at the time I thought they couldn’t be improved on.

    Then in mid-2014 I tried the salon’s unique development, mink lashes with ombre tips at the side, So the sides of my lashes had flecks of blue that caught the light and drew everyone towards me. It was great for flirting!


    This week, I tried the feather lashes, which are my ultimate favourites, They felt light on my eyes but they were so thick and luscious. I’m able to wake up and look naturally good without mascara – they make me look better and they save time in the mornings. Here’s a close-up:


    I was proud to show them off at the launch party, and I felt part of a celebrity club that adore Agnes Dos Santos and her talented Perfect Eyelashes team. Here are some of the VIP party guests:

    Made in Chelsea’s Tiff Watson


    Lauren Pope


    Nikki Grahame


    Nicola Mclean


    Lizzie Cundy


    And here’s me with Agnes, the star of the evening:


    But you don’t need to be a VIP to enjoy Perfect Eyelashes, as the book explains. Let Perfect Eyelashes look after your eyes and in 90 mins you’ll have lashes like a celebrity. I usually visit the salon in Kensington but there’s also a swanky salon in central London.

    Visit the Perfect Eyelashes website for more details about the book and I recommend booking your treatment soon as they get busy quickly.

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    VIP Hair: Edward James London Top Coat


    As we all lead increasingly busy lives, it’s more important than ever to take a bit of time out to pamper yourself. Do you have a favourite salon? Have you ever been to one of Edward James London’s locations in Clapham or Putney? It may turn out that Edward James London becomes your favourite salon after your first visit or at least one of your top three hair and beauty hangouts.

    I visited the Putney salon, which is an oasis of calm and relaxation from the moment you walk in. As I closed the door and breathed in the fresh scents from Aveda candles and Aveda shampoo, my tense shoulders dropped and the noise and the stress from the busy London streets felt like a world away.

    Natural Interior- Edward James


    Products- Edward James

    And that was just the start as further relaxation came from the stacks of up-to-date magazines and a glass of bubbly as I had the consultation.  I was there to try the Top Coat treatment, which promises up to six weeks of shiny hair. The treatment adds protein bonds to the hair initially followed by lots of natural oil and more proteins. It is 99% naturally derived so you get the shine without the harsh artificial chemicals.

    I was delighted with the results, which are quite dramatic from this ‘Before and After’ picture.


    It took 90 mins in total for the treatment to be left on the hair and for a bouncy blow dry after, but I had a lot of fun in the salon fuelled with Champagne, snacks and good chat from the hair stylist, Katie, who you can see in the second picture below.




    Edward  James is a real innovator in the hair industry as he developed the much applauded British Blow Dry earlier this year – a natural take on the smoothing Brazilian blowdry.

    Also, the celebs absolutely adore him. Cara Delevingne is one of his clients and she’s notoriously hard to please. However, the good thing about Edward and his team is that all ladies are made to feel like a superstar when they’re in the salon and everyone leaves with swishy, shiny model hair. Including me!

    For more details visit the Edward James London website.

    PS  You can combine your hair appointment with a massage or beauty treatment in the Moroccan inspired downstairs salon. I tried a mini massage before my treatment and the combination of the natural oils and firm touch was heavenly.

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    VIP Beauty: Dyson Humidifier

    Is it just me or is it harder to look after your skin in Winter? In Summer, skin tans and glows and if you want to protect it just make sure your moisturiser has an SPF. But in Winter, central heating causes the air to get drier and so skin looks duller and drier. Moisturiser doesn’t help for long as you put it on in the morning and by the time you’ve been outside in the cold on your commute to work, and maybe even on some hot and sweaty public transport, your skin feels dry and itchy again.

    Thank goodness then, for Dyson, who have just launched a stylish and technologically brilliant air humidifier. The same folks that changed the way we clean our households with the first ever bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983, have invented a new gadget that will clean our homes, our lungs and our skin at the same time. And did I mention how stylish it looks? I’ve been sleeping with a Dyson humidifier in my room for two weeks now and it fits into my room perfectly:




    When I first heard about the product, I have to admit I wasn’t sure what a humidifier was. They’re more popular in hotter, drier countries where the dry air causes allergies and dehydrated skin. Quite simply, they’re devices that add moisture to the air and create the perfect level of humidity in a room. As the Winters in the UK get more extreme and we’re forced to spend more time in our homes and offices with the central heating on, the more use we have for humidifiers.

    There are other humidifiers on the market, aside from Dyson obviously, but the reason the Dyson invention is so exciting is because it’s a lot more hygienic than other humidifiers. Existing humidifiers can harbour nasty bacteria, which is then circulated around the home doing more damage than good. But a Dyson won’t do this thanks to Ultraviolet cleansing technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria in water.  Every drop of water in the Dyson humidifier is exposed to Ultraviolet light twice, thoroughly cleaning it before it enters your home.


    So now we’ve established it has less negatives than other humidifiers, what positives can we take from it? I was told benefits of using a Dyson humidifier can include:

    • Relief for dry, chapped skin
    • Cleaner air for allergy sufferers
    • A better night’s sleep for those who have to put up with snoring
    • Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping you looking younger.

    It was the last bullet point that did it for me. I am constantly on a quest to try new products and treatments so I can protect my skin against lines. I’m doing ok so far, but I’m not in my early twenties any more and a lot of late nights have taken their toll.


    According to The Skin Health Alliance (there’s evidence from a professional body to back-up the anti-ageing claim!) low humidity reduces skin’s elasticity and low elasticity is what causes lines and wrinkles as the skin can’t spring back into shape.

    If you use this product at night like I did, it’s recommended you put it on the floor. Simply fill up the tank and attach the top tube. The machine runs for 18 hours on a single tank of water.

    Once I’d set it up and filled the tank, I had to try to make it work. However, you don’t need to be  genius to use this. It has a built-in climate control thermostat for measuring both temperature and moisture content, adjusting the output automatically for the most comfortable environment. This means if you leave it on the automatic humidity setting, it does all the work for you. However, if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night cold, you could use the remote control to alter it manually. This didn’t happen to me though. I slept like a log once I stopped playing around with different temperatures and setting.


    I could also feel it working. On my first night, I kept going away from it (onto my boyfriend’s side of the bed) so I could feel the difference between air only and humidified air, with the humidified air feeling more comfortable and refreshing. I didn’t wake up once during the night and the real bonus I’ve noticed is that my boyfriend, who has asthma and allergy problems, is definitely snoring less.

    After a great night’s sleep several times in a row, not only my skin is improved but my mindset. I feel more positive about life in general. Even though I’d never considered getting a humidifier previously, now that I’ve heard The Skin Health Alliance’s recommendations and seen and felt the difference in a room’s humidity myself, I wouldn’t be without it. The Dyson humidifier fits well into the décor of my room and although it’s quite expensive, it’s no more than one course of botox and it’s better for you in the long-term plus the effects will last longer and benefit the whole family (including snorers!)

    I’m looking forward to using it throughout the Winter and seeing if the results last. Even better news is that it also doubles up as a fan so you can use it in Summer and all year round.

    For more details, see the Dyson website where it’s priced at £499.99


    Geek Girl Facts

    Piezoelectric transducer:  In the base of the machine, vibrating up to 1.7 million times a second, breaks the water down into microscopic particles, which are drawn up through the loop amplifier and projected through the air using Air Multiplier™ technology.

    Patents: There are over 275 patents and 130 patents pending on the Dyson humidifier. Dyson’s Ultraviolet Cleanse™ technology is protected by five patents.

    Prototypes: During the development of this technology, 643 prototypes were developed as well as over 32 new test methods.

    Development costs: The Dyson humidifier cost over £37.5m to develop.

    Materials: The Dyson humidifier is made from Polycarbonate.


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    VIP Beauty: NUDE Skincare Review

    I like to work out, I like to look pretty and I want to be kind to the environment and I think it’s ridiculously difficult to achieve all three. To clear my pores after a sweaty workout so I can look pretty, I look for strength and not necessarily kindness. To be kind to the environment, I use products that make clear skin clearer but don’t work so well on sweaty skin.

    And then I found Nude skincare…

    To give you a bit of a background on the product, Nude was developed in 2007 by ethical entrepreneurs Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson. It’s high performance skincare, but the reason it’s effective is because it’s deeply rooted in nutrition. The unique formulas are based on ingredients the body needs for healthy glowing skin. Bryan founded the Fresh and Wild grocery chain and Ali Hewson was a co-founder of the ethical clothing company Edun so you can be guaranteed these products are as good for the environment as your face.

    And not just the outside environment. These are products that you would be proud to display in your bathroom. Check out the luxurious packaging.


    The fizzy powder face wash is especially brilliant.I love all fizzy things and now it seems like I’ve found some fizz that is good for my body. With multiple sources of vitamin C from delicious sounding ingredients like lemon and lime extracts and Brazilian acerola fruit and natural seeds from rose hip and vanilla to smooth the skin, the powder smells fresh. When you mix it with water and start to rub it over your skin it’s light and not at all cloggy. Wash it off and you are left with a glow, which I later found out is due to the pure oils inside it’s unique formula – Inca gold oil, Hawaiian coconut oil and organic virgin coconut oil.


    But my favourite product has to be the ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk which is  the most satisfying moisturisers I’ve ever tried.


    I have oily skin so I don’t always wear moisturiser, chosing to get those nutrients in a BB cream or a CC cream instead. But this serum is super light and packed with no less than 10 concentrated superfood extracts. You only need one pump of it and you can feel your skin going ‘aaaaah,’ the same sound you make when you’re super thirsty and you take a sip of water.

    When I work out, I’m very careful to put nutrients back into my body with a healthy vegetable juice or a protein shake smoothie, and yet I’d never really thought about doing the same for my skin. This changes right now!

    Find out more info on the Nude skincare website at NUDEskincare.com. Prices from £38

    Let me know what you think after you’ve tried it! Tweet or Instagram @livelikeavip



    I found that…

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    Fortnum & Mason’s New Beauty Hall

    Why do most department stores have their beauty departments on the Ground Floor?  Live Like a VIP beauty editor Joanna Griffin and I think they are missing a trick as we were stunned when we took the lift to the second floor of London’s iconic Fortnum & Mason and walked out to this view:



    Fortnum & Mason has managed to create an oasis of calm and light, in complete contrast to most beauty halls that are a thrive of activity. It looks like an elegant lady’s dressing room, full of mirrors and opulent furnishings and most importantly, space to mill around and take a breather from the outside world. Cheers to that!



    The focus seems to be on fragrance as there are three mini rooms, dedicated to all things scent. We were introduced to the Illuminum brand, which Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day to Prince William (she wore the White Gardenia Petals scent). Then we were dazzled by a spectacular collection of Roja Dove’s perfumes.

    photo 3 copy

    In this collection, there’s everything from the woody Arab perfume Aoud, to a more floral scent called Enigma. They’re all super strong Eau de Parfums and I could still smell what I splashed on my wrist as I climbed into bed at the end of the night. It is not cheap, but it’s worth paying for quality like that.

    Fragrance has the power to make you feel more brave and adventurous, so when we passed the new British make-up brand Delilah we had to stop by to get more info.

    photo 3

    The packaging is utterly gorgeous, but what’s inside is even better. There are no chemicals or parabens and real thought has gone into the colours in the range. They don’t have confusing shades of nudes of corals – they just have one of each that suits everybody. The foundation is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried, making my skin looked flawless. Here I am with Rupert Kingston, one of the three co-founders of the brand. This man knows a lot about make-up!

    photo 4


    Because of the light in the building, there was no shock when I looked in the mirror after leaving the party. Well, actually there was. I was shocked at how much better I looked leaving the party than arriving!

    But foundation can only go so far in transforming your skin and we could all do with making sure our cleansing and exfoliating regime is as good as it possible can be. As we walked around the Beauty Hall, we did see some things we’d heard a lot of buzz about previously, like the Cult 51 serums.

    photo 5


    Joanna tested an exfoliator on her hand, and I wished I took before and after photos as one hand looked really smooth after just 2 mins with this. You could really see the difference getting rid of the top level of dead skin made, which makes me more motivated to stick to an exfoliating regime.

    Need a gift? Check out this beautiful range of Fortnums’ bath and beauty products:

    photo 1 copy

    I’m told that Bamfords will release a collection exclusively for Fortnums in June, with an in-store spa. We thought the space was good right now and it is alreday making plans to get even better! It’s a haven for stressed women in the heart of the city where you can walk in knowing that you will find the best beauty brands and when you try them on you’ll be doing it in natural light and with a degree of privacy. Ideal for VIPs and aspiring VIPs.

    For more information, visit the Fortnum & Mason website




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    VIP Spa Review: Cobella

    Are you finding it hard to shift those last few pounds? Are you like me in the way that no matter how much dieting and exercise you do, the weight goes from one area and not another? I think I’m Kardashian-like in one respect in that I’m blessed with a naturally large derrière.

    The curse of a naturally large behind (as we all know there are rumours about the Kardashians achieving theirs with fat implants) is that the fat deposits on the bum lead themselves more naturally to cellulite. While it’s great to have a bottom that looks peachy in jeans, it’s not ideal to have a rear that looks like moon craters when you’re in a bikini and lying on the beach.

    So I decided to book into the Cobella spa in Kensington, West London to do something about it. There’s a treatment called Technispa, which uses electronic currents to push the advanced Guinot slimming / anti-cellulite gel to areas under the skin that couldn’t be penetrated from simply rubbing on cream / gel. The area where cellulite gathers is deep under the skin so working out doesn’t affect it either as it’s not in a place where it can be broken down through better circulation.


    As I’m about to go on holiday to Malta where I’ll be staying in one of the best hotels in the country – the Corinthia  St George’s Bay hotel and spa – I need this anti-cellulite treatment!

    My first impressions were better than expected. The spa is located under the Cobella hair salon on High Street Kensington but from the moment you descend the last stair and sit on one of the comfortable sofas in the reception area, you completely the hustle and bustle off outside.


    With no noise from anywhere you could be in the spa of a posh hotel and posh is certainly a good word to describe it. In the changing, nothing is scrimped on. You’re given a dressing gown so soft you could cuddle up in it and go to sleep, along with spa slippers. By the mirrors, there are bottles of luxurious Guinot products – cleansers and moisturisers. Hair dryers and hair straighteners mean you can fix up and look sharp after your treatment. After an hour’s pampering, it’s so easy to look sleepy and bedraggled but if you’re fitting it into a working day, like I was, then the hair straighteners are much appreciated.


    But I wasn’t there for the changing rooms, I was there for a Technispa treatment. It was with some trepidation that I lay on the bed, wondering how much pain I was in for. My treatment was carried out by the spa manager, Georgia Mann, who did a lot to reassure me. We started by discussing my concerns (the backs of my legs) and decided that the best use of that time was to focus on that area rather than treat the fronts of my thighs, which I don’t have a problem with.

    Georgia also told me it doesn’t have to be painful in order for it to be effective. The current doesn’t hurt at all, it’s actually quite relaxing. But there are different levels of suction to create a vacuum between your skin and the air to push the cream down. If you’re not used to the suction it does feelpainful if you go for a high setting. I decided to keep it light as it was my first experience of it. Besides, it’s the current that stimulates the cells, not the suction.

    At this point, I have to admit I did not take any photos of myself having it done as I didn’t think any of you readers would want to see my cellulite. That’s way too much information! So I found another photo online of the Technispa treatment device (although this is not at Cobella).


    You hold one end of the current in your hand to give it a full circuit around your body. The therapist works the other over your problem areas. It’s not a scary device and as long as the suction is at the right level you can close your eyes and chill out.

    The treatment lasted 30 minutes and that passed so quickly that I didn’t want it to be end (which just goes to show that it can’t have been painful). Although it’s advisable to have a course of six, I definitely felt a difference after one session from the moment I climbed off the bed. My legs felt so loose and light that I felt I could run a marathon that moment.

    Cellulite is essentially a build-up of toxins that gathers around fat and so what had happened during the Technispa process was that some (maybe not all) of my toxins were broken down. That’s what I could feel straight away when I stood up. When I’ve had a few more treatments I’ll show you a Before and After photo so you can see for yourself.

    I will definitely be visiting Cobella again. If a treatment like this can be relaxing, I can only imagine how fabulous a massage or facial feels. Also, I’ve heard really good things about the salon’s Oxygen Facial using oxygen to infuse vitamins and minerals through the skin.

    Brand new treatments are coming in the Spring so if you’ve previously visited Cobella, maybe it’s time to check out again what they offer.

    Visit the Cobella website. Cobella is located at 5 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP. 020 7717 9665.

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    VIP Beauty: True Salon & Medi-Spa Review

    I am the sort of person that goes one place for a facial, another for waxing and somewhere else for  a massage but I’m starting to find out there are a few places (not many) that you can get all of these treatments done at a good standard in one place. I kept hearing good things about True Beauty Salon & Medi-Spa in Twickenham and their range of facials and peels, IPL, waxing, massages, body wraps and manicures / pedicures. You can even get packages, like the 2 1/2 hr pre holiday package to get you groomed before you go away or a monthly maintenance package of a massage, facial, manicure and half leg wax. Think of all the time you will save by not having to travel to different beauty salons!

    Bianca Gascoyne recently cut the ribbon to declare the salon officially open and in the past month it’s already been visited by bloggers, journalists and models – people that are used to having regular beauty treatments. In that time, I’ve only had good things said about it. It was even voted the Most Loved Business in Richmond Upon Thames in 2014.


    The salon itself is beautiful with huge windows and lots of white and perspex, but there was the right balance of professional and medical with cosy soft furnishings. I sort of knew this from one of the photos I saw of Bianca Gascoyne on the launch night (see below) and it definitely lived up to my expectations.


    As I am still suffering from running the Istanbul marathon, the treatment I was most keen to try was the  60-minute full body massage.

    This was the beautiful bed I got to lie on, which was a very nice start.


    The therapist was very accommodating to my needs. I  said I needed her to focus on my upper back (because writing all these blogs means I develop tension in my shoulders from hunching over my laptop) and the backs of my legs (as my calves knotted up during the marathon). I said I wasn’t interested in lying on my front or having anything relaxing and would prefer firm strokes and deep tissue massage and she nodded and got straight to it.

    For me, the main test of a good massage is if I feel totally exhausted afterwards – this means I’ve completely wound down and just want to sleep! So this was truly a good massage as,I forgot about my To Do list and managed to drift off. I didn’t feel rushed or on a schedule at any point during the treatment and the light music in the background was gentle rather than annoying (I’m not normally a fan of salon nature sounds but this was ok, trust me)

    If you need to see evidence look at how laid back I am in the photo below taken after my treatment.



    I sometimes think that massages are the hardest services for a small salon to get right as I normally go to a sports masseuse, but I didn’t feel this was inferior, If they can do a hard treatment like a massage with this much skill and care, I would trust them to do a facial and waxing too. I think I’d better go back and test it, don’t you?

    If you’re close to the Twickenham area, I highly recommend it. It’s obvious why it’s won so many awards! Visit the True Beauty Salon website for details of treatments and booking information.

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    VIP Beauty: Perfect Eyelashes Party

    How would you like to spend longer in bed, wake up more beautiful naturally and have complete strangers in shops and hair salons compliment you on your eyelashes? Welcome to the world of Perfect Eyelashes.

    The salon had a magical Christmas party recently and as tons of celebs turned out to support founder Agnes Dos Santos, the Queen of the eyelashes, and enjoy a chocolate fountain, cake pops and bubbly, I felt confident because my own eyelashes had been transformed by Agnes and her team.

    I love the look and feel of these lashes so much that I’ve had it done on multiple occasions. The before and after photos speak for themselves:




    People are always fascinated when I tell them I’ve has eyelash extensions. These are the most common questions and how I answer them:

    QS: How long do they last?
    A: For me, they last about a month. However, you can go in after 3-4 weeks to have some infills to make them last longer.

    QS: How long does it take to put them in?

    A: It takes about 90 mins, but it’s very relaxing. As you’re lying on a bed, you can drift off to sleep. The Kensingtson salon is within walking distance of Westfield London, so you can fit it into a day’s shopping.

    QS: Are they heavy?

    A: NO WAY! I didn’t notice I was wearing eyelash extensions until I looked in the mirror. This is so different to most strip lashes, when you can feel the glue irritating your eye.

    QS: Will they harm your natural lashes?
    A: Quite the reverse. As you’re not wearing mascara and not needing to remove it with chemical eye make-up remover, it’s actually helping your own lashes to get more luscious.


    With all these benefits, it’s little wonder celebs like Lily Allen, Lucy Watson and Amy Willerton love Perfect Eyelashes. You never need to put mascara on, you can go swimming or get hot and sweaty dancing without worrying about mascara running and you look way more awake in the morning, even if you don’t feel it during Christmas party season. So many pros and I can’t even think of one con except it can be difficult to get an appointment because the salon is so busy. (Call them on 020 602 7040 to enquire about availability)

    From January 2015, the experience will only get better as perfect eyelashes are opening a larger salon, next door to their original near Kensington Olympia tube. It will have more floors, more beds and more space to relax.

    Judging by the amount of people at their party, this is much needed. Look at the celebs who attended:

    Danielle Armstrong from TOWIE


    Toff from Made in Chelsea


    Bianca Miller from The Apprentice


    Stephanie Nala from X Factor


    Josie Gibson



    Trust me, it’s way more effective to get people to do things for you if you have nice lashes. Just flutter them and see what happens!

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