• A Guide To Surviving Festival Season


    With Coachella in full swing, festival season is now well and truly upon us! This means a summer of dancing, partying until dawn and wearing the season’s best trends throughout the long hot months. But spending weekends in fields and staying up late for days and nights on end doesn’t make for a healthy body – we may want to look like Lottie Moss, but those bags under your eyes aren’t fooling anyone. So without further ado, here is our guide to surviving the festival season like a pro, without damaging your health while you do so.


    Opt for hotels or VIP camping

    It’s not good for anyone to be in a tent for long periods of time, especially when it means trying to snooze through the bass of that 8am DJ who somehow still has a crowd. If you opt for a hotel outside of the festival grounds not only are you guaranteed a comfy and quiet place to get some shut-eye, but also a shower, mirror and hair dryer. Most festivals also offer VIP camping areas where partiers can crash out in a real bed in a tipi or yurt. These areas usually offer showers and toilets that are in good condition, as well as electricity to charge phones and stay connected.

    Drink water

    However great all that booze and sunshine is, it wreaks havoc on your skin, quality of sleep and energy levels. Stay hydrated throughout the day to stay fresh, keep hangovers at bay and to encourage your skin to maintain a healthy glow. Rehydration salts, however disgusting, are your best friend at a festival so stock up and drink up!

    Be prepared

    Anything can happen at a festival, so make sure you have stocked up on all the essentials and more. Wet-weather gear and wellies are a no-brainer, as is pre-bought alcohol and any meds you regularly need to take. If you are short on time, a company like Sable Pharmacy can home deliver your prescriptions, so you can concentrate on getting festival ready, rather than running around the shops.


    Look out for each other

    This one goes without saying, but it’s likely that someone in your group is going to push their limits a bit further than they can handle. Look after you friends and make sure they are safe and well – escort them back to basecamp if they need, fill them up with H2O and hold their hand or hair back if required. You’re all in this together guys, stay safe!

    Never underestimate the power of dry shampoo

    If you didn’t have time to shower because your favourite DJ is playing in 10 and you only got into bed two hours ago, don’t panic. Dry shampoo is the mother of all festival essentials and will turn your hair from grease ball to lion mane in a manner of seconds.


    It’s not a festival without so much glitter you’ll be finding it in bags and pockets for years to come. Cover yourself, and your friends, in your favourite accessory and you’ll be in full festival swing. While you’re at it, there is a whole load of biodegradable glitter out there, which means you can feel a little bit better about your bad behaviour!

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    Competition: Win 7 RNA Award-Winning Books

    The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s RNA Awards are one of the highlights of the publishing world and a fantastic opportunity to meet the celebrities of the writing world. If, like us, you love to relax by the pool on holiday with a romantic read or two, or read a book to escape the drudgery of your daily commute, there’s a good chance you will have heard of some of the names on the RNA shortlist.

    If you’re looking for inspiration about what to read next then you need to pay careful attention to the list of winning books as these have been chosen by a panel of judges as the best of the best. You could also enter our competition as we are very excited that the Romantic Novelists Association has given us the set of winning books to give away to LLAVIP readers. These are the fabulous winning titles:

    RoNA books all


    The books are:

    Penny Parkes, Out of Practice, Simon & Schuster

    Winner Romantic Comedy Romantic Novel of the Year

    Out of Practice.indd


    Kate Kerrigan, It Was Only Ever You, Head of Zeus

    Winner Historical Romantic Novel of the Year

    Kerrigan_IT WAS ONLY EVER YOU - Copy


    Scarlet Wilson, Christmas in the Boss’s Castle, Mills & Boon Cherish

    Winner RoNA Rose Award

    Christmas in the Boss's Castle - Scarlet Wilson - Copy (2)


    Kate Johnson, Max Seventeen, independently published

    Winner Paranormal or Speculative Romantic Novel

    Janet Gover, Little Girl Lost, Choc Lit

    Winner Epic Romantic Novel of the Year

    Litte Girl Lost front cover - Copy


    Debbie Johnson, Summer at the Comfort Food Café, HarperImpulse

    Winner Contemporary Romantic Novel of the Year

    Comfort Food Cafe - Copy
    Sophia Bennett, Love Song, Chicken House

    Winner Young Adult Romantic Novel of the Year

    Winner Goldsboro Books Romantic Novel of the Year

    Love Song - Copy


    To enter, email info@livelikeavip.com with your name, address and  the answer to this question – who was the host of the 2017 RNA Awards? [Hint: the answer can be found below] The closing date is 2359 on 30 March 2017 so please enter before then – usual LLAVIP competition T&C’s apply.

    The night itself was the ideal opportunity to meet the authors – look at how fantastic they look in real-life, along with outstanding achievement award winners Adele Parks and Barbara Erskine.  Writing isn’t all about being isolated in the study / home office (although that is a big part of it). When these authors aren’t scribbling away, they know how to let their hair down.

    RoNA17 winners


    The host of the evening was novelist and food writer / cooking school founder, Prue Leith.



    She said that she was waiting for the call to be a judge on Channel 4’s version of the Great British Bake Off. After talking to her, I know she’d do a great job. She’s had 11 years of experience on BBC’s The Great British Menu and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She’d be feistier than Mary Berry and make the amateur bakers up their game. Would you like to see her as a judge?

    Good luck in our competition and don’t forget to enter by 30 March!



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  • E!’s Sabrina Chakici Shares Networking Tips


    You should know from reading Live Like a VIP that there are several showbiz parties a night in London, plus some in New York, LA and other celeb destinations. There’s a reason for this – it’s all about going out to see and be seen. The stars may be dressing up, but they’re not letting their hair down and going crazy. Often, they get work by appearing at the right events, so they need to stay as professional as possible.

    One lovely lady who always looks gorgeous and is super interesting to talk to at these events is E! TV presenter and founder of the aspirational travel  blog www.clutchandcarryon.com, Sabrina Chakici. We love bumping into her at parties! Her job is to report back on showbiz events for E! so she what she doesn’t know about networking at these parties isn’t worth knowing. We’re super excited that she’s sharing her networking tips with the Live Like a VIP readers.

    Over to Sabrina…



    How to nail the art of networking at an event

    Working as a TV presenter is a job that is assuringly preserved for the confident, speaking to new people, in front of new people pretty much 24/7 can be a tasking role but there are a few tricks of the trade for those of you wanting to assume a convincing self assured role for the day. 

    Events are an excellent opportunity to network, whether it’s to make new friends or business contacts or to highlight opportunities and information, being invited to a high profile event is an amazing honour but giving each and every event you attend a purpose is the VIP mindset 😉

    So here are my tips to rocking it when it comes to networking:

    (1) Assume people like you before you even start talking to them 

    It’s a brave thing to do in a crowd of new people, but a great way to work an event. It can be so easy to think ‘well. what if they don’t like me’ and be put off approaching new people but if you have the premeditated mind set that those you are about to speak to already like you it not only relaxes that anxiety aspect but it also makes the conversation flow so much better.

    (2) Dress up but keep it classy.

    Making an effort for an event is never a bad idea, now I’m not suggesting you splash out for a designer frock and blow-dry for every event but it’s always a good idea to look presentable and slap on a bit of make-up. People tend to respond well to people who make an effort.

    (3) Let alcohol spur you and a not control you!

    I will always have a glass of champers in my hand when networking, not only does the fizz instantly give you a little preppy kick it always gives you something to do in any awkward silences (take a sip!) and gives you something to do with you hands. Handbag in one arm and a glass in the other, you no longer have to think about your gestures, just focus on the conversation 😉 Do not get tipsy though ladies! If you are there to network no good can come out of being too sloshed to remember someones name!

    (4) Ask for a business card or email early.

    A common mistake I’ll make is not getting the contact details of the guy I’ve schmoozed for the last half an hour. It’s always good to ask for a card or offer yours near the start of a conversation. that way should the conversation with a stranger part not go too well you can always impress them with a kick ass follow up email 😉

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    Insider Goss: Philip C Baldwin’s Charity Dinner

    At Live Like a VIP, we want to lift the lid on what it’s really like to be a star and host star-studded parties with lots of celeb mates.

    And so we have an exclusive today as the philanthropist and gay rights activist Philip C Baldwin has done a guest blog post for us about his celebrity party and dinner to mark LGBT history month. We love it when there’s a really good reason for a party and it seems the celebs do too as lots turned out to support him.

    Let’s pass over to the man himself – Philip C Baldwin – to explain what went on:



    Last Tuesday, on 21 February 2017, I hosted an event to celebrate LGBT History Month. The dinner was in association with Gay Times, at London restaurant Smith & Wollensky. It was attended by a range of celebrities, politicians and activists.

    I am very lucky to have incredible support for my activism. Vogue Williams, Lauren Pope, Imogen Thomas, Gemma Oaten, Jane Felstead, Jane Witherspoon and Abi Clarke all attended the event and looked fabulous!







    Ollie Locke, Jamie O’Hara and Dr Ranj Singh were also at the dinner.





    LGBT History Month is an annual celebration of LGBT history, which takes place in February. LGBT History Month is about re-evaluating the contribution of LGBT people to history, better understanding LGBT identity and looking to the future. The theme of this year’s LGBT History Month is citizenship and law, with a particular focus on the Sexual Offences Act 1967, which decriminalised gay men in England and Wales. It is now 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act. In 2017, the UK is one of the most LGBT friendly places in the world.

    I hosted the dinner because I wanted to commemorate this landmark anniversary and also to highlight some of the areas where we still need to achieve change for LGBT people in the UK, such as in our schools. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make schools LGBT inclusive.

    Crispin Blunt MP, who has been very supportive of my activism, was seated near my friends Tim Sigsworth and Paul Dillane, who head the Albert Kennedy Trust and the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group. The AKT help young LGBT homeless people and UKLGIG campaign for LGBT refugees. The work these charities do exemplify why LGBT History Month is so important.

    Sadly, there remain many LGBT people who are excluded in our society. A quarter of young homeless people are LGBT and LGBT refugees face particular persecution. I was really pleased that both Tim and Paul were at the event. We need to work for a society which is inclusive for every LGBT person! Celebrate #LGBTHM17, all that the LGBT community has achieved since 1967 and think about what YOU can do to make our society a fairer place for LGBT people!

    To find out more about my activism, please check out: www.philipchristopherbaldwin.com. My social media handle is: @philipcbaldwin

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  • View Beauty Lounge London: Review

    When your nails look fabulous – polished, long and sleek – it takes your confidence to a new level. It doesn’t matter if your hair’s perfectly coiffed and you like your outfit. If you have all that and bad nails then you just don’t feel dressed up enough.

    The smile on the face on the picture below that was taken at a birthday meal in London’s Buddha Bar came from knowing that I had magnificent nails.



    As I clutched the following day’s coffee curing hangover, I couldn’t stop admiring my nails so I took a close-up photo:




    The man responsible for this fine work on my nails is Jason Tran from View Beauty Lounge in Brentford. When I first visited them in the summer of 2016, I was a new mum who hadn’t had a professional manicure for weeks, maybe even months.

    As my nails weren’t that strong due to all the hormones in my body still crazy after having a baby, I wasn’t sure if I could have acrylics straight away so I booked in for a shellac appointment. While I was having that appointment, I got talking to Jason and I have never met someone so knowledgeable about nails in my life! A’list celebs like Adele visited the salon in South Kensington where he worked previously and now he’s bringing that celebrity buzz to Brentford. And the shellac looked very pretty too…



    What’s different about View Beauty Lounge to other salons is that they make you feel special. They greet you with a warm welcome, the place is clean and comfortable and you feel relaxed and calm when you’re sitting inside. I’ve visited salons where you’re crammed inside with lots of others and have to wait ages for an appointment and I’ve been to salons where the manicurist couldn’t speak English which made the hour in the nail chair very boring indeed. At View Beauty  Lounge you can book appointments online and you’re guaranteed a good chat while you’re having your nails done. If you don’t believe me, then look at all the positive reviews on Treatwell.

    It’s a gorgeous-looking salon – light, airy and with views over a luscious park.





    But what else would you expect from a beauty salon of such a high standard? I’m constantly impressed when I look at Jason Tran’s Instagram account – Jastra91 Here’s a selection of some of his most fabulous work:







    What Jason doesn’t know about nails isn’t worth knowing so if you’re going to trust your hands to anyone then it should be him!

    Another benefit of the View Beauty Lounge is that they offer waxing and hair treatments in the same place – it’s a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs.

    Check out the View Beauty Lounge website for full details – location, pricing and services offered etc

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  • VIP Fitness: Quick Tips To Burn Fat Fast


    The Live Like a VIP team dream of having the perfect celebrity body. We’d like to look better in clothes, we’d like to feel more energetic and healthier and we’d like to post selfies with more confidence (without having to take lots of different angles first).

    BUT spending time in the gym is not as fun as going to parties, lets face it. We want to look body beautiful, but not at the expense of our social lives. Is there a way to have both?

    Callum Melly, a male fitness model, PT and general fitness expert says there is. He’s developed a program called Body in 8, which sets out clear guidelines to how we can get our dream bodies in just 8 weeks without too much sacrifice. Here he explains his top tips to burn fat fast:



    (1) Always do your cardio after a resistance workout – carbohydrates are always the chosen source of energy your body burns first whenever you work out. During a resistance workout, you will have depleted the majority of stored carbohydrates that have been digested in the body, so, by carrying out cardio afterwards, you will be tapping into your stored body fat and burning that!

     (2) Get in the weights room – weight training creates an after-burn for 48 hours after you do a resistance workout – that means your body is still working for you and burning more calories for that period of time (which means extra fat burning even while you sleep!)


    (3) Do a variety of rep ranges over a period of time – As demonstrated in the BODY IN 8 program exercise plan, altering the amount of reps you do, and altering the size of the weight you use, over a period of time, will help to target every muscle in the body and promote lean muscle development. The more lean muscle you have, the more effective your metabolism is which will promote more natural fat loss.

    (4) Take your time while you train – When it comes to weight training, many people simply focus on how quickly they can pull, push or lift their weight, without focusing on the lengthening process when they bring their weight back down. This act of lengthening the muscle is just as important as contracting, because the longer the muscle is put under tension the better the results. So taking your time on both lengths of the contraction is key to burning more fat!


     (5) Burn extra calories during rest periods with active rest – While rest periods might feel great during an intense workout, they are precious seconds you could be using to burn even more calories! When you’re in your rest recovery period, do a light active rest activity such as jogging on the spot or bench step-ups to burn even more fat fast! (You have all the other hours in the day to really rest, after all.)

    Added tip: Whatever workout youre doing, from walking to resistance training, you should be working at 60-70% above your resting heart rate to maximise results.


    See more on Callum’s Body in8 website.



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    WIN David Bowie Walking Tour Tickets

    For many, January will always be remembered as both the anniversary of David Bowie’s birth and death.  When the musician died after an 18 month battle with liver cancer on 10 January  2016 (two days after his 69th birthday), there was a huge outpouring of grief around the world. Thousands and thousands made a pilgrimage to Brixton to visit a mural of his face, which became a huge shrine with flowers piling the streets and spilling onto the road. Bowie changed the world culturally!


    That’s why I’m excited to report that on what would have been his 70th birthday (8th January 2017), Nick Stephenson is launching the David Bowie Musical Walking Tour in London. This isn’t your average walking tour where you visit key points in Bowie’s life to a factual commentary. You do get the facts, but you get Bowie’s music too, expertly played by Stephenson. This makes it more suitable for those who don’t speak much English and also for those of us who get bored easily. Facts are good, but we all love Bowie’s music more than facts about his life.

    The tour, which will run regularly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays will be a 2-hour guided experience through David Bowie’s early life in Brixton, encompassing many rarely celebrated landmarks in one of the most vibrant, independent and striving areas of London.

    For just £10 a ticket, you will be treated to various sites that relate to the legendary singer’s life and death with funny, moving and often surprising anecdotes enthusiastically told throughout the tour by the friendly, charismatic and super knowledgeable Nick Stephenson.


    The songs performed en route include:

    Space Oddity, Suffragette City, Ashes to ashes, The man who sold the world, Rebel Rebel, Life on Mars? Starman, Drive in Saturday, Heroes

    Landmark areas of the tour include:

    David Bowie Mural – Discover the story behind the mural

    Bowie’s Birthplace and Primary School – School days and family life for the young David Robert Jones

    Pop Brixton – Exciting Community project in the heart of Brixton

    The Ritzy Cinema – Where hundreds of fans gathered to pay their respects on the 11th of Jan 2016

    The Brixton Academy – discover what happened when David Bowie returned to Brixton for a homecoming show!

    Photofusion Gallery – The very best in social photography from around Britain including a recent David Bowie exhibition.



    Nick (above) is a very talented and experienced musician. I would attempt to describe what he’s done, but you can find all the info on his website.

    Want to join a tour? Win a pair of tickets to an 11am or 2pm show on the date of your choice by answering this question. The answer can be found above:

    What date (day and month) is David Bowie’s birthday?

    Email your answer to livelikeavip@gmail.com before 2359 on Saturday 7 January. Usual LLAVIP competition T&Cs apply. Good luck!


    Call +44 (0)7894 550 184 or book via the website https://bowietourlondon.co.uk/tickets/

    Tickets are £10.00 and tours commence outside Brixton tube station. We recommend guests arrive at least 10 minutes early. Tour guide will be by the tourist information map holding a guitar.


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    BBC Earth magazine launch party

    The Sea Life London Aquarium played host to the launch of BBC Earth Magazine last night, with drinks flowing to the back drop of sea turtles and shoals of fish.


    Copies of the new monthly magazine, priced at £3.99, could even been seen inside the aquarium’s tanks: in the hands of underwater divers positioned to answer guests’ questions.


    With an underwater slate and a pencil in hand, the divers communicated with guests – which included actress and model Camilla Rutherford; fashion journalist Henry Conway; and model and businesswoman Caprice – answering questions which were written down and held up against the aquarium’s glass.


    Sharon Kirby, group publisher for The River Group, gave me a whistle-stop tour of the content of the new monthly mag, which is out today and features incredible photography; the kind we’re used to seeing from the BBC Earth brand (under which the corporation sells documentaries such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet).


    Editor Celia Woolfrey said the publication, which covers science and nature, has been created to be enjoyed by the whole family and even includes articles from a 10-year-old columnist, sharing his view on the natural world.


    Leaving the event with my new mag and a gorgeous cuddly polar bear in hand, it dawned on me how unusual it was, to leave a party with the sight of sharks swimming below my feet!



    Currently, there’s an offer where you can get the first 3 issues for a total of £3. Visit the BBC Earth Magazine’s website to find out more.

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    VIP Beauty: Grace Fodor & Studio 10

    Grace Fodor is a make-up artist to the stars, a businesswoman, a mother and the founder of the incredible Studio 10 make-up range. The Live Like a VIP team are big fans of Studio 10 as it applies so easily, there’s a palette designed to make contouring simple and it leaves our skin looking and feeling so fresh.

    The Studio 10 range  is designed to make us all look younger by correcting the signs of ageing with makeup essentials, problem solvers and professional fixes for results that make us look 10 years younger in an instant. It’s a bit like having an instant ‘facelift without the surgery’.

    We’re so inspired that Grace managed to launch this range while being a mum as since Zoe’s had a baby she’s realised just how difficult it can be to mix work and family time. In this interview, she shares her secrets:



    Q: Tell us about yourself and your business?

    STUDIO  10 is my passion. I’d reached a point in my life where I was looking for a makeup range designed for women as they age. I needed more than products with just added anti-ageing ingredients, but that specifically correct, cover and combat the signs of ageing.



    Q: What inspired you to start?

     I’d been working in the beauty industry for over a decade and I had become increasingly frustrated with the approach of the cosmetic industry to the makeup needs of older women. I felt that cosmetics weren’t changing with women’s skin, or tackling the issues that older women face and that we needed a new generation of tailor-made products.  I wanted a range that did a ‘job of work’ for me!


    Q: My greatest challenge has been?

     Managing how fast we’ve grown! Studio 10 isn’t even two years old and in that time we have expanded massively, in terms of our product range, stockists and across the world. Managing that process has meant a lot of adjustments and a need to be really pro-active in dealing with each challenge as they arise. It’s a pretty amazing place to be though, so I can’t say I’m complaining!


    Q: Achievements in the past 12 months:

    Launching into Sephora Australia has been a huge milestone for Studio 10. Sephora is the ‘go-to’ makeup destination for women who love beauty, so to see a range designed for mature women get such great support was a real watershed moment. I’m also incredibly proud of our work with cancer charity Look Good Feel Better.

     We’ve been running the #raise1brow project to raise much needed awareness, funds and product. This wonderful charity helps raise the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer. Their aim is to improve their self-image and appearance through complimentary group and self-help skincare and makeup sessions, creating a real sense of support, confidence, strength and community.


    Q: What are the biggest challenges you think facing Mum-preneurs

    Honestly, I think confidence? So many women have fantastic skills, or great ideas but don’t ever do anything with them because they worry about what they’ll get wrong. I always say ‘write down what you’ll get right and build out from there’. If you need better computer skills for example, do a night course, but don’t let it stop you!


    Q:One key piece of advice for aspiring Mum-preneurs

    Don’t let anyone else define what you can achieve. I’ve faced failures in business and had to pick myself back up so I know it isn’t easy, but the failure is never what defines you – it’s how you handle it that makes the big difference.

    If you look at any successful individual, they’ve all faced setbacks and just refused to give in. Be tenacious and decide what you want to do, then do it. The only limits you have are the ones you set on yourself.


    Q: I love being a Mumpreneur because?

     With three daughters I really want to set the example that you absolutely can have a family and a career – you just need to be flexible in how you handle it. So many of my friends saw their careers stall in their thirties – mine has just gone from strength to strength because I could alter my life to suit my work and vice versa.

    I want my girls to never limit themselves because of their life choices or gender – being a ‘Mumpreneur’ proves that your brain and ambition don’t stop because you have kids, and you can still create an extraordinary business.


    Find out more about that business – Studio 10 – on the Studio 10 website.

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    VIP Lifestyle: Find That Work-Life Balance

    Have you ever felt stressed about your To Do list? Do you feel like you’re always working and not having enough fun? Or is fun getting in the way of your work life? Being unhappy with your life is not living like a VIP so if you feel like life’s getting out of control then maybe it’s time to stop and reassess things?Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert.

    Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert. People online are raving about her TOUCH treatments, in which she treats the root causes of symptoms to restore the natural balance of the mind, body and soul through the art of giving renewed clarity of thought. For example, your skin says a lot about you and you can change certain things about your lifestyle to get a glowing look without spending lots of money. It’s fascinating!

    We asked her for some tips about how to start changing things to make ourselves better. We’re all on a journey but what should we do first? Over to Sarah…


    “When living a busy life, like mine, it’s important to seek balance. It’s easy to lose yourself in too much work, social events, or playing mum the taxi. Balance in life doesn’t come without thought. So how do we decide what to do and what to ignore? Sometimes it’s hard to take care of your own needs when you have work, family, friends, charities, extracurricular events, and any number of other things to take up your time. So, how do we order our to-do lists so that balance is achieved? I’ve found it is all about what’s most important.

    When I search for balance, I seek first for an inner knowledge of what’s most important. This would be different for every person as no two people have the exact same priorities.

    1. Family Time – Personally, family time comes first for me, but this might not be true for everyone. If you are not a parent, your extended family probably won’t need as much attention from you. Dropping in on your mother takes less time than raising a toddler. If you have sick or aging parents, they may need more attention than they once did.
    2. Work – I have a job and probably most of you do, as well. The demands of your particular job will dictate how much of your time goes to working, but it’s still necessary to consider how important your job is. Is it just a way to make money? Maybe it’s time to trim some excess. Is it what defines you? Then cutting back might not be the best choice for you too.
    3. Society and Activities – In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to avoid extending yourself far beyond what’s comfortable. What are you gaining from giving all your time to others? It’s important to consider the world around you, but if your needs are being lost in the endless needs of others, it may be time to reprioritise.

    It can be difficult to take a good hard look at your own life, and see where you give too much or too little, but it’s the only way to take the first steps towards a life of balance.

    Letting Go of the Excess

    Once you know what’s really important, it’s time to let go of the excess. So how do you start?

    1. One at a Time – I find it works best for me to cut down on one activity at a time until I find balance, because going completely cold turkey on a couple of things at once can be very overwhelming.
    2. Remember What’s Important – It can be panic inducing to let go of all the things you’ve done that have kept your life out of balance. If you need to, return to your list of priorities for reaffirmation.
    3. Don’t Forget Yourself – If you are searching for balance, don’t let your own personal needs be the ones that you release.

    It can be a struggle to achieve balance in your life, but with a little time and effort you can begin to return to a well-balanced, well-lived, life.”


    For details about Sarah’s TOUCH treatments, visit her website.

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