• What Does ‘Being Happy With Yourself’ Mean?


    There’s a common misconception amongst us girls when it comes to beauty and looking beautiful. A lot of us are under the misconception that when we look good on the outside, we feel good on the inside. Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

    Obviously, when we look good, we’re more likely to feel good. However, a nice outfit, a cute hair style, and picture perfect makeup doesn’t guarantee that on the inside, we feel beautiful. (Even if we are wearing our favorite Kat Von D lipstick!) Self-esteem is a big factor when it comes to how beautiful we feel, and it’s something that a lot of women lack.

    So, with that in mind, today, I thought I would talk about what it takes to be happy with yourself. As each and every one of us deserves to feel just as amazing as our friends and family thinks we are.


    What do you love about yourself?

    No matter how much self-esteem you lack, there has to be something that you love about yourself. It could be your beautiful, curly hair; your plump, perfectly natural lips; or your curvaceous hips that would give Kim K a run for her money. Think about your body and what you love about it and then write down what those things are. Then, whenever you’re feeling down about how you look, focus on them, and give your self-esteem a boost. And remember, everyone has their body worries – even the women who walk the runway.

    Don’t be afraid to make changes

    A lot of women feel that if they choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to change their bodies, they’ve failed. However, that’s not the case at all. Sometimes, when there’s something about our bodies that knocks our confidence, it’s best to change it. Of course, the idea of having cosmetic surgery is a scary one, but if the end result will make you happy, then it’s worth it. Whether it’s breast augmentation surgery that you want, lip fillers, or a nose job, don’t let fear hold you back. If you know that you will feel happier after having the procedure, then go for it. Don’t let what anyone else thinks hold you back – it’s your body and your life.

    Makeovers are made for confidence boosting

    One of the best ways to give your confidence a boost is with a makeover. Even if you already look good on the outside, a makeover can be a great way to make you feel beautiful on the inside. By changing up your look, and being complimented by people, your confidence will instantly get a boost. Get your hair done in a new style. Try out a different makeup look. Treat yourself to some new clothes. It’s amazing how much of a confidence boost makeovers can offer, even when you already looked good before.

    The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good you look on the outside, that doesn’t mean that on the inside, you feel good. Feeling happy and confident isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you personally feel about yourself.

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  • The 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Rings EVER

    There’s something about seeing how the top 1% live their lives, and learning how they spend their wedding money is no exception. Seeing how celebrities choose to celebrate their big day -from the most lavish and expensive ceremonies to the small and personal gatherings can be eye-opening, or even inspirational to those of us planning a wedding on a smaller budget. Celebrity wedding rings are no exception to that rule, so today I’m counting down the top five most expensive celebrity wedding rings for you!

    Grace Kelly



    Grace Kelly was a beloved American actress, and a princess (no big deal, right?) Her husband, Prince Rainier III, proposed to her originally with a stunning band encrusted with rubies and emeralds, and designed by Cartier. When he saw fellow celebrities’ expensive proposals, however, he decided to propose a second time over with a much more expensive ring. Coming in at an estimated $4.06 million, this 10.7 carat emerald cut ring was flanked by two smaller diamonds and was also made by Cartier.

    Beyonce Knowles


    Jay Z liked it, so he put an insanely expensive ring on it. Beyonce’s 18 carat emerald cut diamond ring is held by not one, but two stunning diamond-encrusted bands, and it’s estimated to be worth around $5 million. The emerald cut seems to be an extremely popular choice for celebrities; you can design your own through sites like ascotdiamonds.com if you’re a fan too, and want to make your own copy-cat style.

    Kim Kardashian


    Of course, what would any celebrity list be without a little bit of the Kardashians? Love them or hate them, one thing is certain, and it’s that they have a lot more money than any of us probably ever will! So of course, when Kanye proposed he had to pull out all of the stops to truly impress Kim-especially after her $2 million stunner from Kris Humphries, which she apparently paid for herself. So how do you beat a 2-million-dollar ring? With an $8 million one, of course! Her 15-carat diamond is cushion cut and set on a thin diamond encrusted band. This ring is simple, elegant, and of course very, very pricey.

    Elizabeth Taylor


    Elizabeth is well known for her love of expensive jewelry, and her many engagement rings combined likely cost more than any of us will make in a lifetime, but the true winner of the ring battle is her 5th and 6th husband Richard Burton, who proposed with a 33-carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond ring worth a cool $8.8 million. There must be something truly magical about those violet eyes!

    Mariah Carey



    It’s hard to beat the $2.5 million engagement ring ex-husband Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah with, but her fiancé James Packer did just that. Her emerald cut ring is flanked by 2 diamonds and looks extremely similar to Grace Kelly’s, but with about 20 carats the price is much higher. Carey’s ring comes in at an estimated $10 million. That is a number that can easily top any ring list, and it’s going to take a lot to beat a piece of bling like that!

    So there you have it, the top five flashiest and most expensive celebrity rings. Do you have a favorite? Are you a believer in “the bigger, the better” or do you prefer something more simple and less outrageous?

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    VIP Lifestyle: Find That Work-Life Balance

    Have you ever felt stressed about your To Do list? Do you feel like you’re always working and not having enough fun? Or is fun getting in the way of your work life? Being unhappy with your life is not living like a VIP so if you feel like life’s getting out of control then maybe it’s time to stop and reassess things?Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert.

    Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert. People online are raving about her TOUCH treatments, in which she treats the root causes of symptoms to restore the natural balance of the mind, body and soul through the art of giving renewed clarity of thought. For example, your skin says a lot about you and you can change certain things about your lifestyle to get a glowing look without spending lots of money. It’s fascinating!

    We asked her for some tips about how to start changing things to make ourselves better. We’re all on a journey but what should we do first? Over to Sarah…


    “When living a busy life, like mine, it’s important to seek balance. It’s easy to lose yourself in too much work, social events, or playing mum the taxi. Balance in life doesn’t come without thought. So how do we decide what to do and what to ignore? Sometimes it’s hard to take care of your own needs when you have work, family, friends, charities, extracurricular events, and any number of other things to take up your time. So, how do we order our to-do lists so that balance is achieved? I’ve found it is all about what’s most important.

    When I search for balance, I seek first for an inner knowledge of what’s most important. This would be different for every person as no two people have the exact same priorities.

    1. Family Time – Personally, family time comes first for me, but this might not be true for everyone. If you are not a parent, your extended family probably won’t need as much attention from you. Dropping in on your mother takes less time than raising a toddler. If you have sick or aging parents, they may need more attention than they once did.
    2. Work – I have a job and probably most of you do, as well. The demands of your particular job will dictate how much of your time goes to working, but it’s still necessary to consider how important your job is. Is it just a way to make money? Maybe it’s time to trim some excess. Is it what defines you? Then cutting back might not be the best choice for you too.
    3. Society and Activities – In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to avoid extending yourself far beyond what’s comfortable. What are you gaining from giving all your time to others? It’s important to consider the world around you, but if your needs are being lost in the endless needs of others, it may be time to reprioritise.

    It can be difficult to take a good hard look at your own life, and see where you give too much or too little, but it’s the only way to take the first steps towards a life of balance.

    Letting Go of the Excess

    Once you know what’s really important, it’s time to let go of the excess. So how do you start?

    1. One at a Time – I find it works best for me to cut down on one activity at a time until I find balance, because going completely cold turkey on a couple of things at once can be very overwhelming.
    2. Remember What’s Important – It can be panic inducing to let go of all the things you’ve done that have kept your life out of balance. If you need to, return to your list of priorities for reaffirmation.
    3. Don’t Forget Yourself – If you are searching for balance, don’t let your own personal needs be the ones that you release.

    It can be a struggle to achieve balance in your life, but with a little time and effort you can begin to return to a well-balanced, well-lived, life.”


    For details about Sarah’s TOUCH treatments, visit her website.

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    VIP Sport: England V France Six Nations Rugby

    Did you watch the England rugby team take on France in the RBS 6 Nations opening game? It’s a controversial thing to say – and feel free to comment below if you disagree – but I think watching rugby is a more enjoyable experience (and therefore more VIP) than watching football.

    I went to Paris to watch the game live at The Stade de France (way more VIP than England’s football home at Wembley) and before I get into some facts and figures about the opening game, I just want to back up my point about why rugby is so good to watch:

    1) The Skill

    Billy Vunipola in action, France v England, RBS Six Nations
    Footballers kick a ball around whereas rugby players throw an egg shaped ball backwards and run as fast as they can with it in their hands, into 6ft 5 guys built like tanks. Some of them (ie Billy Vunipola, above) have three guys tackling them at once. The impact is like running into a tree or a lampost and these boys put their life on the line for the reputation of their country. Footballers dive at the mere hint of contact and roll on the ground. Rugby boys play on even when they’re bruised, bloodied and broken. You have to respect that!

    2) The Sophistication

    The atmosphere at a rugby game is jovial rather than thuggish. After the game you go out and have fun whether you win or lose (as you can see by the photo above of me at Harry’s Bar in Paris). There doesn’t need to be a separate area for home and away supporters as there is little chance of fights. I went to the FA semi-final game with Millwall and the Millwall fans headbutted and punches their fellow supporters as well as ones from the opposing side. Some football fans go to games specifically to cause trouble whereas all rugby fans go to have a good time. In general, people are polite and queue and say please and thank you and the guys always seem to treat the ladies watching the matches with respect. I know I’d rather go to a game sitting nearby a civilised (although normally quite drunk) crowd than a bunch of hyperactive scary fight-searching football fans.

    3) The Shorts

    This is a girly reason, but it’s hard not to notice the guys look great in their kit. Compared to football, the shorts are a lot smaller. Admittedly they wear tighter and longer shorts underneath these, but this just enhances their powerful leg and glutes muscles. FACT: rugby players have better legs than footballers


    The RBS 6 Nations is between now and 15 March and will see England take on Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Italy (as well as France). In the first game, which I witnessed, the final score was France 26 – 24 England but England put up an incredible fight!

    Below are my top 5 highlights from the game and I recommend reading this before England’s next game against Scotland on 8 February, so you can talk with knowledge about the statistics and our future chances. Also, it’s more fun to watch the game if you have a vague knowledge of the drama and the story behind it.

    1) Danny Care’s skills


    Danny scored a drop kick penalty with his kicking, which helped England narrow their initial defeat and build their momentum. However, he also did so much more than this as he made decisions to run instead of kick, helping to set up Mike Brown’s try. He was really close to scoring a try himself but stopped inches away from the line. After the match, he had two throbbing black eyes on the post match conference showing just how much heart he put into the game.

    2) Luther Burrell’s try

    Luther has never played for England before so to come out and score a try on his debut is impressive! It was the second try of the game and the one that put England ahead so it was memorable. I hope it makes him motivated to repeat his success against Scotland so he can have the glory of scoring a try in a match England win.

    (3) Billy Vunipola’s aggression


    It was Billy who put Luther into the position to score his try as he surged through the French defense, offloading to Luther at the last moment. Billy also helped set up Mike Brown’s try by getting the ball from Danny Care, making progress and throwing it to Mike. His raw power was magnificent!

    (4) Owen Farrell’s kicks

    France v England - RBS 6 Nations
    Admittedly, Farrell missed a conversion so he did not have the best game, but hopefully this will spur him forward to do better against Scotland. He did get a fantastic penalty kick, which shows his potential plus his ratio of kicks to points is normally a lot better. Hopefully next game will be his chance to shine!

    (5) Stuart Lancaster’s quiet leadership

    England’s head coach Stuart Lancaster is changing the face of English rugby by picking a relatively young and inexperienced team and moulding them. England officially have the youngest side and the side with the fewest caps. However, this affects their attitude and I think it’s the keenest and most hard working team ever – the boys under Stuart are grateful for their places and are constantly trying to improve rather than coasting on reputation, privilege and bravado. Lancaster motivates by common sense rather than by losing his temper and this would motivate his players to do what he wants. At the press conference he put England’s loss into perspective by reminding journalists that Wales lost their first Six Nations game in 2013 and went on to win the championship. He would have gone back to the dressing room after the match to inspire the team to get back on form for Scotland rather than picking out mistakes. I like his leadership strategy and the boys seem to be responding, given that they turned the game round in the second half after their half time dressing room chat from Lancaster.

    I’m feeling confident for England’s chances against Scotland. Will you be watching it? It’s on BBC so whether you style it out at home or enjoy the atmosphere of a pub you’re in for a VIP experience. Trust me!

    PS For match reports and full RBS Six Nations coverage, visit rugby lifestyle magazine Rugby Unplugged

    PPS While I was there, I explored Paris. Stay tuned for a VIP destination guide to the French capital with info about restaurants, hotels and coffee shops.

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