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    Photos Inside The London Lifestyle Awards

    I’ve gone on it for long enough but let me just boast one last time – yesterday I attended an awards ceremony where I was up for a prestigious honour – London Personality of The Year! Ok, so I didn’t win (find out who got what in the other blog post I wrote today) but come on, to be named on stage as having a good personality in a room full of celebs and industry experts is a pretty incredible feeling. Thanks again to everyone who voted for me.

    The London Lifestyle awards (now in their third year) have always been one of my favourite events of the year because they bring together everything that is cool about London – spas, restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers, theatre shows and concierge services. Awards are given to people or businesses that excel even if they’re not household names yet so you really find out about hidden gems by attending. I got to hang out with some incredible people. Here is my night in pictures:

    My date for the night was my sister Joanna Griffin, also the beauty editor at Live Like A VIP. Her dress is ASOS, mine is John Lewis. I got it in the summer so it’s no longer in stock (sorry) but the department store has some other gorgeous gold and champagne coloured dresses online. While we’re on the subject of outfits, what helps me look good in my dress is personal training by the elite trainers MEM GymBoys (read my training diary here) . Oh, and my hair is by Smooth You and my tan is by Maryam Eloise who is one of Fake Bake’s spray at home practitioners.

    One of my favourite people in London was also nominated for London Personality of the Year. This is Nick Ede, a PR expert and a philanthropist. The Stroke Association is a cause close to my heart (I ran the London Marathon for them twice) but Nick has held charity events, quizzes, parties and award ceremonies to raise money for them and now designed a limited edition of Christmas party dresses. They are absolutely stunning and our mutual friend Lizzie Cundy looked incredible in one of the little black dresses. And I’ll let you into a little secret – its just £55 if you want to buy online

    Lizzie attends as many, if not more, London parties than me. She’s got a column on Express.co.uk, Cundy’s Corner, which you really must check out if you haven’t done so already. And while we’re on the subject of reading, I also recommend checking out the incredible website run by JJ Miller, who’s with me in the photo below. Originally called This Little Lady Went To London and now abbreviated to TTLWTL, it’s a guide to everything that’s cool about the capital. Think Time Out but a thousand times more trendy.

    JJ was a judge at the London Lifestyle Awards – she is THAT cool – as well as incredibly beautiful. If you look into the background of the photo you’ll see a couple talking to camera. That is Rosie Fortescue and Oliver Proudlock from Made In Chelsea. We actually got booted off the red carpet to make way for them which brought me back down to earth sharpish. Personality of the year is a great achievement for me personally, but in the paparazzi pecking order I am still below Made In Chelsea characters. So now you know!

    And finally, let me introduce you to one more woman to watch out for. This is Charlotte Dawson, Les Dawson’s daughter. She’s getting established as a TV presenter and she is one of the most down to earth girls you can hope to meet. She’s just released a book about her dad’s best jokes and hopes to become a new face on our screens with her unique chat, she’s no autocue bimbo. Watch this space!

    NEXT WEEK: If you want to hang out with me and JJ Miller in another of London’s coolest bars, The Folly, then come to our networking night and panel discussion about How To Make Your Blog A Success. There’s a whole panel of experts talking, tickets are just £20 including a welcome drink and you can buy tickets and get more details about all the speakers here I can’t promise I will look as glam but I’ll still dress up for you. Come and say hi!

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