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    Inside Lady Gaga’s Makeup Bag!



    So she’s always been a little bit gaga looking, but one thing critics can’t knock is her makeup. Inspired by her mum, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland it’s no wonder Lady Gaga has beautifully natural looking and flawless makeup. So how does she do it? What does she use?

    Well, we happen to know a few of the products in her makeup bag! And better yet – they’re all at good prices!


    Face Atelier – Ultra Foundation PRO in Porcelain £42



    MAC Cosmetics – lipstick in Viva Glam £14


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    Get Leopard Print Nails Like Myleene Klass!


    Myleene launched her first ever nail wrap bar at the end of last year, in Debenhams, Oxford Street and sales have rocketed. Although pricier than the usual home nail varnish upkeep, the leopard print nails are now being used as single nails as opposed to using up ten each time. Pair the leopard nail art with golds, blacks, or even pinks or reds and stand out like a wild cat!

    Superdrug – Finishing Touches Short Leopard Print £2.96


    Superdrug – Finishing Touches Leopard Full Length £3.95


    If your budget is running on empty at the moment, use nail polishes you already have! Use a basecoat, gold for classy, bold colours for instant impact. Then use a black nail art pen to draw on the spots! Easy! You can then make the patterns as large, small, even, uneven, etc as you want them to be! You could even sneak the odd initial in there somewhere.

    Superdrug – Barry M Nail Art Pen (Black) £4.99


    Or, if your funds have disappeared over the last month, use tooth picks to sketch on some black nail polish for spots. Sounds strange but it really does work and leave you with professional looking nail art!

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    SkinMed: How To Find The Perfect Skin Treatment

    We’re bombarded by magazines advertising luxury skincare, celebrities endorsing  luxury skincare products (Beyonce with L’Oreal, Liz Hurley for Estee Lauder) and then A’listers like Kylie revealing they use simple things like Ponds cream. So where does that leave me and you? How are we meant to know what to put on our face?

    Sometimes, you just have to call in the experts, which is how I found myself agreeing to a consultation with SkinMed. They take the risk element out of finding the right product for you as they use science to analyse your skin and are able to prescribe cleansers, toners and moisturisers that are almost guaranteed to suit you. There are clinics all over the UK (check out their location map here) but I met SkinMed’s Peter Roberts in the bar of the Mayfair Hotel. That beats going to a clinical doctors surgery!



    The full analysis took about an hour (it’s that  thorough) with Peter asking all manner of questions from how red my skin is, to how dry it is to how much I slept and what I tend to eat and drink. All answers were recorded into his iPad so he could analyse it properly when he had access to all his files back in the office.

    Two weeks later, my prescription arrived in the post. How exciting! The first product was designed to remove the redness on my nose – Synchrorose. It is clinically proven to take redness out of the skin and cleanse it at the same time.



    I was also prescribed Tebiskin, firstly to take the redness from my skin. And secondly to protect it from sunlight as Rosacea gets worse if exposed to repeated sunlight.


    I never would have heard of these products without SkinMed and the process of answering all the questions about my skincare habits reminded me that I perhaps did not wash my face as properly as I should (eg after nights out). And also, I did not sleep enough. Just talking through these skin issues made me more careful and hence my skin started to improve even before I had received the products!

    Therefore, if you’re thinking of having a facial, maybe save the cash and have a consultation with SkinMed instead (visit the SkinMed website here). It will give you a tailor-made solution to your face and the staff I’ve dealt with could not be more helpful. They even phoned me up after a week to see how I was getting on and they don’t do that at the salon where I normally get facials.

    EXCITING NEWS: I will shortly be running a competition for you to experience some of the products sold by SkinMed. Watch this space – its coming soon!

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    FaceB4: A Posh Skin Product For Under £15

    One of the most vibrant, sexy and generally attention-grabbing women I’ve ever met is Victoria Beckham. People are sceptical when I tell them this but check out the photo below. When I met her the first thing I did was ask for her beauty secrets…


    So what did Mrs B tell me? Her first tip was ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ and her second tip was to look around until I found a product that was right for me. Don’t believe the hype! Her third piece of advice was to buy her perfume (which is nice but I’m still experimenting with that one…)

    I’ve been looking around for years to find a skin product that is suitable for my skin (oily round the T-zone and dry in other areas) and I think I’m there now – which is why I want to share some exciting news with you. This is the Face B4 foaming face wash. It contains equal amounts of wash and toner in separate nozzles so when you push down the pump it comes up together in a light foam mixture.



    I’ve used it for two weeks now and I have noticed a difference already. My skin tone feels more even. Immediately my skin felt clean without any tightness and I haven’t had any hint of a breakout despite having a lot of late nights recently. When I read the press release I discovered why. Apparently FaceB4 contains the highest percentage of antibacterial fighting ingredients than any other face wash brand currently sold here in the UK.

    And that’s not all…after you feel clean you can care for your skin even more with a serum that is rich without being too oily on my T-Zone area. And trust me, I have suffered with the T-Zone issue in the past when it comes to serums. It contains tons of vitamins too – A, B, B5 and E – so it made me feel like I was definitely being kind to my skin.


    If you gave me this product (perhaps without the teenagers on the label) and asked me to estimate how much it cost then I would put it on a level with Proactiv, which is £39.99 for the three step system. However, the Face B4 wash is £14.95. If you buy it with the serum you save £5 at Boots Online.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a face wash with people on the front of the packaging, which did shock me at first, but the more I used the product the less it bothered me. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and I may even stop experimenting so much with my skincare…why shop around when you have something that makes your skin feel fresh? And ladies, you can always stick something else over the teenagers on the label if that bothers you.

    If you try it let me know what you think? Tweet me @zoegriffin or Tweet @FaceB4 directly.


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    Tesco’s Beauty Range Launch At The Soho Hotel

    The Live Like A VIP team always like to try and test new beauty products so I went to the stunning Soho Hotel in London to see Tesco’s latest beauty products, including a brand new haircare range from Towie star Joey Essex. I took the lift up to the ginormous Terrace Suite and enjoyed the amazing views with a nice glass of bubbly! It’s a hard life….

    But firstly, I had to check out Joey’s brand new and exclusive range of hair products for men called – of course – D’Reem.


    Joey’s fantastic product range looks super sleek and includes styling wax for clean cut Essex hair, shaping paste for that morning after look, and texturising beach spray – an absolute must-have in Marbs!


    The King of Essex even had his own throne!


    The lovely Joey’s D’Reem haircare range will be available in Tesco stores from March 11th – but watch this space, because we’ve got much more to come from Joey on Live Like A VIP very soon. We’ll be bringing you an interview with Joey himself. It’s a good one, I promise, but today’s not all about Joey. Tesco have soooo many products right now!

    I was lucky enough to have the amazingly talented hairdresser, Leo Bancroft, work his magic on my locks!


    Leo gave me big bouncy curls with lots of volume. He also revealed an insider tip and said that it’s good to mix it up from time to time with hair products – which gives me the perfect excuse to treat myself to the whole range! I will definitely be converting to Leo’s – check out some of his brilliant haircare range below.


    After the success of its skincare and beauty range, Along Came Betty have now launched a cosmetics line exclusive to Tesco. The glamourous and retro-inspired products help you to get the look of your favourite Hollywood starlet. Plus it’s affordable and practical as everything comes in duos. Perfect!


    I love the gorgeous packaging of the Along Came Betty skincare range too.


    I fell in love with Barbara Daly’s fabulous cosmetics, especially her adorable nail varnishes. They come in a cute floral design and provide a shiny opaque shellac finish.


    Tesco have also launched the exciting new Pro Formula health and beauty range, which offers something for all skin and hair types. One of the most exciting is the Purifying Thermal Face Mask – I do like a bit of ‘me’ time.


    The goody bag was incredible. I felt so lucky!

    photo (57)

    Anyway the buzz of champagne and hairspray is just about wearing off, so I think I will spend the evening trying out all my new Tesco beauty products! Or maybe I should head to Tesco to pick up some more? Hmm…

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  • VIP Fitness: The Ultimate Christmas Workout

    Do you want a VIP body but do you also want to enjoy Christmas? Thanks to the MEM Fitness team (that’s them on the calendar above), Ive got a workout for you that results in a sweat and increased heart-rate, thus stimulating the metabolism so you can eat more. Happy days!

    Actually, you will feel happy after you’ve done it but it is a pretty intense workout so bear with me. If you cheat it won’t work so you may as well do it without complaining. Studies have shown we gain 5lb on average during the festive season…so if you want to avoid that you need this workout in your life.

    Start by getting a small step and put one leg on it and the other leg behind it as you can see in the photo above.Squat down 10 times, then switch legs and do 10 on that side.

    There’s no time for a rest after this as straight away you should put the palms of your hands on the step, get into the push up position and do 10 half burpees. That’s jumping your legs into your chest and jumping back out into the press up position. After these 10, jump your legs to one side of the push up position, back to the middle and then out to the other side. Do these 10 time and go straight back to the squats. NO RESTING! Repeat the three exercises three times and please, as I said, no resting.

    After this, take a minute’s break as you’ll probably need to get your breath back. Then get into the plank position, hold for 15 seconds and get straight up and do 15 full burpees. That’s press up position, jump the knees in and then jump up like I am doing in the photo below. Remember no resting! Go straight back to the plank afterwards and repeat the set three times.

    Now we’ve worked out the legs with the squats and burpees and the core with the plank. But the core is especially important when we’re indulging over the Christmas period so it’s time for a set that focuses on this area. Sit on the floor with your legs in the air and straight and bend them as you raise them in towards your body and then out again. It’s similar to the position below but keeping your legs together. After 12 of these, it’s time for 15 jump squats and then straight back into the sit ups. Repeat three times and try not to cry (as now you’ll be pretty tired and emotional).

    And finally, it’s time for my favourite words of the work-out – ‘last’ and ‘set’. But we don’t end in an easy way, oh no! Get into the press-up position and do 10.


    And then go straight into 20 mountain climbers where you jump one leg in and then back out and then jump the other leg in and out. Again, there’s no resting and three repetitions.

    All you need is a small step and a bit of willpower but you can do it. And if you want some guys to watch over you while you work, you can buy the MEM 2013 calendar on the MEM website for just £4.99 including free P&P.

    Click here to see more MEM workouts and videos

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    VIP Beauty: Gary Cockerill Lashes Launch

    Celebrity Beauty | Gary Cockerill Lashes Launch


    We all like to look our best, but some of us (namely celebrities) want to look better than others.  Gary Cockerill understands this more than anyone else as he does the make up of tons of glamorous celebrities and Jordan. Now he’s got a range  of fabulous false lashes last night, which he launched in London in style.

    Taking over a make-up shop in Covent Garden, the celebs showed up to support the make-up genius. Olympian Rebecca Adlington mingled with TV’s Melanie Sykes and chef Aldo Zilli, such is Gary’s diverse appeal. There are 16 different styles in the range so there is something for everyone – although the party look is my personal fave. I want to look like the models on Gary’s posters:


    As so many celebs are fans and attended the party, one thing’ for sure is if you really want to Live Like A VIP you need some of these lashes NOW. If we had to pick 3 to take us from day to night, our  favourites are:

    (1) Wispish Waif, £14.95

    28_pack_shot_wispish_waifClick to buy.

    (2) Dolly Dreamer, £14.95

    39_pack_shot_dolly_dreamerClick to buy

    (3) Sultry Siren, £14.95


    Click to buy

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