Have you ever wondered what it was like inside a VIP celebrity party? Have you ever admired a celebrity’s outfit and wished you could afford something similar? Do you want to know where the A’list hang out and have fun? Stick with us and we’ll show you EVERYTHING!

Zoe Griffin is the founder of Live Like A VIP. She’s your average girl next door. Early years spent experimenting with make-up,  customising clothes, doing dance routines to The Spice Girls and getting dressed up to go to parties to socialise and have fun. A mix of curiosity and ambition led her to London where she worked her way around national newspapers – The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The London Paper and The Sunday Mirror.

Nominated for London Personality of the Year in 2011 and 2012 and Cosmopolitan Celebrity Blogger of the Year in 2011, Zoe may now get remarkable access to celebrities but she is still curious and still ambitious and still determined to enjoy every single moment. There are three of us working at LiveLikeaVIP.com and we promise to be your eyes and ears into the celebrity world. If you want lots of news stories go to the Mail Online (that’s our favourite) but if you want to know what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES stick with us.



Zoe hangs with her childhood role models – THE SPICE GIRLS!


Zoe tries to dress like a Pussycat Doll


Zoe grins like a maniac meeting Brad Pitt in Cannes


Definitely still smiling on meeting James Bond, Daniel Craig


Comedian Russell Brand cracks a joke and Zoe grins even more…


Zoe really should learn to shut her mouth when meeting celebrities, especially pretty ones like Kylie


David Hasselhoff teaches Zoe how to pose


Zoe gets the dress code and the smile right when she meets The Saturdays


It gets a bit messy when Zoe meets Twilight star Robert Pattinson


Zoe tries to pretend she is sporty with Olympic swimmers Keri-Anne Payne and Rebecca Adlington


Zoe compares hats with Ne Yo.