Five Reasons to Add Greece to Your Destination Wish List

Planning your next holiday and keen to explore a completely new country? There are so many reasons as to why you should consider travelling to south-eastern Europe and Greece, in particular.

Here’s why it is quickly becoming the destination of choice for 2020 and beyond.

Beach paradise

Most jet setters will agree that you simply don’t get much better than a classic beach holiday. Lounging around on the silky soft sand with the sunshine warming your skin and the rhythmic crashing of the waves gently soothing your mind. Well, it just so happens that many travellers opt for a Greece vacation because it is the destination known for being home to many of the most stunning beaches in the world – and there is a beach vibe for everyone.

In search of a hideaway, secluded beach where you are practically the only one around for miles? No problem. Keen to maximise the party atmosphere and indulge in some sweet cocktails at the beach bar? Easy. Whatever your preferences, you can be sure that Greece will be able to deliver.

Foodie hot spot

Greek food is celebrated the world over. It is an especially worthwhile destination for anyone who can’t get enough of seafood and vegetarian delights. Some of the specialities that you simply have to sample include the country’s delicious olives and olive oil. Of course, you cannot return home without trying the Greeks’ answer to street food: souvlaki. It is skewered meat of your choice served with pita bread and with a generous dollop of tzatziki. Mind blowing!

Historical treasure trove

Greece is the birthplace of democracy and is awash with endless examples of ancient architecture that anybody and everybody is certain to appreciate. Some must see historical sites to add to your itinerary include the Acropolis of Athens and the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Parthenon, and the Ancient City of Kamiros.

Notable nightlife

Who wants to go to bed when you are in such a spectacular country and there is a vibrant party happening in every direction that you turn? Yes, Greece is renowned for its nightlife, and for its lively beach parties, specifically. Party until the sun comes up and then spend the day catching up on some sleep in the tepid sunshine. Just don’t forget your sunblock.


Anyone who is dedicated to saving money on their vacation needs to consider Greece as their destination of choice. It is a fact that Greece is one of the most affordable holiday hot spots in all of Europe, with the cost of living and accommodation being significantly cheaper than many other favourite locations. Plus, it welcomes any kind of holidaymaker.

Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon for two, whether you are heading over on a solo adventure, or whether you are looking forward to a whirlwind family vacation, you are certain to find your fair share of affordable vacation packages to Greece.

Now is the time to book your vacation to Greece. No matter when you decide to go, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

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