How To Build The Perfect Basement Home Gym

If you’re trying to take your home to the next level, either to increase its value or for your enjoyment, there aren’t many renovations that can transform a house quite like a home gym. You could choose to go with the strict minimum and get a few machines, or you could go all out with a dedicated bathroom and shower, top of the line audio equipment, or even something fancy like a sauna room. So, what does it take to build the perfect basement home gym?

Start Looking at the Logistics

Start by evaluating what sort of equipment you use and need and look at how much space you’re working with. This will be important if you intend to make some additions.

Check if you have space for everything you need and if the basement is even suitable for a gym. If there’s too much humidity, for instance, you might want to invest in better ventilation. Same goes if the room gets very cold in the winter. Good insulation will go a long way and help you reduce condensation while allowing you to restrict your energy consumption.

Concentrate on Ventilation

We’ve mentioned how ventilation can help reduce humidity in a room, but it goes far beyond that. Any room where you’ll be exerting a lot of energy will need good ventilation. You will be pumping a lot of air in and out in this room, and the quality of the air will affect both your performance and health in the long run.

You’ll need a constant flow of cool, clean air flowing into the room if you want to feel comfortable. You might want to consider installing an AC system specifically for the room. At the very least, make sure the room has a window and consider adding one or two ceiling ventilators.

Think About Refreshments

If you want to really take things up a notch, you should consider adding a drink station if the plumbing allows for it. Just call a plumber in the area to see if that could be feasible and what needs to be done. Drink stations aren’t as expensive as many may think and will really give your home gym that pro feel. If it can’t be done, a dedicated fridge will do the trick.

Add a Wash Area

Behind able to take a shower straight after a session is a great feeling, and this would be another great way to take advantage of the plumbing in your basement. Ask your plumber how much it would cost to add a new bathroom, and what could actually be fitted with what you have.

Don’t Forget Mirrors

Pretty much all gyms have mirrors, and it’s not only so that you can look at your gains. One of the main issues with building a gym in a basement is light, and one of the best ways to maximize the small amount of light that you may have is by using mirrors. Another great thing about mirrors is that they truly can open a space and make it look bigger.

Another benefit of having plenty of mirrors is that you’ll be able to look at your form when you exercise. A lot of gym injuries happen because people have poor form, and with mirrors, you’ll be able to spot and correct them instantly.

Add Some Entertainment

Eventually, you want your home gym to be a place you actually want to be at. So, make sure that you add at least one or two screens and invest in a good sound system. If you’re one of these people who can’t work out without music, then you know how important it can be for motivation.

You could conceal speakers in the ceilings or walls to keep the space clean. And make sure that your system can be controlled remotely for added convenience.

Pay Special Attention to Flooring

Investing in some good flooring is important for many reasons. One of them is noise. Your flooring can help reduce noise when dropping weights or when you’re going extra hard on one of the machines. It can also help protect your floor underneath and break eventual falls. So, make sure you invest in some good noise and shock absorbing flooring to reduce the chances for injury and make it comfortable for everyone.

Building a home gym can be a fun project, and a great way to stay in shape as well. Make sure that you take all those tips into consideration and that you plan every aspect before you start working on anything.

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