Train Your Right Brain: 3 Amazing Books About Creativity

Did you know that some people are just naturally more creative than others?

It’s true! Recent studies show that the networks of the brain can determine a lot about how creative a person is. That one friend who can always whip up a Halloween costume out of random items in their costume?

Well, they probably have a similar brain network to other creative thinkers like Steve Jobs.

But, the good news is that whether you are naturally creative or not, there are always things you can do to improve your creativity. That’s right, creativity skills can be improved.

And, while there are many ways to do it, we suggest by hitting the books the first.

Check out this guide to learn about the top books about creativity

1. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their creativity at work or just wants to be able to write a more creative thank you card.

Kahneman is a psychologist who also happens to hold a Noble Prize in economics for his work. But, what does he know about the world of creativity?

Turns out, Kahneman actually knows a lot about how the mind works. This book delves deep into why we think the way we do by exploring the two systems of the mind- the one that thinks impulsively and intuitively, and the one that thinks logically and systematically.

This book teaches one when to use each side of the brain to make a decision. In other words, it will give you a better understanding of when you should put your creative foot forward.

2. Steal Like an Artistby Austin Kleon

If there’s one book you need in your creative arsenal, it’s this one.

Kleon is an artist and best-selling author who writes for the New York Times. In his book, he discusses the ten essential things one needs to know about originality and creativity.

He points out the very true fact that one does not need to be a genius in order to be an accomplished creative. Instead, they simply need to be themselves.

Also, Kleon encourages that all of your ideas do not need to be 100 percent original. In fact, every great artist pretty much agrees that they’ve borrowed their ideas from one place or another.

This book is full of practical examples, exercises, and illustrations to help you get your creative juices flowing.

3. Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod

Want to know the one thing every famous creative in the world has in common?

They’ve ignored the naysayers and the doubters and gone forward in their creative pursuits despite those around them telling them it’s impossible.

MacLeod’s book is all about following that mindset of non-conformism and pushing forward with your creative ideas in the face of doubt.

MacLeod illustrates ways to cultivate creative thinking and action despite the risk-averse world that we live in.

Books About Creativity: Are You Ready to Read?

By reading any one of these books about creativity, you are sure to get your right brain working and your creative juices flowing.

Which of these books are you most excited to crack open first? Let us know in the comments below!


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