How To Go On A Luxury Holiday As A Family

Although you might believe that luxury holidays are solely for couples and friendship groups, it is still possible to have a luxury holiday as a family and when you have kids. With prior preparation and planning, as well as choosing the right options for your family, you will be able to go on a holiday that is both luxurious and suits your own family’s needs.

What accommodation should you choose?

Accommodation can make a huge difference between a budget and a luxury holiday, and so you should think carefully through your options before you travel. There is a massive range of luxury hotel options for couples, with options such as adult-only hotels remaining popular. However, for families, there is also a wide range of different accommodation that can suit your family. One of the best options is choosing to stay in a private villa such as those provided by Bali Family Villas, whose villas in Seminyak are popular with families for their safe and secure location and high-quality facilities. This gives you the freedom and the space to have a relaxing holiday while allowing you to follow your own routine, away from the disruption and discomfort of busy resorts.

Where should you go?

Location is important when deciding where to go on a luxury holiday with kids. For instance, the South of France is a popular luxury location due to its famous Riviera, doted on by old Hollywood movie stars. Not only is the Riviera safe, but cities like Nice are also great for children, with sprawling and luxurious beaches to cater to any type of holiday-goers. Locations in Indonesia like Bali are also perfect for families as they are the perfect window to Asia, with miles of pristine beaches alongside fantastically peaceful wellness retreats and spas for you to enjoy. What’s more, Bali is great for kids, with Treetop Adventure Parks and the Safari Marine Park making this an excellent destination for both adults and children to enjoy.

What transport can you choose from?

When picking the transport that you are using, you should consider looking into options such as boat trips and luxury cruises for the whole or part of your stay. Boat travel allows you to see many different countries or parts of the coastline in one trip, and these often have onboard entertainment and accommodation which has been built for luxury. You should also look into upgrading your flight if you are flying abroad, as this can add luxury to family holidays in a very simple way, giving you more leg room, add-ons, and a more peaceful atmosphere to start your holiday.

What travel documents do you need?

However, you shouldn’t let your holiday be ruined before you are even out of the country, and luxury locations often need extra travel documents due to their far-off locations. Then, it is vital that you know what travel documents you and your children need, including travel vaccination certificates, passports, and boarding passes for your flight.

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