What To Wear For A Night At The Opera

If you’re planning a night at the opera, you need to think carefully about what you can wear. It’s bound to be a special occasion, so jeans and a t-shirt are definitely out of the question. Until quite recently there would have been a dress code, however, in recent years the rules seemed to have relaxed a little bit. If you’re worried about what to wear, here are some tips that are bound to help.

Don’t Stress

If you’re planning a night out with someone special, you’re bound to be a little excited; but don’t let it turn to feelings of anxiousness because you’re worried about what to wear. The days of a long list of strict dos and don’ts are long gone, and it’s all about being comfortable.

Formal evening dress is encouraged, so for all you men it has to be men’s tuxedos from a fashionable company like Dobell. Ladies, of course, have much more scope, just make sure you’re dressing up.

Be Prepared

For most evenings at the opera, it’s going to mean lots of time sitting indoors. However, this isn’t always the case, so make sure you’re prepared. Think about taking a jacket or coat with you, just in case you find yourself outside for any length of time. An umbrella might also be a wise investment because we all know how unpredictable the English weather can be.

Think Practical

If you’re attending an outside opera event stiletto heels might not be a sensible option, especially if you’re going to be walking on grass. Comfort is also important when it comes to choosing your outfit. If the majority of the time you’re going to sitting down, looking good is not such a priority. You will want to find a happy balance between being stylish and feeling comfortable.

Take Your Outfit up a Notch by Accessorising

Accessories come in a wide range of styles, shapes and colours and they are able to lift the plainest of outfits to a whole new level. For such an important event as the opera, you should consider pulling all the stops out and accessorising to the max. Rummage around in your jewellery collection and don’t be afraid to wear those pieces you usually think are too much. One particular accessory you really shouldn’t worry about wearing, however, is a hat. When you sit down to watch the performance you’ll have to take it off anyway, so why not leave it at home?

More and more men are choosing to accessorise, and some do it very successfully. If you’ve chosen to wear a formal outfit, add a spot of colour with a complementary tie or dickie bow. A carefully folded handkerchief in the top pocket is a little old-fashioned, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing an elegant watch, cuff links, tie pin or wearing an equally smart pair of dress shoes.

Above All Have Fun

Dressing up for the opera knows no bounds, so have fun and enjoy making a statement. Whether you choose to wear a long slender evening dress or something much shorter and more colourful, dressing up is a fun thing to do.

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