Five Reasons To Try Gingerline: The Grand Expedition

I first heard about Gingerline on Facebook. I’d created a Facebook post asking my followers to comment below with the activity / attraction they love most in London. Gingerline was mentioned multiple times and I have to admit I had to Google what it was. That took me to the Gingerline website and I was intrigued.

I love theatre, I love dance and I am a foodie. Plus, I like the idea of trying something new. I’ve been lucky enough to dine at London’s most popular restaurants, sample the street food scene and shop for groceries at organic grocers’ and Whole Foods. But have I ever eaten and taken part in a show at the same time – no and I didn’t even realise it was a thing!

The experience that Gingerline is putting on at the moment is called The Grand Expedition. Part dance spectacle, part multimedia simulation, part supper club, it’s billed as a “floating, feeding, falling dream”, featuring five interactive courses paired with eccentric performance and storytelling.

Visitors are forbidden from taking photos or sharing the storyline to save the suspense for all guests. But without givng too much away, here are five reasons why you should go:

1)The set. I can’t describe it but you don’t just eat at a table. The table is built into a set which is part of the performance. There are no windows. Instead, the dining room morphs and shifts before our very eyes, with elegant scenery, projections and hand-drawn animations (inspired by pop up books and bedtime stories)

Pic: Rob Greig

2) The comraderie. There are no tables for 2 – we all have to share. And because we’re doing something so different and daring and interactive, we all bond. I left the night with some new contacts in my iPhone.

3)The suspense. Everything is designed to titillate. You don’t even get the location of the venue until 4pm on the day of the expedition. From then on, you don’t know what twist and turn will take place.

Pic: Rob Greig

4)The performers. I’m not usually a joiner-in and am not big on dancing myself. Yet somehow, one of the performers convinced me to do a solo and then join in a group dance. It was at that point I realized how mesmerizing they are.

Pic: Rob Greig

5)The food. You will not go hungry at this five course feast (plus welcome drink plus a shot of liquer). It starts off small but by the time it gets to the fourth course you are happily full as the portions get bigger and bigger. However, the dessert was truly heavenly and very fitting to the theme itself. No matter how full you are, I’m pretty sure you’ll find room for dessert.


Cooked-up by adventure-loving food fanatics Suzannah Montfort and Kerry Adamson who set up Gingerline eight years ago, The Grand Expedition is their most impassioned project yet; where interactive set design and art installation combine with gastronomic storytelling.

It’s the future of dining and it will improve your cool points if you take a date / mate that hasn’t heard of it before. They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, but I think Gingerline is 100% genius.


Gingerline: The Grand Expedition takes place in a secret location, Tuesday-Saturday, 7pm, and Saturdays at 12pm. Tickets are released here. Evening tickets are £60 – £75 and matinees are £55.

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