My Dubai Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t have any resolutions this year but there are things in my life that I’d like to work on and packing for holidays / business trips is one of them.

I’m an over-packer. No matter how big my suitcase is, I’ll fill it to the brim to the point that I have to sit on it and wrestle it closed and then I’ll have to put extra in my hand luggage. I can’t bear the thought of being under dressed or under prepared but cramming too much stuff in means that my beloved garments often end up getting creased and crumpled because I’ve shoved them into gaps rather than folded.

The only way to solve this issue is to plan in advance so I know that I have the right amount of clothes for day and night (plus a few back ups!) and hopefully this means there will be space in my suitcase to allow shopping in Dubai. The malls there are just way too tempting…

I know that as I’ve been to Dubai several times before and I’m so excited to be staying for 7 days at the start of March. The weather at this time of year will be hotter than the UK by miles so I’ll need some bikinis, kaftans, shorts and beach dresses for day and then some longer sleeved items and scarves for the evening. After a day in the burning sun, I always feel cold at night, surely that’s not just me? Plus the malls are all air conditioned so you need some outfits that cover your arms and shoulders.

I’ve thought about all of the eventualities and these are the looks I’ll be pulling together:

The Beach Edit

I love a boho look for the day. The aim is Sienna Miller / Kate Moss in the early noughties. Frayed denim shorts, a fringed kaftan and a printed bikini accessorised with some drop ear-rings and some comfy sliders.


The Evening Edit


Can you ever go wrong with a long sleeve dress? I’m taking a velvety one for special dinners and a more casual one for nights at the hotel. If I’ve had an active day, I like to throw on a jumpsuit as they’re just so comfortable.


The Shopping Edit

I like to look my best when I go shopping as there are mirrors everywhere! However, it’s important to wear things that can be easily removed so you can try things on. A vest top, a cover up, some trousers and some cute flats are the answer. I’m going to pack one outfit like this so I can buy more when I’m out there.


Am I missing anything? Let me know!

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