How To Plan a VIP Party


If you’ve got a VIP party to organise and plan, then you’ve got a lot of work to be getting on with. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as comprehensive advice on that very matter can be found below.

Here’s how to plan a VIP party:

Find a five-star location

Where you host your party is paramount to its success. In order to be truly VIP, this location should be no less than five-star. Preferably, it should be at a hotel that will offer accommodation for you and your guests once the night is over.

Create a purpose for the event

Your VIP party isn’t going to be memorable if it hasn’t got a purpose. Whether this means basing the celebrations around a specific event such as a birthday, whether this means turning it into a charity event, or whether this means turning it into a posh themed party, just make sure your gathering has a purpose behind it.

Focus on your guests

The truth of the matter: guests make or break the party. Without the respective personalities that guests bring to the gathering, and without the collective energy that they create while together, your party will be nothing. For this reason, focusing on your guests and make sure to roll out the red carpet for them (be that figuratively or literally).

When focusing on your guests in order to give your party that VIP feel, you should:

Get everybody talking. Your party cannot fall into the VIP category — in fact, it can barely fall into the party category — if your guests aren’t talking to one another. To ensure that everybody is talking at your event, you should try to start the party off in a smaller area, such as a reception or foyer. Offer some complimentary drinks at this time, and tongues are sure to loosen.

Personalise your greetings. Right from the off, you need to make all of your guests feel welcome and special. The best way to do this is to personalise the way you greet everybody that turns up to your party. This could mean greeting everybody personally yourself, or this could mean providing each individual with a complimentary drink that is signature to them.

Hire a great photographer. In order to elevate your party to VIP heights, you must have a great photographer on site taking professional snaps of your guests. After the event, you should be sure to upload these photos online.

Offer valet and/or transportation options. Guests will want to feel like they’re being taken care of, and the best thing you can do in that instance is have them covered in a transportation sense. This means offering them free taxis to your event, and making valet options available.

Cater to their hangovers. If you want to go above and beyond for your guests (something you really should want to do), then you should also cater to their forthcoming hangover needs. To do this, you should hire a number of packages from Reset IV, and you should dish them out to your guests as they leave your function. The infusion of vitamins and fluids found in these packages will see your guests back on their feet in no time.


If you want to host a VIP event, you have to put the above advice into practice during your planning process.



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