Five Fitness Tips For Newbies


Fitness is something that many people seem to be taking more seriously these days. With all of the fitness blogs and healthy eating enthusiasts on social media, it can be somewhat difficult to ignore. However, as with anything, if you jump right in, you’re more likely to jump out even faster. Slow and steady is, therefore, typically the best approach so that it’s more of a lifestyle change than spur of the moment thing. Having said that, you’re going to find five fitness tips that you should consider if you’re a newbie to fitness.

  1. Set Goals

It is possible that people find it difficult to stick to fitness when they don’t know why they’re doing it, to begin with. For this reason, you should start by setting goals so that you have direction and something to motivate you on lazy days. For some, fitness is about trying to improve their physique, while for others, they want to increase their energy levels. A few tips for setting fitness goals are to write down small and attainable goals, get an accountability partner and always celebrate your victories.

  1. Get a Checkup

Before going all out on the treadmill, make sure you get a checkup with your GP. It’s always good to get one periodically so that you know your body is functioning as it should as there aren’t always symptoms when something may be wrong. However, if you are having symptoms, feeling unusual pain, or not feeling yourself, let your GP know so they can run some tests. In an instance that they fail to do so and it turns into something serious, contact so they can advise you on what to do moving forward.


  1. Stay Hydrated

It is important that while working out, you understand how to get the most out of your exercise. One of the ways you can keep your body going is by staying hydrated before, during and after a workout. Doing so should regulate your body temperature and lubricate your joints. Also, it’s good to get some healthy carbs in after you work out to rebuild and repair your muscles. However, if you’ve only had a light workout, you don’t necessarily need a snack or meal right after.

  1. Start Moderately

It’s important that as a newbie, you exercise in accordance with your physical abilities to begin with. As you continue working out, you should build your strength and be able to take on more intense workouts. In light of this, start with moderate exercises like squats, lunges, pushups, and a bit of cardio. If you want, you could get a personal trainer who can assess where you are and help you achieve your goals gradually.


  1. Be Consistent

Losing momentum early on isn’t uncommon for people who start working out. However, if you want to see results in your health, it’s essential that you stay as consistent as possible. Try and get a workout partner if you find you’re more productive when you exercise with someone else. Always keep your goals in mind, so they keep you going when you get distracted or discouraged.

Deciding to get fit is one of the best ones that you can make. It increases your chances of looking and feeling better as you age. It can also safeguard your health and improve your immune system.

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