Review: Summer Cocktails At Be At One

There’s nothing quite like a rum-based cocktail to make you feel like you’re on holiday! If you haven’t been lucky enough to escape the city as much as you’d like then it’s all about making the most of the evening and weekends. Thanks to Be at One, we can start the ‘wind-down’ to get from office-time to me-time as soon as possible with five limited edition rum cocktails that will be on the menu until October.

There’s no reason to have post-August blues now because these rum cocktails are a continuation of summer. If you could bottle the essence of Cuba (they contain Havana no 5 rum) and pour it into a glass over ice with other tropical flavours then these drinks are so packed with life that they’re almost ready to cha cha cha off the table to your mouth. That’s what I said after I’d had a few – it wasn’t me being greedy, it was the drinks being too full of attitude to refuse.


My sister and I popped into the Wimpole Street Be at One branch, tucked conveniently behind Oxford Street near all the big department stores. Shopping and cocktails – does it get any more VIP?

Well, actually I think it does because we all know that cocktails vary in quality between different establishments. You can get a Sex on The Beach and a sickly sweet Mojito in most places but when they’re quickly made with no care and attention they don’t bring much joy. Does my sister look quietly content in the pic below? Trust me, this is her happy face and that’s because she saw how much effort the bar staff put into the drinks, even when they had a lot of people to serve.


We tried a selection of the five summer drinks, which made my mouth water a little bit just looking at them. (And when I smelled the ingredients that went into them I craved the taste even more). How cute is the little line-up?


They consist of:

El Nicho

Named after one of Cuba’s most famous waterfalls the El Nicho is, a refreshing twist on a rum punch cocktail. Made with Havana 3yr old rum, elderflower liqueur and sassy cider Rosé. Perfect for sipping on a summers day.


Rum & Plum Old Fashioned.

Cubans love their dark rum and there is no better way to enjoy the tastes of the Caribbean than drinking a good dark rum over ice. Our Cuban twist on the classic Old Fashioned, will have you dreaming of those warm tropical evenings. Stirring down Havana 7yr old rum, plum sake and dry curacao. Perfecto.


Strawberry & Rhubarb Daiquiri

Daiquiri simply means rum, lime and sugar, three staples of Cuban life. Our British nod to this timeless classic is the Strawberry & Rhubarb Daiquiri, mixed with Havana 3 yr old rum, Aperol, rhubarb, strawberry, passionfruit and lime.


Peachy Keen

Name the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word Cuba…. MOJITO!.

The Peachy keen is a fruity twist on the Mojito, made with Havana 3yr old rum, peach liqueur, lime and mint. Welcome to summer.


Cuban Cooler

What is long, refreshing and combines rum and prosecco?… the Cuban Cooler!

Fresh and crisp, this beautiful cocktail combines Havana 3 yr old rum with Prosecco Santomè, ginger and lemon. A must try!


Is your mouth watering now? It’s easy to do what we did and reserve a space at a Be at One near you – visit the Be At One bookings page for more details. May the summer never end! Enjoy.

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief at Live Like A VIP. Author, Journalist & Copywriter. Often found with a glass of Champagne in hand!

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