All You Need To Know About Film Premieres


Do you enjoy watching red carpet events? Did you know it’s possible to attend such events and rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite? You might be surprised to learn that these events are not as glamorous as they seem and I know as I’ve been to lots of them (as you can see by my red carpet pic). It is, after all, just a movie you’re going to watch at the cinema! You might feel the need to dress up in your sexiest outfit, so you’re not overshadowed by the celebrities. However, you’re still going to be sitting in cinema seats, eating popcorn, in the dark. Before you rush out and secure a ticket for the next big blockbuster premiere, here are some things you need to know.


What Should You Wear?

This is going to be one of the biggest headaches you’ll have to face because usually there is a ‘smart’ dress code. Should you splash out and buy something half decent? You might not be a celebrity who has chosen a ball gown from the house of Balenciaga, but you want to look smart. It’s important you’re not overdressed, but you also don’t want to be too casual. Any photographs that get taken aren’t going to feature you alongside any celebrities, but you might want to include a few selfies for your social media.

Be Prepared to Queue a Lot

There are only a few guests that arrive in limos; most arrive on foot. You’ll have to find the guest entrance, which is not the same entrance as the big stars use, and you’ll probably be held up by security. Even though you’ve got a ticket, you’ll still need to have your bag checked. You’ll also have to wait in line while the big stars enjoy their moment with the paparazzi.


Do You Need to Arrive Early?

You might be tempted to arrive ahead of time, but there really is no need. Arrive too early, and you’ll miss most of the celebrity arrivals. As seats are allocated according to your ticket, you can time your arrival as close as possible to the screening time to miss none of the action. Time it right, and you might even get the chance to ask for autographs. Take the opportunity to walk along the red carpet but be prepared to be ushered on by security if you appear to be dawdling too much. When you get to your allotted seat, be prepared to sit and wait while the celebrities finish signing autographs and enjoying their red-carpet moments. If you missed them outside, you don’t need to worry because they usually introduce the film.


Is There a Party Afterwards?

Sadly, there’s not. If you’re expecting a champagne reception either before or after the film, then you’re going to be disappointed. Yes, there will be star-studded parties taking place, but you’ll need a special invite. The run-up to these events can be exciting, and it’s great to watch a new film before anyone else. However, when all that is over, you’ll be asked to leave, and you’ll simply wander back home, feeling something is missing.

Nevertheless, a film premiere is not something you get to experience every day, so if you get the chance, go for it!




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