5 Music Technology Trends In 2018

5 Music Technology Trends in 2018


There have been incredible advances in the software and hardware divisions of the music industry. You may have seen innovative ways of musical compositionshave been seen that have enabled some of the unique creations. Moreover, people have been admiring the new sounds that were otherwise not possible with the previous technology. In fact, adding such utilities to the music world has changed the way music is composed nowadays. Music producers from all over the world have been using these techniques to enhance their work for the audience. You can find some of these technological trends in the music world below.


  • Applications


The emerging market for programming-based generation utilities has prompted an impressive upsurge in the accessibility of custom-made sound equipment for tablets and phones. These utilities have been created with user-friendly features so that they are easily linkable with music studio systems.  Applications extending from synthesizers and dynamic midi controllers to advanced music composition stations are presently all accessible on your favored smartphone or any other portable smart device.


  • Smart Speakers and devices


Nowadays, so many innovative gadgets have diversified the accessibility to music. Some of these electronic devices are intelligent speakers that you can control with your voice to play almost any song present online. Smart speakers comprise of AI-driven algorithms that help in recalling song playlists for users. Such features are also available on a smartphone by downloading various applications. Thus, the world of music has become more user-friendly because of the implementation of technology in listening to your favorite songs without the need of a complicated manual action.


  • DIY Synths


Several indie brands have developed their unique musical instruments that are capable of producing excellent sounds. These devices have popularized even more because of the emergence of electronic music that uses impressive sound effects to create beautiful music. Synth kits have also emerged through Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, which will make music production even more comfortable. These sounds may not be like the traditional ones people hear, but they do have brought up a new sense of musical interest among millennials worldwide. You may also want to read about Cerebrale Cortex.


  • VR Music


This trend may sound weird, but it has also experimented. Users have been seen using VR-driven applications to play music. For instance, a software called AeroDrum has been shown to play drums without the need of actual drums. The best part is that they sound equally good as the real ones. While this technology is still at a prototype stage, there are chances that you get to see more VR-enabled instruments shortly. Soon it may be possible to play your favorite instruments virtually without the need of owning an actual one.  


  • Robot composers


Another music trend based on technology that you may have seen is the use of robot music composers. These artificially intelligent machines are capable of producing sounds with robots. These robots, whether in humanoid form or software form, will be able to generate beautiful music for the audience. There are already existing bands consisting entirely or robots out there. However, the concept is still not fully commercialized yet.

Thus, you can see that music trends with technology have gained many new elements, which people admire throughout the world.


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