How To Save Money When You Have A Baby


When you have a baby, you’ll quickly find that your money disappears a lot faster than it ever used to. It’s important to put as much money as possible aside during your pregnancy to make those first few months (especially if you’re not working during that time) as easy as possible. Even so, you’ll want to pay as little as possible when you have to buy things to make that money last. Here are some great ways to keep to a budget when buying for your baby.



Don’t Buy Too Far In Advance

When you go shopping for baby clothes, it can be all too tempting to buy a lot in one go – perhaps enough to last out the first six months or even a year. The problem with doing this is although it may seem efficient, it can actually be a big waste of money. Babies grow quickly, so it’s best to buy clothes that you know will fit and be suitable for the season rather than buying clothes that might fit by the time the weather changes, but might not.


Forget Shoes

Newborns do not need shoes. They just need socks or booties. Spending many pounds on proper leather shoes for your tiny baby is not worth doing; it may look cute, but it’s impractical and expensive. Stick to socks and booties and wait until they’re walking to buy their first pair of shoes. You can make it quite an occasion and go out for ice cream or a similar treat afterward.


Cook In Bulk

When you are cooking for your baby (when they have finished dining exclusively on milk, of course) make sure you make bulk batches so that you can freeze some. It will come in extremely handy on those days when you are pushed for time as all you will need to do is defrost a pack of pre-made food and heat it up. The freezer is good for making healthy treats such as fruit ices too. If you’re worried that your child might choke on their solid food, a baby food feeder is a great investment; you can find out which one is best for you at


Spare Baby Bag

It’s inevitable that one time or another (maybe more than once) a hurried, harried, flustered new parent is going to forget the all-important baby bag on their way out of the house. That bag is essential as it contains spare nappies, wet wipes, ointment, powder, snacks, milk, teething rings, clothes, and anything else that a baby might need for a day out. If you assume that forgetting this bag is going to happen and you keep a spare one, ready to go, in the car, it will save you having to buy all the things you need when you’re out. Plus it will stop you from worrying.


Check Out The Library

It is possible to spend hundreds, even thousands, of pounds on classes to keep your baby entertained, but that’s not a good way to save money. Check out your local library to see what classes it offers. You’ll find a good selection of activities for children from newborns up to school age, and they are usually free (or very cheap).

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