Five Clothing Essentials You Need for a Snow Vacation


With winter in full swing, many people are booking snow vacations across the country and even abroad. Snow vacations provide you with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while it is blanketed in a sheet of sparkling white snow. A destination you’ve visited a handful of times in the summer will look completely different in the winter, and provide you with different recreational and sightseeing opportunities.

Keeping in mind, packing for a snow vacation requires a different approach to your typical packing. You’ll need to bring plenty of layers and extra items that you may not normally need. To help keep you organized and ensure you don’t forget anything important, here’s a look at clothing essentials you’ll want for your snow vacations.




Cozy Clothes for Lounging

Because you won’t be spending all of your time outside of your hotel room, you want to keep your comfort factor in mind. It’s always nice to have warm cozy clothes for lounging in when you’re just staying indoors. It can help ease tired and sore muscles after a busy and long day.

Loungewear should include a pair of loose and comfy pants, a sweater and, of course, warm slippers to keep your feet happy. You can opt for something like an indoor boot slipper that tends to be really warm and durable, or something a bit smaller and lightweight like a sock slipper. You can check out the best slippers by visiting

Extra Outdoor Gear

If you plan on engaging in winter activities and sports, then your outdoor gear is going to end up getting wet. This is why it’s a good idea to throw a couple of pairs of mitts, hats, and scarves in your suitcase. This way you’re always assured dry clothing to wear.

Think In Terms of Layers

When packing, you want to think in terms of layers for a snow vacation. This means you want base layers such as thermal underwear and tops (light breathable items), lightweight sweaters, and heavier sweaters and even a vest. By packing various layers you know you’ll be able to dress for the temperature and conditions, which allows you to enjoy the outdoors that much longer.

Plenty of Socks

This one gets a category all its own due to its importance. There’s no question about it, once your feet get cold, there is just no going back. Things get pretty, miserable pretty, quickly at that point. It’s a good idea to invest in a few good-quality thermal socks to bring with you. If you’re going to over-pack on anything, socks are the item to over-pack. You may find you want to layer a couple of pairs at once, or they get dirty and wet, which requires a change midway through the day.

Sun Protection



Yes, you’re going away on a snow vacation, but that doesn’t mean that sun protection should be forgotten. Packing items such as sunglasses or UV protectant ski goggles and sunscreen for your face will ensure you are protected.

You’re Ready for Your Snow Vacation

By throwing these essentials into your suitcase, you will be well-prepared and ready to enjoy your snow vacation.

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