How To Have The VIP Experience In Roma


Rome is an ancient city that everyone absolutely must visit. The Romans themselves held a vast empire that influenced much of the modern world as we know it today. According to legend, it was founded thousands of years ago by Romulus and Remus. It has since been a republic, an empire, the seat of the Catholic Church, and finally the capital of Italy. Rome is the most ancient and beautiful city of all Europe, and to have the VIP experience for you and your partner, you need to do these five things:




  1. Get VIP Tours

Don’t settle for following the immense crowds that flock to Rome each year. Around 14 million visitors flock to Rome each year, and you don’t want to fight those numbers to see the beauty that Rome has to offer. Instead, you need to search for VIP and private tours of her most famous sites and take tours of the Vatican that will show you the wonders the city has to hold, while also allowing you to skip the lines.


  1. Find the Authentic

Since Rome is so popular with tourists, it also has its fair share of tourist traps. These are places where the food is subpar, overly expensive, and tacky. These are the places that shut down the real businesses of Rome. So, next time you see a souvenir shop, stay away! Those stores are doing nothing to help support the local artisans of the city. Instead, go off the beaten path. Try to go where the locals go, and pay a bit more for a unique item to bring home as a souvenir, instead of a keychain.


  1. Visit Museums and Galleries




Another way you can have a truly VIP experience is to visit the many museums such as the Vatican museums which host Renaissance art and a wealth of beauty and culture. By visiting such museums, you will be expanding your cultural experiences and be able to come home and show off everything you’ve learned to friends and family. The best places to visit aside from the Vatican Museums are the Galleria Borghese and the Capitoline Museums. Even if you don’t consider yourself the ‘artsy type,’ you may surprise yourself and find a new hobby or interest.


  1. Go on a Road Trip

Expand your horizons and consider Rome’s surroundings. Italy is a beautiful country as a whole, and you’ll want to do the country justice. Therefore, hire a car and drive the coastline; go further afield and indulgence in every Italian. If you can, and if you have enough time, visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast; if you want to go inland, then go to Tivoli.


Your Rome experience should be catered to you. You should feel like a VIP no matter what your budget is. If you want the spontaneous, authentic experience, then there are options galore. All you need to do is a little bit of research, and you can have the VIP experience you deserve.



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