How To Launch Your First YouTube Channel


Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Zoella and create a successful YouTube channel? Well, there is no better time to start. Yet, don’t rush into making your first video. Instead, make an informed decision by learning how to launch our first YouTube channel.



Perform a Competitor Analysis

You will more than likely understand the type of YouTube channel you would like to launch, which could range from “How to” videos to vlogs. Before you press record, it’s advisable to perform a competitor analysis, so you can gain an insight into what is or isn’t working for your rivals. Not only should you watch the videos, but you should look at their views and engagements, such as likes, shares and comments.

Develop Your Brand

The most successful vloggers have built their own successful brand. Your personality will ultimately determine your logo, thumbnails and banners, which can encourage trust in your videos. Think carefully about your tone of voice, USP and content, and aim to create a brand that is synonymous with your style. You should then learn how to make YouTube channel art to attract viewers to your videos successfully.

Create a Content Strategy



Don’t just hit record and hope inspiration finds you. Develop a content marketing strategy for your YouTube channel. For instance, you must carefully consider the video content. Ask yourself the type of videos your audience wants to watch, and if there is anything missing online, so you can fill the gap. There are different forms of content you can create, such as product demonstrations, how-to videos and testimonials, plus more. Also, create a publishing schedule so your audience will know when to return to your channel to watch your latest videos. As soon as you know the types of videos you want to create, you should then set-up your first YouTube channel and upload your artwork.

Start Creating Videos

Once you have defined your brand and know the type of content you want to produce, the fun can really start. Try to produce high-quality videos that will reflect your brand, and keep the videos short to maintain both interest and engagement. Keep up-to-date on the most popular videos on YouTube right now and aim to identify why they are so successful – then follow in their footsteps.

Optimize Your Channel

Don’t upload your YouTube videos and wait for YouTube to do all the hard work. You must optimize the videos to ensure they rank highly in the search results. To do so, summarize the content in the video description, while naturally incorporating keywords into the content. You should also write a compelling video title and utilize tags to rank for your chosen keywords.

Promote Your Video

Not only must you aim to increase your visibility on YouTube, but you should also drive as many people as possible to your channel by promoting your videos on third-party websites. For instance, you can use the embed codes to promote them on your website, social media accounts and social bookmarking sites. You never know, you could become the next Zoella.


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