Exciting Adventures: New Ways To See The World


Do you find that every year you end up at the same old beach vacations? Perhaps you book the same destination every time because you know you like it, or maybe you just end up on similar kind of trips? If so, it’s time to do things a little differently! Here are a few different experiences you need to try when you’re travelling.


Go on a Cruise

Travelling the world on a cruise ship certainly, beats sitting on a cramped plane or train! Cruise ships offer a wide range of  activities and experiences, and there are things to do for adults and children alike. Expect to find everything from shops, restaurants, wine tastings, classes- everything you would expect from a nice hotel! But best of all, you get to stop off at different locations and see some amazing parts of the world.




Be A Tourist In Your Home Town/ City

Travelling somewhere new is always exciting, but when was the last time you explored the place where you live? Everywhere in the world has places of interest, don’t become desensitised or bored by it just because you grew up there. If you live in the countryside why not go on a hike, explore the woods and go camping?. If you live in a city, why not check out the different attractions and stay overnight in a hotel? There’s plenty you can do without spending much or having to jet off halfway across the world.


Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering is something that everyone should aim to do, it allows you to help others while gaining new experiences and getting to travel. There are lots of countries in the world that have different kinds of volunteering opportunities available, it could be helping animals, children or even with conservation efforts. From a purely selfish point of view, this looks great on your CV, but you also get to help others and to see another part of the world, and it can give you a new perspective on your own life too.


Visit Somewhere Cultural

If you want more to your vacation experience than just pretty beaches and tourist attractions, why not travel to a place which allows you to indulge in history and culture? These days, historical and cultural destinations are often full of contrast, Rome, for example, has the ancient ruins alongside modern malls, festivals and restaurants. Snag yourself some Dubai cheap flights, and you’ll see Muslim culture and Arab history when you scratch the surface of glamorous and glittering shops, hotels and buildings. Do some research and find somewhere that offers culture as well as just tourism.


Go Backpacking

Backpacking allows you to see a destination in a different way. It’s not about five-star hotels and luxury restaurants- instead, you’re mixing with the locals and travelling by foot and public transport. You can lose yourself in the essence of a place and get to understand a location in the world in a way that just isn’t possible when you’re on a luxury vacation. If you don’t have a lot of money to travel with this is a good choice because backpacking is much cheaper than other forms of travel.

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