Beginners Guide To Being Marathon Ready In 6 Weeks



Choosing to take part in your first marathon is brave, exciting and also a little overwhelming. If you have committed to your first marathon and are not quite sure on how to prepare for it, then follow our simple steps on how to be fully trained and ready to take on that amazing challenge in just six weeks.


Training Schedule

Creating a training schedule is really important for anyone that is training for a marathon for the first time. Beginners need to be creating a balanced plan that should be looking to improve both your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal resilience gradually over time. As you increase both your distance and your speed over time, you are going to need to monitor both of these areas to make sure that you are not putting too much strain on your body in order to build up your stamina and running strength over the course of your training.

The general rule of thumb for beginner runners is that your training programme should incorporate three runs per week, along with two days of cross-training and two days of lovely rest. The running days should be a combination of both short and fast runs and long and slightly slower runs. Your rest days should be on either side of the long running days. Your cross-training is equally as important to be working all your necessary muscles, whilst building on your stamina and fitness levels. They can include cycling, swimming, aerobics, hiking or anything that makes you sweat but has you moving in a different way than just running.


Stay On Top of Injuries

It is really important to not over do it and to listen to your body. If you suffer from any injuries then you must both rest and also contact your doctor about any injuries that you are particularly concerned about. It is a good idea to download an online GP App where you can organise really quick doctor appointments, or can chat with doctors online to discuss your injuries and get quick advice about the best way to heal those injuries. Preparing for a marathon is all about building yourself up gradually. Doing too much, too soon, will result in injury and can potentially jeopardize your ability to be able to run in the race at all, so be really careful to go about your training in a responsible way.



Diet is of course really important when it comes to preparing for a marathon. What you put into your body is your fuel for your fitness and as this is perhaps a whole new level of fitness for you then you will certainly need to ramp your diet up to match the demands of this new running lifestyle. Eating too much before you run can make you feel nauseous and can bring about cramps and all sorts of other problems. Not eating enough can mean that you just don’t have enough energy to be training at the level that you need to.

Therefore you need to be researching the best diets to keep your body’s fitness and health at a premium level, in order to be able to really smash your training and your first ever marathon.

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