A Little Pick Me Up For Weekdays

One of the changes we’d like to do at LiveLikeaVIP is having more pieces about positive mental attitudes. To be like a VIP, we have to think like a VIP and that involves a positive, can-do mindset.

But let’s face it, sometimes weekdays can be quite depressing. Unless you’re blessed with a fantastic job, a great boss and friendly colleagues, you probably hate going into work as much as the next person. Sadly, it’s the daily grind that we subject ourselves to because we need to raise a family, support ourselves and put food on the table. As much as it sucks to go to work on a dreadful weekday, there are plenty of ways to give yourself a motivational boost in order to reach the weekend:



Treat yourself to a meal

As long as you don’t break your diet by chowing down on fast food, there are plenty of tasty foods with surprising benefits that you could treat yourself to. For example, fish such as salmon and tuna are filled with great nutrients that will really give you a boost of happiness. It’s hard to prepare at home unless you’re a seasoned chef, so take you and your partner or friends out for a lovely mid-week dinner at a fancy restaurant. It’ll give you some motivation to continue to the end of the week, and it’s something to look forward to at the end of a hard day.

Small pick-me-ups

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, then there are plenty of small pick-me-ups that you can rely on. For instance, Caruso’s stress relief tablets are perfect for beating back the monotony of working at an office or a repetitive job, and caffeine tablets are a fantastic replacement for coffee due to their immediate effects and convenience. If you want to carry a guilty pleasure with you, then purchase some small chocolates and keep them in your bag or pocket and treat yourself to one every time there’s a stressful situation. Just remember not to binge on them too much else you’ll pay the price in calories!

Plan something for the weekend

Be it a family break, an outing with friends or even a small holiday to the country, plan something for your weekend. It doesn’t need to be so extravagant either. There’s nothing wrong with sitting at home and sleeping in, watching your favourite film and snacking on fast food. As long as you have something to look forward to, the chances of you successfully making it through the week with a glowing smile will be that much more likely. Treat yourself to a massage at the end of the week, a spa break or pamper yourself with a luxurious meal.

Order something online

You shouldn’t be throwing your money away, but what’s better to look forward to at the end of the day than a package with your name on it? Order something nice and simple. It could be a unique box of chocolates, a new music CD that you want to listen to, a book or even some new clothes. Whatever it is, treat yourself (assuming you can stay in your budget!) to something you can buy online so that every time you finish work, you’ll look forward to coming home and seeing if it has arrived or not!

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