Seven Food Types With Surprising Weight Loss Properties


Everyone says that the key to losing weight is eating the right thing. And this statement has never been truer. Of course you should be eating freshly prepared meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Of course you should cut out sugary snacks, processed foods and ready meals.

But did you know that some foods actually help you lose weight? They aren’t just good for you – but they help you reach your goals too.

Well, here’s some delicious foods to start adding into your diet now – even better if you can eat them alongside the detox drinks in this post

(1) Eggs



Eggs are staging a great comeback. Once, experts said they were bad for you now. But now it’s clear that they are in fact one of the best foods you can eat if you want to lose weight. Packed full of healthy fats and protein, they keep you feeling full without being full of calories. Check out these awesome egg-based recipes here, all designed to help you lose weight.


2) Leafy green vegetables

Yes, you’ve heard it millions of times before. Green vegetables are good for you. But leaves like Swiss chard, kale and spinach are full to the brim with iron and nutrients. If you’re doing loads of exercise as part of your weight loss routine, these are your perfect post-workout snacks, as they’ll help your muscles to grow and repair. Plus, they’re low in calories but high in fibre – great for bulking up your meals without the added calories.


3) Fish like salmon and tuna



From Omega-3 to protein, fish is a great source of energy if you’re trying to lose weight. These recipes are a fab way to use fish to lose weight! Both salmon and tuna are lean, so they contain very low levels of fat – but are chock full of protein and essential nutrients.


4) Lean chicken and beef

While it’s a good idea to cut down on the amount of meat you eat if you’re trying to lose weight, small amounts of lean chicken and lean, grass-fed beef are fine. You don’t need big servings, so make sure you team it up with other tasty foods.


5) Natural herbs

There are certain supplements on the market that make the most of naturally occurring herbs and fruit, plant and vegetable extracts to help you lose weight. One of the most famous is natural garcinia cambogia, which comes from an Indonesian citrus fruit. These are a great way to give your diet a boost.


6) Apple cider vinegar

While it isn’t the most appetising on our list, apple cider vinegar is key to curbing sugar cravings, and can help you feel full. If you try adding some to a glass of water before eating, you’re likely to feel full – even when you haven’t eaten that much.


7) Cruciferous vegetables



Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower are must-haves in any weight loss diet. They help you feel fuller quicker and for longer, and are full of fibre. And they have loads of protein in too. Broccoli is also a great way to get more calcium – it’s full of it.

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