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Everyone wants to look like a celebrity. They want to glow and stand out in a crowd of people, they want to look like they walked straight out of a gossip magazine, and they want to look amazing in every photograph they’re in. Sadly, getting the celebrity look is difficult and can often be incredibly expensive. Be it fashion, makeup or just your own body, celebrities will pay exorbitant amounts of money just to get the look that they desire. They have the money to afford the best stylists and advice they can get, so while it can be difficult to maintain appearances, they can at least afford the luxury lifestyle they live.

For others, it’s not so easy. Getting an appointment at a luxury stylist could take weeks or months if you’re not a VIP, high-end fashion can be extremely expensive, and hiring a personal trainer can eat up a lot of your funds. It goes without saying that looking like a celebrity can be extremely expensive, but here are a few ways to get the look without having to splash all your money on it.



Weight Loss

Looking like a celebrity usually means taking good care of your body. Maintaining a healthy image can be as simple as cutting out the fats and sugars in your diet, but it’s also helped by burning weight with exercise. Although it’s completely possible to lose weight by just eating a little less, it’s also dangerous because you need to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients and minerals from your food. Good and bad calories exist, so make sure you’re eating healthy foods like salads and protein instead of doughnuts and chocolate! Ensure you drink plenty of water as well if you want to have amazing skin and assist your weight loss.

However, most of us choose to go with personal trainers and expensive gym memberships. This isn’t really needed. If you’re willing to head out in public, then get a pair of running shoes and use jogging as your main form of exercise. Cardio is great for the heart and helps you stay healthy. When it comes to nutrition, use online websites and calorie counters to check how your nutrient intake is looking.


Looking like a celebrity doesn’t need to be that expensive. There are plenty of online clothing boutiques that sell beautiful dresses, shirts and trousers that will make you feel like a celebrity for less. You don’t want to match the exact same outfit as a celebrity, but looking up inspiration is a great way to coordinate your own outfits.

If you’re concerned about the cost of high-end fashion, then keep in mind that not every celebrity wears it. There are plenty that will pick clothes from thrift stores as long as they’re clean, fashionable and stylish. There are also people that buy from everyday clothing stores that everyone else does. There are plenty of websites on the internet that give you inspiration for celebrity-like fashion, so you just need to inspire yourself and pick out an outfit that matches and looks great.

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