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So many people head to New York to do their clothes shopping. After all, it’s home to some of the biggest stores in the world. And you can enjoy shopping at high street stores from H&M to big designer names like Dolce & Gabbana. And with New York Fashion Week being one of the biggest in the world, you are bound to spot some top fashion while in the city. However, it can feel like a drag when you have to head home back to your regular shops. But there are some ways you can still enjoy a bit of New York fashion when you get home. In fact, here is some inspiration you can take home with you after shopping in the big apple.



Head to an outlet in your local area

While a lot of people stay in Times Square to do some shopping, there are some other great bargains outside of the center. After all, there are great outlets like Woodbury Common which will result in a lot of new clothes for you for a bargain price. And while you can’t bring the outlets home with you, you can take inspiration from these by hunting down an outlet in your local area which you can visit. After all, they are bound to also have some great deals on cheap designer wear that you will love. And you will feel like you are back in New York town at the outlets if you do go to visit one of these!


Visit Macy’s…from your computer

When shoppers go to New York, they are likely to visit Macy’s at Times Square. After all, it’s the largest department store in the whole world. And you are bound to spend hours browsing all the stock on all the floors. Therefore, it can lead to tears when you have to leave the shop to come home. However, even if it’s across the pond, there are some ways you can shop at Macy’s from the comfort of your home. After all, they have a site which showcases all their stock. And you can even get a good deal if you find a macys promo code, so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy off their site. And Macy’s is not the only one you can buy from online. You will find a lot of the stores have their own sites that you can visit from the comfort of your own home!




Enjoy US shops back on the UK high street

You are bound to find some right treasures of stores when you are shopping in New York City. And then you can feel sad that you won’t ever shop in them again when you are back home. But it’s not the case as a lot of the stores you will find right back in the UK. And you might not have even realised they were here. In fact, shops like Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret are now situated in major shopping centres across the country. So you can enjoy your new-found love when you are back home.


And remember you could always book a mini trip back to the city that never sleeps. After all, it’s the perfect time to go with New York fashion week later this year!

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