A Guide To Surviving Festival Season


With Coachella in full swing, festival season is now well and truly upon us! This means a summer of dancing, partying until dawn and wearing the season’s best trends throughout the long hot months. But spending weekends in fields and staying up late for days and nights on end doesn’t make for a healthy body – we may want to look like Lottie Moss, but those bags under your eyes aren’t fooling anyone. So without further ado, here is our guide to surviving the festival season like a pro, without damaging your health while you do so.


Opt for hotels or VIP camping

It’s not good for anyone to be in a tent for long periods of time, especially when it means trying to snooze through the bass of that 8am DJ who somehow still has a crowd. If you opt for a hotel outside of the festival grounds not only are you guaranteed a comfy and quiet place to get some shut-eye, but also a shower, mirror and hair dryer. Most festivals also offer VIP camping areas where partiers can crash out in a real bed in a tipi or yurt. These areas usually offer showers and toilets that are in good condition, as well as electricity to charge phones and stay connected.

Drink water

However great all that booze and sunshine is, it wreaks havoc on your skin, quality of sleep and energy levels. Stay hydrated throughout the day to stay fresh, keep hangovers at bay and to encourage your skin to maintain a healthy glow. Rehydration salts, however disgusting, are your best friend at a festival so stock up and drink up!

Be prepared

Anything can happen at a festival, so make sure you have stocked up on all the essentials and more. Wet-weather gear and wellies are a no-brainer, as is pre-bought alcohol and any meds you regularly need to take. If you are short on time, a company like Sable Pharmacy can home deliver your prescriptions, so you can concentrate on getting festival ready, rather than running around the shops.


Look out for each other

This one goes without saying, but it’s likely that someone in your group is going to push their limits a bit further than they can handle. Look after you friends and make sure they are safe and well – escort them back to basecamp if they need, fill them up with H2O and hold their hand or hair back if required. You’re all in this together guys, stay safe!

Never underestimate the power of dry shampoo

If you didn’t have time to shower because your favourite DJ is playing in 10 and you only got into bed two hours ago, don’t panic. Dry shampoo is the mother of all festival essentials and will turn your hair from grease ball to lion mane in a manner of seconds.


It’s not a festival without so much glitter you’ll be finding it in bags and pockets for years to come. Cover yourself, and your friends, in your favourite accessory and you’ll be in full festival swing. While you’re at it, there is a whole load of biodegradable glitter out there, which means you can feel a little bit better about your bad behaviour!

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