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When we look at pictures of celebs now, compared to how they were twenty years ago, it can seem as if we’ve entered a time warp. They look identical! In some cases, they look even better. The styles may have changed, but their faces remain frozen in some alternate time zone. Us mere mortals may conclude that they’ve had surgery to make ourselves feel better. In truth, though, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they do manage to stop the hands of the clock. This could be down to having a decent beauty team around them. They have people to give them the advice they need to stay looking young. It makes sense that we should heed their advice. It’s obviously worked for them! So, how can we get the look they seem to achieve so effortlessly?

The internet gives us a surprising look into the private lives of celebs. We don’t have to buy magazines to have a nose anymore. Instead, we head to the pages of the web. Unsurprisingly, those seemingly ageless celebs get asked many questions about their beauty regimes. We’ve scrolled through the pages to see what they say. For the most part, it’s things we should already know. Well, apart from Angelina Jolie, who claimed facial caviar was her secret. At $710, we thought we’d give that one a miss! But, even if we already know what we should be doing, we often fail to follow through. Hearing it from the celebs may be what you need to kick start your anti-aging routines. Here are a few of the main things that stood out.




This should go without saying. Keeping moisture in your skin is crucial for avoiding wrinkles. As if you need proof, Demi Moore claims this is the sole anti-aging secret she relies on. And, she looks fantastic for it! J-Lo also praises the use of moisturizer. She recommends you find one that boosts collagen and cell turnover. So, with that advice, it’s time to get on top of your moisturization routine. This is not a step you can afford to skip. Make sure to get into the habit of moisturizing every day. A standard moisturizer is better than nothing, it may be worth taking J-Lo’s advice. There are many anti-aging specific options on the market. Using these will give you extra peace of mind. And, they may well make all the difference. It’s not just moisturizing products that you need to worry about, either. Many elements put our skin at risk of drying. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to make sure your skin stays shining!


Okay, this one’s a bit of broken track record advice. But, there’s a good reason for it. Every health professional you come across will urge you to stop smoking and cut down on drinking. Health risks aside, these bad habits can speed up the aging process. And, many celebrities speak of the benefits. You don’t see any of them with those tell-tale smoking mouths, do you? And smoking can affect your appearance in ways you would never consider. A Johns Hopkins study revealed smokers are four times as likely to report feeling unrested. And, lack of sleep = bags under the eyes. Smoking also affects the blood supply that keeps your skin looking healthy.

Drinking isn’t good, either. Remember what we said about staying hydrated? Heavy drinking does the opposite. It dehydrates you and wreaks havoc on your skin. You’ll undo all your hard work if you have a daily glass of wine.




Never underestimate the power of good hair. Christie Brinkley claims this is her secret. And, it makes complete sense. Let’s be honest; most of these women would have gray hair if they didn’t dye. And, how different would they look then? None of these anti-aging secrets would save them. But, having a great head of hair can hide a multitude of sins. To stay looking younger for longer, get into the habit of dying your hair as soon as your gray starts showing. And, make sure to keep on top of things. Your younger self may have been able to dye every six weeks or so. But, that won’t be anywhere near enough now. Keep a dye kit at home at all times. Those gray roots are going to be so obvious that you’ll want to cover them the moment they appear.

Grey hairs aren’t the only hair issue that ages us. We always have to contend with thinning hair. Thick, luscious hair is the goal for us all. So, it’s upsetting when our locks start to thin. But, there are ways around the problem. Extensions are an excellent way to fill your hair out again. You could even look into hair transplant procedures from Roxy Plastic Surgery or somewhere similar.
The style you choose can also hide a multitude of sins. Try to choose a haircut that best compliments you. The right choice could reverse the years, and send you into the time warp along with your favorite celebs. Not to mention that it could change the way you feel about your appearance. And, they say that makes all the difference. A new haircut will leave you feeling confident and ready for action. That alone will be enough to make you appear younger and fresher to the world around you.




The pale beauty of Julianne Moore dazzles us all. Her secret is nothing more complicated than staying out of the sun. We all know the effect sun damage can have on our skin. There is, of course, the risk of skin cancer. And there can be disastrous effects for our skin condition. Remember what we were saying earlier about moisturization? Letting you skin sizzle is no way to keep it hydrated. And, it’ll show. We all know someone who had a love for the sun when they were younger. Use their aging skin as a warning. Major sun damage causes skin to age at a much faster rate.

Julianne Moore claims to use sunscreen every single day. She also recommends walking in the shade rather than the sun. Of course, most of us aren’t quite so pale, and may not need to go to these extremes. Even so, the sunscreen advice is worth following. You may even be able to find a foundation with sun blocking abilities. This may be your best bet. There’s more chance of you remembering your foundation. And, don’t think you only need take these measures in the summer months. The sun poses more risk when it’s hidden behind clouds. You may not be able to see it, but it’s there all the same! Buy a travel size sunscreen and keep it in your bag. That way, you’ll always have it with you.




We’re back to J-Lo for this sage piece of advice. She recommends that you focus on working out. We’re sure you’ve heard that from your doctors more times than you can count. But, it’s an important piece of advice to follow. There are many benefits to working out as you get older. As though you need more proof, look at J-Lo’s body! She wouldn’t have those booty shaking abilities if she didn’t get stuck into exercise now and again. If you need a little help, she’s recently bought out a wellness brand called BodyLab. There’s no one better for guiding you through your get fit journey!

It’s natural for your metabolism to slow as you age. So, it’s no surprise that most people put on a little weight. But, exercise can help you keep this at bay. It will also allow you to stay active and upright, which has got to help in the aging stakes. It’s hard to look young if you have trouble getting out of your chair. One thing’s sure; that’s not something J-Lo has trouble with.


Supermodel Cindy Crawford said, ‘The Secret is that there’s no secret.’ Hard to believe, right? She looks as fabulous as she did in her runway days. And, that’s after two children! Even so, it’s advice that’s obviously worked well for her. She claims that all you need to do is what you already know. And, isn’t that what we’ve been saying? The secrets are those pieces of advice we’re always given but fail to follow. She also recommends using beauty products from a young age, claiming you need patience to see results. Lucky for us, she has a skincare range: Meaningful Beauty. Like J-Lo’s fitness regime, the benefits of the products speak for themselves.

So, there you have it. It seems it’s easier to stop time than we thought. As it is so easy, there’s no excuse for failing to act. Whether you’re 30, or 45, you should be taking action. You owe it to your skin and your happiness to look as good as the celebs. You only live once, after all. There’s no time to let things slide!

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