The Dos and Don’ts Of Celeb Health And Fitness

It’s is easy to look at our favourite celebs and think that they have it all worked out in regards to their health and fitness. They appear on the red carpet and on TV and films look stunning, and even their caught off guard pictures look pretty awesome! But celebrities don’t always get it right in term of their health and fitness, so you should be choosy if you are going to follow their lead. Read on to find out more.

Don’t follow fad diets

One of the biggest things we see in celebrity culture is a star being rumoured to be doing a new fad diet. A diet that is allowing them to lose loads of weight and keep it off. The problems with this sort of diet and the hype that goes with it is that for a normal person is likely going to be untenable as well as unhealthy.

Many famous folks have a team of people behind their looks, dressing them and working on their health and fitness. Therefore a short spate of doing an extreme diet might not be too harmful to them in the long run because they are being monitored.



But for us normal folks doing all the things we have to get done in everyday life it can be both impractical and unhealthy. Remember no matter what the headline say the best way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories and move more. Rather than just drinking maple syrup like Beyonce.



Don’t get addicted to the party lifestyle

Something else that can be an issue for the rich and famous is an addiction. Whether it be a harmful substance like steroids like Spencer from Made in Chelsea. Or recreational drugs alcohol a la Nigella Lawson.

Unfortunately, much of being a celebrity revolves around a party lifestyle which can make it easy to fall into dangerous habits. However, something else that celebrities are also particularly good at seeking treatment when they do have a problem.

In fact, as a large proportion of celebs going to residential rehab such as the Alo House Recovery Centers, it has actually made getting help for addiction much more acceptable. So much of the stigma for non-celebs seeking treatment has been reduced as well.

Do listen to celebs that tell you how hard they work for their bodies
Now some famous people like to maintain the illusion that they don’t he to work hard on looking good at all. But if you have ever seen the pic of them on holiday at the beach not quite looking their polished selves you know that this is a bit of a myth. So they aren’t a great example to follow.

Instead, look for celebs that talk about how hard they work for their bodies. The ones that even go so far as to mentioned that sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle like Gwen Stefani are much better role models. This is because they are giving it to you straight and not sugar coating the amount of work you will have to do, to look comparable to them.

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