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You should know from reading Live Like a VIP that there are several showbiz parties a night in London, plus some in New York, LA and other celeb destinations. There’s a reason for this – it’s all about going out to see and be seen. The stars may be dressing up, but they’re not letting their hair down and going crazy. Often, they get work by appearing at the right events, so they need to stay as professional as possible.

One lovely lady who always looks gorgeous and is super interesting to talk to at these events is E! TV presenter and founder of the aspirational travel  blog www.clutchandcarryon.com, Sabrina Chakici. We love bumping into her at parties! Her job is to report back on showbiz events for E! so she what she doesn’t know about networking at these parties isn’t worth knowing. We’re super excited that she’s sharing her networking tips with the Live Like a VIP readers.

Over to Sabrina…



How to nail the art of networking at an event

Working as a TV presenter is a job that is assuringly preserved for the confident, speaking to new people, in front of new people pretty much 24/7 can be a tasking role but there are a few tricks of the trade for those of you wanting to assume a convincing self assured role for the day. 

Events are an excellent opportunity to network, whether it’s to make new friends or business contacts or to highlight opportunities and information, being invited to a high profile event is an amazing honour but giving each and every event you attend a purpose is the VIP mindset 😉

So here are my tips to rocking it when it comes to networking:

(1) Assume people like you before you even start talking to them 

It’s a brave thing to do in a crowd of new people, but a great way to work an event. It can be so easy to think ‘well. what if they don’t like me’ and be put off approaching new people but if you have the premeditated mind set that those you are about to speak to already like you it not only relaxes that anxiety aspect but it also makes the conversation flow so much better.

(2) Dress up but keep it classy.

Making an effort for an event is never a bad idea, now I’m not suggesting you splash out for a designer frock and blow-dry for every event but it’s always a good idea to look presentable and slap on a bit of make-up. People tend to respond well to people who make an effort.

(3) Let alcohol spur you and a not control you!

I will always have a glass of champers in my hand when networking, not only does the fizz instantly give you a little preppy kick it always gives you something to do in any awkward silences (take a sip!) and gives you something to do with you hands. Handbag in one arm and a glass in the other, you no longer have to think about your gestures, just focus on the conversation 😉 Do not get tipsy though ladies! If you are there to network no good can come out of being too sloshed to remember someones name!

(4) Ask for a business card or email early.

A common mistake I’ll make is not getting the contact details of the guy I’ve schmoozed for the last half an hour. It’s always good to ask for a card or offer yours near the start of a conversation. that way should the conversation with a stranger part not go too well you can always impress them with a kick ass follow up email 😉

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