Oscars 2017: Red Carpet Looks

It’s one of our favourite times of the year! The Oscars is not just a celebration of film, but of fashion. The stars put on some stunning, magical dresses and we can wake up lusting over them and pretend everything is ok in the world.

Unless you’ve missed all news on the TV / radio / web  you’ll know that there was drama when La La Land were accidentally named Best Picture instead of moonlight, which was v awkward! But we don’t care about that too much. Mistakes happen, let’s just look at what went well – eg the fashion.

These are our top 10 Best Dressed:

(1) Emma Stone


(2) Jessica Biel


(3) Karlie Kloss


(4) Naomie Harris


(5) Viola Davis


(6) Nicole Kidman


(7) Chrissy Teigen


(8) Kirsten Dunst


(9) Hailee Steinfeld


(10) Halle Berry


Who do you think looked the best? We liked Jessica Biel’s strong look, but Chrissy Teigen always looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

Have a great day – do something to make yourself feel like an Oscar winner before you go to bed!

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

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