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Are you one of these people who like to keep up with the latest trends? Maybe you like to have the newest products before they hit the shelves. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to be ahead of the crowd, but never quite achieved the goal. Don’t despair. It’s not impossible to get to the trends before everyone else does. The trick is to do a little research. Keeping ahead of the game was never going to be easy, after all. With a little effort, it’s easy to get a grip on the next big thing before anyone else does. Here are a few tips to get you started.



Getting to grips with catwalk fashion is crucial for keeping ahead of the trends. Most fashion shows display the trends for the coming season. Keeping up with the catwalk is an excellent way to see the upcoming trends before they hit the shops. It’s also worth becoming familiar with favorite designers. Keeping an eye on particular designers will allow you to see their upcoming collections. This will also help you stay ahead of the game!


Review sites are perfect for keeping you ahead. There are many fashion and beauty reviewers out there. These reviewers are often sent advance products, so you might get to hear of products that aren’t out. Sites like are great for discovering the best beauty products. Getting to grips with products as they come out will allow you to show those top choices to your friends. That way, you’ll get credit for being the one who introduced them to their new favorites! Not to mention, you’ll get to try the best products first.


Next to catwalk models, celebs are the most reliable indicators of upcoming trends. Keeping an eye on the celebrity world is a great way to see what’s likely to take off. Sometimes, it’s the celeb themselves who start the trends. Sometimes designers send items for celebs to wear in preparation for an upcoming collection. Develop your eye for a trend as you study celeb magazines. It can also be worth watching awards ceremonies. The red carpet is a prime trendsetting arena. Take a look at what each celebrity wore and judge whether it’s likely to be in the shops in a few weeks. Most magazines do a best and worst for each red carpet session. Alternatively, you could take a look at sites like which show you what was worn and what worked.

These tips are sure to help you on your way to keeping ahead. It can be hard to feel individual in a world where we all shop in the same places. Keeping a few paces ahead will allow you to achieve that desired burst of individuality. That is until your fashion hits the stores and everyone else starts wearing it too…Fashion is a constant struggle, though, and there’s always next season to look out for!

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