Live Like a VIP Host Pamper Party At Stonehealth Clinic

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand to look our best. However, it can be difficult to trust clinics with something like botox, fillers and peels. If it goes wrong, it can be disasterous.

The Live Like a VIP team always go on recommendations and we kept hearing great things about the Stonehealth clinic – one of the city of London’s best kept secrets. The entrance is really discreet, which I liked. You don’t need to feel ashamed walking into something that screams ‘clinic’ or feel like you need to wear a disguise to avoid being spotted. It’s a lot easier to get to than Harley Street if you work in the city as it’s less than 2 mins from Bank tube station. The clinic shares a door with a luxury gym, so you could be in the building for any reason. It’s nice to keep what you have done your little secret and we know from experience that the work will be so natural that nobody will guess you’ve had a treatment- they’ll just wonder why you look the best you’ve ever looked.



Since becoming a mum, I have more under eye bags than I’ve ever had in my life, my skin feels tight and dehydrated and I’m desperately in need of some me time. So I decided to throw a little party at Stonehealth and invite some friends for some TLC. Another thing that I like about the Stonehealth clinic is that you can get access to the best treatments in London under one roof. Usually we all go somewhere different for teeth to where we get facials and then somewhere else for massages and another place entirely for Botox and fillers. But why go to different places when you can get the best at one and feel like you’re in a different world to the fast-paced city life outside? And the less time you spend commuting between salons, the more time you can have for pampering…and Champagne!




The key part to any treatment, in my opinion, is the word ‘treat’. If it’s not a pleasant process, then why put yourself through it?And as Stonehealth Clinic’s therapists are so lovely and make you feel at home, you feel special even before you have a treatment.


My friends and I tried:

Botox and fillers

Stonehealth has a wide range of aesthetics treatments carried out by medically trained staff so you can rest assured they’re the best in the business. They’ll diagnose your skin type and suggest things to improve it, even if its not what you had in mind. They’re honest and they won’t recommend more than you need.

Skin peels
My sister is a big fan of peels to keep her skin looking younger and fresher, stripping away the grime of city life. She said the peel she had done was one of the best she’s ever had



One of Stonehealth’s signature treatments is the Vampire facial, but we were too squeamish for this so we had microdermabrasion. This is a mechanical exfoliation procedure for superficial skin resurfacing that utilises a diamond tipped pad to gently remove the outermost skin layers. This controlled process stimulates cell renewal making way for a new, smoother layer of skin to replace the skin that’s been treated.

Crystal healing

There are alternative therapies available at Stonehealth, designed to help body and mind. The crystal healing was unlike anything I’d ever had before – it’s worth a try!

Stonehealth has treated many celebs and politicians just as they treat city workers and tired mums like me. Everyone gets the VIP treatment and I appreciate that. We all deserve to live like a VIP, whatever our backgrounds. At Stonehealth, we can do just that and rest assured that what we had done will be kept secret unless we choose to share. However, just be warned that you may feel so fabulous after your treatment that you’ll want to skip down the street, shouting it at the top of your lungs!

For more details on treatments visit The Stonehealth Clinic’s website. If you fancy organising something for a group of girlfriends, no problem! Call them on 020 7283 3718 and sort something out.

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief at Live Like A VIP. Author, Journalist & Copywriter. Often found with a glass of Champagne in hand!

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