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So you are pretty sure that it is your destiny to become rich and famous one day, and that means no more economy class for you. You plan on jet-setting all over the world. But your first trip once that cheque comes in is to the beautiful and majestic country of Canada.  But will you actually pass as a VIP traveller, or are you economy travel habits too ingrained? Take this quiz to find out.

Q1: Who organising your trip by booking flights and checking you have the right documents?


  1. My mum
  2. Me
  3. The department secretary at work
  4. My personal assistant

Q2: How Do You Get From Your Home To The Airport?

  1. Taxi
  2. Bus
  3. I drive myself
  4. Private helicopter

Q3: What do you do when you get to the airport?

  1. Grab a Coffee and a Sandwich
  2. Hang around and check that you have the right document until they call your flight
  3. Get some luxury shopping done, duty-free here I come!
  4. Hang out in the executive lounge and get a massage while sipping on a complimentary drink

Q4: Where is your seat on the plane?


  1. You can sit anywhere all the seats are the same
  2. Economy class
  3. First class
  4. Business class

Q5: Where are you staying in Canada?

  1. An air B&B close to the airport
  2. A hotel I found on TripAdvisor
  3. This great little boutique place in Montreal
  4. King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island, obviously!  

Q6: What do you plan to spend most of your time doing while in Canada?


  1. Checking out the street art in the cities and anything else that’s cheap to free
  2. All the major sites like Niagara Falls and the Aurora Borealis
  3. A little shopping in Vancouver, some surfing and then on to a classical music performance
  4. Heli-skiing, obviously!

Q7: What souvenirs do you bring home for your friends that couldn’t come on our Canadian trip?

  1. Canadian Bumper stickers
  2. Maple syrup and candy
  3. Fruit liqueurs from a microbrewery in a converted iron works
  4. Canadian Diamonds from Yellowknife


A1: If you picked either a, or b, you might not quite be ready for VIP style travel to Canada just yet. Choice c is better. But d is the real one we are looking for here. Having a PA just screams VIP.

But if you are not quite yet at the PA stage just yet, you can get some information about flights from the UK to Canada here. You can also find out about the documents you will need to gain entry into the country on pages like this official Canada eTA website.

A2: Congratulations If you answer was d! Private helicopter means you are well on your way to understanding how luxury travel works. Feel free to sip champagne as you fly over traffic jams of normal people trying to get into the airport car parks!

However, if you aren’t quite as lucky as to get to the airport that way, then you can find some bus and train times from Central London to Gatwick here.

A3: You might think that the most VIP thing you can do it give those credit card a good old bashing when you get into duty-free (answer c)?  But actually, true VIP’s and celebrities wouldn’t be seen dead rubbing shoulders with all those normal folk.

That is why they will hide themselves away in the private departure lounge (answer d). Don’t you know it’s important to relax before a flight, else your skin will look a wreck when you arrive!

A4: So your VIP status is very obvious from where you will be sitting on the plane. Of course, some VIPs are lucky enough to have their own private jets, so they bypass this section completely! You’ll find most of the others VIPs are likely to plump for d. In business class you can make use of the showers, flat beds and a walk up bar.

OK, if you are still waiting for that cheque to clear choice f, might seem like a good idea for your bank balance. But remember that flights to Canada are long haul, and you will want to be comfortable while you are travelling. So make sure you have a flight survival pack with you.

P.s If you chose a, the seats are all the same, you probably not flying to Canada. Flights were the seats are all them same tend to be from budget providers like Easyjet, who currently don’t operate on long haul services.

A5: So on to your accommodation choices once you have reached your destination. If you picked d, well done! You are really getting the hang of this luxe travel malarkey!

Staying somewhere like the King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island means you will be in one of Canada’s most expensive hotels. Inaccessible by road you will be flown tour destination. Once there you can get involved in some wildlife watching with whale and bear viewing trips. Or, just spend some time recuperating in the fancy spa that they have. Obviously its eco-conscious too, so you don’t have to worry about that aspects either.

A6: Remember that it is not only your accommodation but the activities that you participate in that show how much of a VIP you are. If you picked choice b. Because It sounds interesting, you’d be right. Canada is full of amazing natural phenomena that you have to check out while there. But is it the most VIP choice? Probably not. That will definitely be choice d. Helicopters and skiing, together? How much more VIP can you get?

A7: Of course now you are both rich and famous you will want to bring back gifts that demonstrate that to others. Plus no one can stop you talking about your recent trip if you have just presented them with something nice from said place.

While there are lots of items that you can purchase while in Canada, the diamonds from Yellowknife, (choice d) are the most luxe item on the list! Unless you are buying for a sugar addict then, they will probably be just as happy with choice b, which is maple candy!

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