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Have you ever felt stressed about your To Do list? Do you feel like you’re always working and not having enough fun? Or is fun getting in the way of your work life? Being unhappy with your life is not living like a VIP so if you feel like life’s getting out of control then maybe it’s time to stop and reassess things?Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert.

Sarah Jones is UK’s leading holistic and lifestyle expert. People online are raving about her TOUCH treatments, in which she treats the root causes of symptoms to restore the natural balance of the mind, body and soul through the art of giving renewed clarity of thought. For example, your skin says a lot about you and you can change certain things about your lifestyle to get a glowing look without spending lots of money. It’s fascinating!

We asked her for some tips about how to start changing things to make ourselves better. We’re all on a journey but what should we do first? Over to Sarah…


“When living a busy life, like mine, it’s important to seek balance. It’s easy to lose yourself in too much work, social events, or playing mum the taxi. Balance in life doesn’t come without thought. So how do we decide what to do and what to ignore? Sometimes it’s hard to take care of your own needs when you have work, family, friends, charities, extracurricular events, and any number of other things to take up your time. So, how do we order our to-do lists so that balance is achieved? I’ve found it is all about what’s most important.

When I search for balance, I seek first for an inner knowledge of what’s most important. This would be different for every person as no two people have the exact same priorities.

  1. Family Time – Personally, family time comes first for me, but this might not be true for everyone. If you are not a parent, your extended family probably won’t need as much attention from you. Dropping in on your mother takes less time than raising a toddler. If you have sick or aging parents, they may need more attention than they once did.
  2. Work – I have a job and probably most of you do, as well. The demands of your particular job will dictate how much of your time goes to working, but it’s still necessary to consider how important your job is. Is it just a way to make money? Maybe it’s time to trim some excess. Is it what defines you? Then cutting back might not be the best choice for you too.
  3. Society and Activities – In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to avoid extending yourself far beyond what’s comfortable. What are you gaining from giving all your time to others? It’s important to consider the world around you, but if your needs are being lost in the endless needs of others, it may be time to reprioritise.

It can be difficult to take a good hard look at your own life, and see where you give too much or too little, but it’s the only way to take the first steps towards a life of balance.

Letting Go of the Excess

Once you know what’s really important, it’s time to let go of the excess. So how do you start?

  1. One at a Time – I find it works best for me to cut down on one activity at a time until I find balance, because going completely cold turkey on a couple of things at once can be very overwhelming.
  2. Remember What’s Important – It can be panic inducing to let go of all the things you’ve done that have kept your life out of balance. If you need to, return to your list of priorities for reaffirmation.
  3. Don’t Forget Yourself – If you are searching for balance, don’t let your own personal needs be the ones that you release.

It can be a struggle to achieve balance in your life, but with a little time and effort you can begin to return to a well-balanced, well-lived, life.”


For details about Sarah’s TOUCH treatments, visit her website.

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  1. Great article I find I try to make the most of my time by being as efficient as possible, I work out with a personal trainer from pgpt ( to make the most of my time, meal prep and try to stick to a routine.

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