VIP Interiors: How To Be Tidier

Do you ever look at your home and wish it was bigger? It could be if you just got rid of a few things! We’re learning that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a big MTV Cribs style pad if you make more of what you’ve got.

Anouska Lancaster is the UK’s leading interior expert and has been billed by VOGUE as the leader in this field. She’s been telling us how to create celebrity style and high spec looks at a fraction of the price.

Over to Anouska…



“(1) Throw Things Away

Regularly de-clutter and discard. It’s such an obvious tip but it’s so much easier said than done. The easiest way of removing clutter from your life is to simply ask yourself these two simple questions – Do I need it? Does it fill me with joy? If the answer to one or more of these questions is ‘no’, then immediately discard.


It is impossible to have a tidy home if it is full of endless piles of ‘stuff’. This ‘stuff’ may be bills, broken objects, or clothes that no longer fit. You may have cleverly found a hiding place for this ‘stuff’ (such as under a bed or in the spare kitchen cupboard) but unfortunately that doesn’t count.

(2) Make The Beds


I always make the beds in my house if nothing else. Making the bed and having the cushions displayed as if they’re in a show home, regardless of what is all over the floor, gives me a feeling of control and contentment.  Making the bed sends a message of order and self care to the subconscious, and more often than not, leads you to tidying the rest of that particular room. That is because the thrill of tidiness is somewhat of an addiction.

(3) Storage

Storage is key to having a tidy house. However, more often than not, storage solutions are unattractive as they are simply built for practicality. That’s why in my house; I decided to convert stunning pieces of vintage furniture and repurpose them so that they have the ability to be practical. I have an old wardrobe in my office that I have remodelled by removing the rails and by adding shelves for all my box files. The wardrobe is stunning and practical, and most importantly; doesn’t look like a piece of office furniture in any shape or form.


My children have raised cabin beds which allows the space underneath to be utilised for storage. I have bought vintage suitcases and placed them under the beds; and covered them with stickers. This way the bedroom looks tidy and dressed, and the children have the storage they need for all their toys and sports equipment.

(4) Allow yourself a ‘messy area’

If you have a mad house like me, full of children and pets, then it will inevitably get messy. It’s simply unavoidable with constant streams of washing, school bags and shoes. That is why as a family; we have allocated one area as ‘a holding area’ for mess. For us, this area is the boot room/utility room. It’s an area where anything which is yet to be tidied, discarded, washed or repaired goes. The best thing about the ‘holding area’ is that it has a door. This door remains closed until a time whereby a time whereby we are ready (or inclined) the sort the mess. The best thing about this area is that it allows the rest of the house to look tidy and in order. I am a firm believer that a tidy house is a tidy mind. If you are constantly surrounded by chaos, then it’s more than likely that your life will feel ever so slightly out of control.”


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