Staying In Shape At Home: A Home Gym

As part of my quest to get into the best shape of my life, I’ve been thinking about the easiest ways to get in shape. A friend of mine mentioned to me how she created her own home gym and how it really helped her on her fitness journey. The thing is, life gets busy. We don’t always have time to get up and go to the gym before work or go swimming on the weekends. However, if you’ve got a gym in your home, you’ve got no excuse not to do your daily exercise.


The question is, how do you go about creating a home gym? What equipment do you need and where’s the best place to put it? For everything that you need to know about designing an awesome home gym, keep reading.

Choose the ideal location

The most important thing is to find a suitable location. This needs to be a space that has a good air flow to it so that it doesn’t get too hot. It should also be somewhere that’s a suitable size. The last thing you want is to be working out in a space that’s too small. A spare bedroom converted loft or basement, or a summerhouse are all ideal locations. It just depends on what space you have free in your home.

Create a space that you love


Once you’ve chosen an area, the next step is to decorate it to be a beautiful space. You won’t want to work out somewhere that isn’t appealing, so designing your home gym to look nice is important. This means adding cute features like wall art, rugs, and other bits and bobs. These could all be sports based or could link to another theme that you’re a fan of. What’s important is that your home gym is a smart, stylish space that is motivational and appealing. To get some ideas and inspiration check out

Invest in the right equipment

The most crucial thing is to invest in the right equipment. The chances are you have limited space and a small budget to work with, so you need to be smart about the equipment you opt for. Check out to find out all about the best gym equipment. It’s probably a good idea to have one or two cardio machines and one for strength training. You can also invest in dumbbells and other equipment for flexibility training.

Make it the ideal workout space

As well as having a range of equipment, it’s also important to think about the little things. Having a mini fridge to store water in is a good idea, for example, as this means you won’t have to traipse to the kitchen for a drink. It can also be a good idea to store your whey protein and bottle in there so that you have it when you need it. It’s little things like this that make a big difference to how much of an ideal workout space your home gym is.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about creating a home gym.

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