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How did you sleep last night? What about the night before? My somewhat smug answer would have to be ‘I slept very well, thanks. Perhaps better than I have done all year.’ This is because I have a new bed. Sometimes, you don’t realise just what you’re missing until you change something in your life and then you wonder ‘Why on Earth didn’t I do that before?’

The bed that’s changed my life (sorry if this sounds dramatic, but it’s how I feel) is the Silentnight Miraform Inspired Choice Divan Bed. I was contacted by Silentnight asking if I wanted to try one of their new luxury Miraform mattresess and I really had nothing to lose as I hadn’t been sleeping well since I found out I was pregnant in August 2015. To cut a long story short, I ended up liking the mattress and the bed so much that they asked me if I wanted to become a Silentnight sleep ambassador throughout 2016 and of course I said yes. Pregnancy is not a time when you feel super energetic but I have a lot more energy now that I sleep better at night and I never realised that changing my bed could improve my day to day life in such a big way.




Since you can only get a 2D angle from photographs, I’ve made this video to show the bed from more angles. I couldn’t resist making some shapes on it – it’s the sort of bed that invites you to bounce on it!

These five reasons sum up why Silentnight has solved my sleep problems:

(1) It’s now easier to fall asleep
Before Silentnight: Pregnancy means I wake up a lot during the night – to use the bathroom or to stretch my cramped up legs. It would take me about 20 mins to fall asleep again, so if I got up three times in the night I’d have wasted an hour of my sleep.
After Silentnight: I can fall asleep within five minutes of laying my head on the pillow. Because the bed’s so supportive and it fits to my shape, I can get back into the same position u was in before and get back to my dreams.

(2) I don’t hear my partner move
Before Silentnight: My partner suffers from a bad back due to sports injuries, which means he fidgets a lot to get comfortable. It used to make me really angry because he would make some big movement just before I was falling asleep and wake me up.
After Silentnight: I don’t feel him move half as much. Watching him, I can tell he’s still a fidget but I don’t feel it. This is because my side of the mattress doesn’t move (or squeak) when he moves. I love that!

(3) Apparently, I snore less
Before Silentnight: My partner told me that pregnancy had affected me in terms of snoring. I never used to snore before pregnancy and now I go through periods where I breathe super heavily and then periods where I snore like a goat. Not very attractive…
After Silentnight: My partner tells me I no longer snore every night. Result! I thinks that’s because this bed allows me to get into a deeper sleep. Also, it supports my body better so I don’t get into a position that leads to snoring.

(4) Our bedroom has less clutter
Before Silentnight: We had to tidy to the spare room to make it into a nursery and so all the stuff that was in the spare room had to come back into ours. This meant that my shoes were everywhere (I have a lot) and we had nowhere to store things like bedsheets and duvet covers.
After Silentnight: The beds either cone with four draws (useful if you have the bed in the centre of the room) or two draws (useful if your bed is against a wall). They’re so roomy! I have somewhere to keep my shoes, which makes my partner happy as he wanted me to throw some away, and the other draw  keeps our bed clothes all nice and fresh. Having a de-cluttered room makes you feel less stressed so you sleep better.

(5) I don’t notice my aches and pains as much
Before Silentnight: Pregnancy means a heavy belly, which puts pressure on your joints. I struggled to put my stomach down in a good spot and then I found I’d wake up with cramps if I spent too long in the same position.
After Silentnight: I don’t get as many leg cramps, which must mean my stomach is in a better position. I haven’t consciously changed positions so I think it’s because of the support of the mattress. As a result, I’m sleeping for longer periods in the night and reaching deeper sleep, so I feel more energetic the following day.


The product is described as:

The Miraform spring-free system provides ergonomic zoning for superior spinal alignment and unsurpassed pressure relief. Featuring high-tech micro cavities specially designed to align the spine and provide superior comfort. Together with the premium Geltex comfort layer, you have the most technically advanced spring-free system around. The benefits of Miraform include:

  • Innovative zoning for perfect spinal alignment
  • High-density foam reduces pressure points for an undisturbed night’s sleep
  • Micro-cavities and channels increase air circulation leading to a cooler night’s sleep
  • Edge to edge support meaning less partner disturbance
  • Excellent mattress durability

The Silentnight Miraform Inspired Choice is a superior new addition to the very successful Silentnight Choices Range.

  • This spring free mattress offers medium firm feel through a generous layer of innovative Geltex® providing unparalleled breathability.
  • A DUAL layer of unique Miraform technology, each with teardrop cavities creating zoned and targeted support and unbeatable pressure relief. 
  • The beautifully soft knitted waterfall washable cover incorporates Purotex® for the elimination of house dust mites.
  • With a choice of borders the Indulgent Choice will match perfectly with all the divan base and headboard options in the Silentnight Choices range.

Visit the Silentnight website for more information about the Miraform mattresses and beds and to shop online.

See how your sleep compares to the rest of the UK’s with Silentnight’s new interactive sleep map.

This is what my bed looks like with the covers on – I love it!


Disclosure: The Miraform divan bed was sent to me by Silentnight (as part of their 2016 Ambassador Programme). However, the opinions in the blog post are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Silentnight.

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