How To Tow A Caravan VIP Style

Some people like to go on skiing holidays, others like to go for beach holidays, and some like to go on caravan holidays. If you are a caravan holiday enthusiast, or you are trying it for the first time, you should be excited. There are lots of activities, plus it is a great way to travel the world and save money. The only issue that you need to consider before you set off is the safety aspect. Towing a trailer is a dangerous prospect if you don’t do it properly.

(1) Buy A Trailer That Fits Your Car

What type of car do you drive? It is important to ask this question before you buy or rent a caravan because it affects your safety. If you drive a small sedan, you shouldn’t tow a huge fifth wheel trailer as it is too big. You should only tow a big trailer if you have a big car that can take the strain. The alternative is to buy or hire a new car, but that is an extreme alternative. Instead, find the perfect caravan that fits your vehicle.


(2) Attach It Securely

Lots of cars have car hitches where you can attach the trailer to your car and safely tow it without any issues. However, you need to make sure that it is securely fastened before you start driving. Otherwise, the trailer could come off on the highway and cause a serious accident. Firstly, you need to raise the trailer so that it is higher than the car hitch. Then, you need to line up the trailer and the car so that they are in line with one another. Also, turn off the engine and put on the handbrake so that the car doesn’t move during the attachment. Lower the trailer onto the hitch so that the full weight of the trailer is on the car. Finally, secure the clamp and put in the safety pin and run the chains (if applicable) under the back of the trailer.

(3) Change Your Driving Style

Driving a vehicle with a trailer on the back isn’t the same as driving a car. You can’t go as fast, and you can’t turn as sharply. It is important that you remember this because it will make the experience much smoother. If you don’t slow down and take your time, you will bump the car or crash. Even if it seems like you are slowing down too much, you are better off being safe than sorry.


(4) Add Car Accessories

The problem with towing a trailer is that you can’t see through the trailer while you drive. After all, it isn’t transparent! Because you can’t see, you need to add extra mirrors that extend past the trailer. Then, you can see what is behind you and can drive accordingly. If you don’t add this accessory, you are more likely to crash because you can only guess what is behind you before turning or switching lanes. There are plenty of accessories, but these are some of the best.

Your safety is paramount, so treat it with respect!




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