Make Money From Your Home With A Luxury B&B Business

Setting up a bed and breakfast is a great way to marry home and work under the same roof. High-end properties are becoming big business as more people choose to stay in quaint little cottages over hotels when they go away.

It’s now easier than ever to market your new business, you only have to put it on a site like, and the customers will start finding you. You just have to see if your home is suitable for guests, or if it could be with a little work. If so, you could be giving up your daily commute and turning your home into a successful B&B.

How Many Bedrooms Can you Offer?

A B&B can be one room or multiples. The more rooms you rent, the more money you make. Guests expect a roomy en suite. Can you modify what is already there? Or will you need to consider an extension? Can you use a loft, garage or outhouse to create extra rooms?  Stand out from the crowd with high-end decor. Luxury fittings and fixtures will command more attention. And money. A roll top bath. A rainwater power shower. Furnish each room with quality pieces. Decorate each room differently. Luxury isn’t formulaic. It’s individual.

Is your Kitchen Fully Equipped?


Guests will expect a full English breakfast. The number of guests will determine how much cooking is required. A large B&B will cater for upwards of 10+ guests every day. Monday-Sunday. Is your kitchen currently equipped to provide mass catering? Additional toasters, kettles, microwaves may be necessary. Double ovens and grills will enable you to prepare lots of breakfasts concurrently. Do you need more pantry or fridge space? Is a chest freezer a useful addition to have? Offer fine food. Organic, homegrown produce is desired by the discerning guest.

How Suitable is your Dining Room?

A conservatory or sunroom make for a peaceful dining space for your guests. Maximise picture windows and garden views. Bring the outdoors in without blocking windows with furniture. Keep the room ventilated. Consider installing an air conditioning unit to enhance guests’ comfort. Or a charming wood burner for cold winter mornings. Vases filled with flowers on the table. A bone china tea service. Elegant touches in this room make a good impression.

Do you Have a Suitable Relaxation Area?


When guests return from a day out they often like to relax before heading to their room. Do you have a ‘relaxing’ area for your guests? Again, a sunroom or conservatory are ideal. You don’t want guests encroaching on your private living quarters. Can you accommodate a sofa or chair in guests’ bedrooms? An elegant chaise longue speaks of luxury and finesse. Ensure your guests have somewhere to sit other than on their beds! Create a luxurious outdoor space. Water features. Secret gardens. Neat box hedges. Create a stately garden to give the feeling of grandeur.  

Is Your Decor Fit For a Discerning Guest?

Interior styling is key to attracting discerning clientele. Delicate finishing touches add precision and care to a property. Consider furnishing with quality pieces. A French-inspired style. Or an Art Deco feel. Choose a period that signifies glamour and luxury.

Consider hiring a professional interior designer. The outlay will be worth it once your guests see the finished result. Take pictures of all the rooms to showcase in your marketing materials. Guests come on holiday to be pampered. And as such, seek surroundings that are more glamorous than their homes. Standard B&Bs are ten a penny. Stand out from the crowd with a luxury pad guests will flock to year on year.

Start your business today and welcome guests to your fine home with panache.

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