A Girl’s View On Protein Shakes

This is an OVERVIEW of the facts that helped me when learning about protein. REVIEWS will come shortly of different products that I have tried and tested myself…


On my quest to become more active and get a  lean, toned body, the subject of protein keeps coming up. It’s usually mentioned with a benefit, including: (1) It helps your muscles recover after exercise (2) It keeps you feeling full so you don’t need to snack (3) Eating protein regularly keeps sugar levels balanced so you crave less unhealthy food.

BUT as a girl. I couldn’t help but worry when I started on my protein journey. Would it make me bulk up? Surely protein shakes are just for bodybuilders? How do they taste? And what the hell is the difference between whey and casein?

If you’re feeling a similar way, then this is what I’ve learned. :


This is the most popular protein on the market. It’s good quality and it’s cheaper than other brands.

Whey Isolate


Whey isolate is virtually fat-free for those wishing to eliminate as much fat from their diet as possible. It is typically lactose free for those few individuals who are very sensitive to the low-lactose levels found in whey concentrate. Whey isolate tends to taste slightly better than whey concentrate too, yet its consistency is a little thinner, without the fat.

Whey Concentrate


Whey concentrate is more economical per gram of protein. It has a low lactose level that is well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people. It has trivial amounts of fat and carbs relative to your overall nutrient intake, but it’s not as low-calorie as isolate.



Derived from milk (milk is 80% casein and 20% whey). The key difference between whey and casein is that whey is absorbed in the digestive system quickly, whereas casein is absorbed slowly and steadily. Taste-wise they are similar.

Plant Based Protein


These are typically suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets. They’re also well tolerated by lactose-sensitive individuals. Among the vegetable source proteins, soy protein, rice protein and pea protein are by far the most popular.


And then you can have mixtures – eg a whey isolate and concentrate blend. The whey part will get into your bloodstream fast to aid recovery, while the casein will keep your metabolism working and help you feel full.

If you want to lose weight then isolate protein is a good bet, wheras if you are a vegan you only have plant based protein as an option. That’s the theory anyway – check out the upcoming reviews to see how I find them. You can also tweet me @livelikeavip as I get back to everyone!

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