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When it comes to exercise, unless you push yourself and shake things up you’re not going to suddenly achieve a much more toned, sexy and strong body. That’s why I’m going to investigate some new classes (in-person and online).

I want a lean but toned figure and I’ve realised this won’t happen unless I mix up my current workout regime which is mainly cardio sessions  training for marathons and, more recently, triathlons.

My first experiment is with Ballet barre. I visited barrecore’s studio in High Street Kensington, but you can also take their classes online. I want to make these fitness features inclusive so we can keep fit together and share results!



The Workout: barrecore

How To Join: Locations in London (visit the barrecore website for details) and online classes (available here). Prices range from £28 for a single class or £22.50 as part of a package)


Why?: Dancer’s tend to have long, lean physiques. They’re toned without being bulky. That’s the kind of body I dream of.

What Happened?: After putting my stuff in a locker, I looked at everyone congregated outside the class. Nobody was really talking to each other but I did notice people looked stylish and a lot of ladies were clearly wearing expensive gym kits, which made me fear it would be snobby.


However, the moment I walked in the room, I felt calmer. This was largely due to the scent in the room, and although I can’t put my finger on what oils were used to create it it gave off a warm and welcoming vibe. The carpet was also super soft, because you aren’t allowed to wear trainers in the studio – the foot uniform is dancer’s socks with gripping on the feet, which are sold at the studio for £10.


We grabbed mats, a  barre ball and some bands and found some space on the outskirts of the room.

After a few stretches we warmed up gentlly, pointing different parts of the body and bending in ballet positions. The teacher was very attentive to make sure we held good posture as the difference between a successful workout and an ineffective workout is all about posture.

It’s all about small movements, working out the legs, glutes and core, with a lot of pulsing. When we used the barre, I had to use my band a lot more than other people (which made the exercises easier) but I feel that I would improve with more sessions. If you want to see a difference to your shape, barrecore recommend visiting four times a week.


The small movements – plies, dips and squeezing of the ball – work out muscles you don’t even know you had. Although you don’t get hot and sweaty at any point during the class, you walk out feeling it in your thighs and bum immediately, especially when you have to take stairs!

Changing Rooms / Facilities: There are three individual changing rooms at High Street Kensington, each with showers, towels, soap and deodrant. Very clean facilities, but perhaps not enough for everyone.

However, the classes don’t make you sweaty so you don’t always need a shower. Also, a lot of ladies arrive in their workout gear and leave in it – as you’re not sweaty it’s not an issue.

Calories And After-Burn: An hour’s class burns 450 calories. However, as you haven’t raised your heart rate too much, you won’t continue to burn any extra calories throughout the rest of the day (unlike High-Intensity workouts). If your goal is to tone up, calories and after-burn shouldn’t be important though – just keep an eye on how much more tight your body looks and feels!

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