Midweek Music: Top 5 New Music Videos

Hi VIPs! It’s that time of week again – we’ve made it halfway to the weekend. If you’re in need of a pick me up then have a listen to our top 5 tunes of the week, below.

They’re all new and the act of listening to something new gives your brain a break from doing the same thing over and over again.

(1) Jason Derulo – Cheyenne

(2) Mumford & Sons – The Wolf

(3) The Libertines – Gunga Din

(4) The Vaccines – 20/20

(5) Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer (audio)

So what was your favourite? Isn’t it weird to hear the Libertines back again? We like it though…

Now have a great day and we’ll be back tomorrow with a roundup of celebrity gossip, looking at the stories you need to know about and ignoring the ones you don’t.

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief at Live Like A VIP. Author, Journalist & Copywriter. Often found with a glass of Champagne in hand!

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